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Get a Mushroom Revival discount code to save a lot the next time you shop for mushroom supplements! 


Functional mushrooms contain revitalizing properties and have been essential to health and wellness since ancient times. Unfortunately, such ancient philosophy almost got buried in time. 


People’s health and wellness are also deteriorating. With the prices constantly rising, corporations overworking their employees without genuine regard for their health, and big pharma wanting people to stay unhealthy for their pocket’s fill. 


So it’s about time we fight back and revive the human spirit starting with a healthy body! A healthy lifestyle combined with taking the best nutrients results in peak health and wellness, and functional mushrooms are among the foods that contain the most optimal nutrients. 


Thankfully, discount codes also exist to get around high prices and make mushroom supplements more accessible without hurting your budget. Let’s find Mushroom Revival coupons that will let you save money.


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Mushroom Revival Discount Code 

To use one of the following discount codes, after you are done adding items to your cart, click “secure checkout.” You’ll be taken to another page; click on “show order summary” for the discount code input field: copy and paste or enter one of the following coupon codes below, then click “apply.” The Mushroom Revival coupon code would then be reflected beneath the subtotal. 



15% Mushroom Revival Coupons:

There’s not only one Mushroom Revival offer but 6 coupon codes that provide 15% off.


  1. GF15
  6. wholehealth


10% Mushroom Revival Promo Codes:


Use these codes on your next Mushroom Revival purchase.


  4. ATTM
  7. SMARTY100 
  9. SAVE15
  10. Mikeadelic  


Use one Mushroom Revival code that works best for you. Then, shop at Mushroom Revival’s website to enjoy great discounts. These are great deals that other Mushroom Revival competitor coupons don’t have. There are no free shipping offers for now, but you can also sign up for Mushroom Revival’s email newsletter for another 10% off.




About The Mushroom Revival Brand

Mushroom Revival is named as such for several reasons which are meaningful. This brand aims to revive the use of functional mushrooms for health and wellness. The brand was founded when its founder and CEO were continually getting zapped of energy and managed to revive themselves with, as you guessed it, organic mushrooms!


That is why its foundations are based on promoting a healthier way of life via medicinal mushrooms, especially for people experiencing an energy drain similar to what the founder had experienced.


Mushroom Revival’s money guarantee policy is hassle-free, reflecting how they really care about customer satisfaction. They also care about the environment, such as planting trees for every product they sell, especially since mushrooms are co-dependent with trees. With a Mushroom Revival promo code, you can finally enjoy the best deals in the industry.




Mushroom Revival Products 

All the mushroom supplements that Mushroom Revival sells are under their own brand label.


Mushroom Revival assures their mushroom products are 100% USDA organic, 3rd party lab tested, and filler-free. It uses 100% fruiting bodies (the actual mushrooms) for its products, not fake grain BS mushrooms.


The type of functional mushroom products is mainly derived from Lion’s mane, Cordyceps, and Reishi. The variety of mushroom supplements they sell are gummies, tinctures, powders, and capsules.



Mushroom Gummies 


Mushroom Revival Gummies

Mushroom Revival’s mushroom gummies are among their latest line of products! Mushroom Revival offers mushroom gummies for every situation! They currently have 4 types of mushroom gummies: 


  1. Focus – It contains Lion’s mane mushroom for mental clarity throughout the day!
  2. Energy – It contains Cordyceps Militaris mushroom to give you an energy boost the entire day!
  3. Calm – This product contains Reishi mushroom to achieve zen on your relaxing day off.
  4. Daily 10 – This blend contains Lion’s mane, Cordyceps, Reishi, Turkey tail, Chaga, Shiitake, Tremella, Meshima, Maitake, and Poria! This mushroom mix would boost your immune function, energy, and brain function, allow you to better adapt to stress, and protect your cells from free radicals! 


You can also buy these four gummies, and save more, so you’ll have mushroom gummies for every situation! 


Use the latest Mushroom Revival coupons to shop your favorite organic mushroom supplement at discounted prices.



Mushroom Tinctures 


Mushroom Revival Tinctures

Mushroom Revival’s mushroom tinctures share the same kind of mushrooms and types for every situation that they offer in their mushroom gummies, but that doesn’t make their tinctures just the same as their gummies but in liquid form.


Each type of Mushroom Revival’s tinctures also contains additional ingredients that are distinct from their gummies and even each other! The extra ingredients give them additional benefits and nutrition, as well as a more distinct flavor from each other! 


  1. Focus – Lion’s mane has been combined with Cinnamon bark, which is also rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties!
  2. Energy – This organic Cordyceps tincture also contains Guarana seed, Ginger rhizome, and Lemon peel oil!
  3. Calm – Aside from Reishi, it also has a Passion flower leaf, Hawthorn leaf and flower, and Ashwagandha root!
  4. Daily 10 – In addition to the superb blend of 10 mushrooms, it also includes a Carob pod, Elderberry fruit, and Sour cherry fruit! 


Their Energy, Daily 10, and Calm tinctures are also among their best-sellers!



Mushroom Powders 


Mushroom Revival Powders

Mushroom Revival’s mushroom powders share the same kinds of mushrooms and types for every situation they offer in their mushroom gummies and tinctures. Aside from being in powder form, each has a specific additional flavor, making them delicious for your favorite beverages or compatible foods such as oatmeal and using them for baking cakes! 


  1. Focus – This chocolate-flavored powdered Lion’s mane makes it a great addition to coffee, giving it a luxe mocha taste!
  2. Energy – This mocha-flavored powdered Cordyceps combined with your chocolate drink would give you a hyper-energy boost!
  3. Daily 10 – It offers the flavor of maple syrup. It tastes so good; it’s still delicious even if you’ll add it to water! 


All of their mushroom powders are far from bitter, as they contain monk fruit extract, giving them an additional sweetness that is sweeter than sugar yet much healthier as it has zero sodium, zero carbohydrates, zero sodium, and zero fat! 


It comes off as not much of a surprise, but their Daily 10 mushroom blend powder and Focus Lion’s mane powder are among their best-sellers! People love them all, though, as their “Sunrise mushroom powder” bundle deal which contains all three types are also among their best-sellers! 




Similar Promotional Codes & Products

Golden Bloom is another brand that offers similar Mushroom revival discounts and products that are also worth mentioning!


Aside from Mushroom Revival offering, Golden Bloom mirrors several similarities with Mushroom Revival, such as promoting a healthier lifestyle via functional mushrooms, using 100% fruiting bodies or the actual mushrooms, use of Lion’s mane and Cordyceps, and are also lab-tested and filler-free.


Both brands also use additional beneficial ingredients that aren’t mushrooms, such as herbs like Ashwagandha!


Golden Bloom uses premium quality mushrooms that have gone through their signature triple extraction process! We may be a recent brand, but what makes them also really stand out is their well-thought and efficient synergistic combinations of mushrooms and other beneficial ingredients! 




Golden Bloom Mushrooms Coupon Code (20%)

Golden Bloom also offers a discount code to promote a healthier way of life via functional mushrooms. Even a 5% discount is a big deal, but Golden Bloom provides a 20% discount code!


  • 20% discount code from Golden Bloom: GBPROMO20 


Use this code when you checkout by copying and pasting or entering the code into the designated discount code entry field and clicking apply to receive your 20% discount for all Golden Bloom mushroom products! We may not have free next-day shipping yet, but you can enjoy free shipping for a minimum order of $65.



Brain & Memory (Mushroom Gummies & Tinctures) 


GB Mushrooms Brain & Memory Mushroom Supplements

Say goodbye to brain fog with Golden Bloom’s
“Focus” brain and memory Lion’s mane mushroom gummies and tinctures! They could replace caffeine-laced drinks as they give you a sharper mind without the risk of being restless and caffeine crashes.


Golden Bloom’s brain and memory “Focus” would grant you laser-sharp concentration, improve your learning comprehension, and awaken your creativity laying dormant in that gray matter inside your head.


What makes Golden Bloom’s brain and memory “Focus” efficient is its inclusion of other beneficial ingredients synergizing with each other. Focus also includes Cordyceps to provide energy and increase blood flow into your brain to help maintain that laser-sharp focus for longer!


Focus also contains Bacopa monnieri, which protects your brain from free radicals and enhances your cognition combined with Lion’s mane!


Aside from brain-boosting effects, Golden Bloom’s Lion’s mane + Cordyceps “Focus” also provides additional perks, such as enhancing your immune defense, regenerating your nervous system, and improving your gut health!



Immunity & Wellness (Mushroom Gummies & Tinctures) 


GB Mushrooms Immunity & Wellness Mushroom Supplements

Golden Bloom’s immunity and wellness “Immunity” is a fantastic blend of 14 functional mushrooms! Golden Bloom’s “Immunity” is definitely one of, if not the mushroom supplement that contains the most types of mushrooms!


Expect peak immune defense and health and wellness with the following combination of mushrooms: 


  1. Lion’s Mane 
  2. Cordyceps 
  3. Chaga 
  4. Reishi
  5. Shiitake 
  6. Maitake 
  7. Suehirotake 
  8. Turkey Tail 
  9. Oyster mushrooms 
  10. Poria 
  11. Mesima 
  12. Agarikon 
  13. Blazei 
  14. True Tinder Polypore 


Golden Bloom’s “Immunity” also contains another immune defense system boosting ingredient, Ashwagandha! This herb also provides other perks, such as reducing stress, increasing brain function, and enhancing physical performance, which synergizes with Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps. 


Golden Bloom’s offers their “Immunity” supplements in the following forms: 

  1. Gummies Great taste and convenient for daily intake, as if you are just eating candy! Great for people who are always on the go.
  2. Tinctures Use them sublingually to reap the benefits fast! Since they also taste good, Golden Bloom’s tincture also makes excellent additions to your favorite beverages or snacks! 



Energy & Performance  (Mushroom Gummies & Tinctures) 


GB Mushrooms Energy & Performance Mushroom Supplements

Constantly feeling tired to the point that you feel like they are always dragging you down through your days? Then Golden Bloom’s “Performance” energy and performance Cordyceps mushroom supplements would fuel you with that much-needed energy and awaken the power lying dormant in your body!


They could replace energy drinks as they give you an energy boost without the risk of an irregular heartbeat, feeling jittery, and insomnia. Golden Bloom’s energy and performance “Performance” comes in the following forms: 


  1. Gummies For those who prefer convenience while having a tasty snack simultaneously!
  2. Tinctures For those who prefer fast results with just a few drops underneath their tongue or flexibility in their application by applying them to beverages and meals! 


Golden Bloom’s energy and performance “Performance” would grant you energy, strength, endurance, and stamina and even help you attain athletic-level performance for sports or have a constant supply of power when you constantly feel fatigued. 


What makes Golden Bloom’s energy and performance “Performance” efficient is its inclusion of other beneficial ingredients that synergize with each other.


“Performance” also contains Turmeric Curcumin, which provides a myriad of benefits ranging from boosting your energy and increasing your stamina which, combined with the effect of Cordyceps, would take your body to its peak level performance! 




Final Thoughts – Mushroom Revival Discount Codes

A healthy body is essential to living a happy and fulfilling life. You don’t have to be stressed or start feeling ill before becoming conscious of taking care of your health and wellness. The wisdom of the ancients shouldn’t also be taken for granted. 

So revive yourself to your best by taking functional mushroom supplements. Save a lot by using the Golden Bloom or Mushroom Revival codes above!  Enjoy the healing power of medicinal mushrooms with online coupons.

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