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Cordyceps Supplement - Cordyceps Mushroom Supplements For Sale

Are you looking for new ways to boost your energy without relying too much on caffeine and sugar? Perhaps, you need to give Cordyceps a try.

Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris have components that can support energy and stamina. This “energy booster” has been in traditional medicine for hundreds (probably thousands) of years – and now health enthusiasts are enjoying its benefits through its supplements.

Do you work out daily, or are you preparing for a sports competition? Or do you need a supplement to jumpstart your day? Cordyceps may improve endurance exercise performance. It can also help aid muscle recovery after a hard training session.

You can use it too to power up your morning or when your energy level is getting low in the afternoon. Is Cordyceps right for your fitness regime? Before putting it into your body, learn more about Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris. 

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What Is Cordyceps?

Cordyceps is one of the most exotic medicinal mushrooms ever known in the history of traditional medicine. It comes from a fusion of caterpillar and fungus, making this mushroom half plant and half animal.

Although over 400 species of Cordyceps exist, some of which are Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris, it is still a wild and rare medicinal mushroom.

According to old Chinese medical books and Tibetan medicine, Cordyceps is a rare naturally occurring entomopathogenic fungus, which is a combination of a caterpillar and a fungus found at altitudes above 4500m in Sikkim.

Cordyceps Mushroom Supplements

Just like other dietary supplements, Cordyceps mushroom supplements contain substances that the body can use to improve your overall health. From the name itself, these are supplements made from Cordyceps. As a result, people can experience health benefits that may boost energy and stamina. In addition, it can reduce aging effects and promote inflammatory response and heart health. In short, For healthy individuals looking to improve their athletic performance and overall health, cordyceps is a great supplement.

Cordyceps Militaris Vs Cordyceps Sinensis

Among all species, natural Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris are the most popular and most’ beneficial.’

Cordyceps Sinensis (caterpillar fungus) sticks out from the corpse of dead caterpillars, which is common in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan at altitudes above 4,500 meters. Thus, finding this caterpillar fungus is difficult to replicate in a laboratory.

On the other hand, Cordyceps Militaris is commercialized species of cordyceps produced in artificial environments. Therefore, it contains even more medical compounds than other wild Cordyceps species.

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History Of Cordyceps: Medicianal Use

Back in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine, people have used Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris to improve physical strength, reduce fatigue, improve athletic performance, and boost sex drive. Herbal healers also used it to treat kidney disease and other illnesses.

In the western world, there have been studies in recent years showing the great potential of this functional mushroom. Aside from better fitness performance, it has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties.

Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris have several beneficial properties, mainly supporting vitality, endurance, and stamina. So, it benefits most athletes and people who have an active lifestyle.

Fitness enthusiasts also tout Cordyceps supplements for improving workout performance and overall health.

Cordyceps Supplements: What Are They?

Just like other dietary supplements, Cordyceps supplements contain substances that the body can use to improve your overall health. From the name itself, these are supplements made from Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris.

As a result, people can experience health benefits that may boost athletic performance and stamina. In addition, it can reduce aging effects and promote inflammatory response and heart health.

For healthy individuals looking to improve their athletic performance and overall health, Cordyceps supplements are a great option.

Like other supplements, you need to take it wth precaution. These are just herbal medicines that are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Although, it has positive reports from users and studies that support its effects.

Cordyceps Mushroom Supplements Types

Cordyceps supplements come in different types. So, you can experience the benefits of Cordyceps in many ways. These are more versatile ways to incorporate mushroom supplements into your routine.


Add Cordyceps tinctures to your favorite beverage, soup, or tea. You can place a few drops underneath your tongue for a faster result. Tinctures offer adaptable ways to fit these supplements into your daily rituals however and whenever you like.


Try Cordyceps gummies that will boost your physical performance. Whether you’re training for a marathon or need to improve your daily energy – these gummies can be your best friend.

Capsules & Pills

Incorporate Cordyceps into your routine through capsules and pills. These mushroom blend capsules consist of a mushroom extract, perfect for those with a busy lifestyle. If you’re one of them, you need a grab-and-go supplement.


Cordyceps powders are your best option if you want versatility. It can boost your energy daily by adding it to your food or any beverage. Whether it's a morning smoothie or a post-workout protein shake - enjoy the benefits of Cordyceps powders.

How Are Cordyceps Supplements Made?

Cordyceps supplements are from concentrated mushroom extracts made from real Cordyceps mushrooms. It starts with growing organic Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris before the extraction process begins. The extraction process involves fermentation, hot water, and organic food-grade alcohol.

Fermentation breaks down the rigid cell walls and chitin of Cordyceps. Thus, it creates different compounds to make the supplement more bioavailable. On the other hand, the water draws out the polysaccharides while the alcohol enhances the triterpenes and additional beneficial compounds. Mushroom extracts usually come in two forms – distillates and powders.

Mushroom Distillate

Distillates are extracts made by dissolving the mushroom in a solvent. The most common solvents are water and alcohol, but some manufacturers usually use both.

Mushroom Powder

Mushroom extract powder is made by drying the mushrooms and grinding them up. Then, the mushroom will be cooked in either a water or alcohol mix to extract beneficial compounds. Thus, it makes the powder more bioavailable.

Mushroom Extracts: Distillate Vs. Powder

So between distillate and powders, which is better?

Powders usually consist of the mushroom fruiting body, resulting from a multi-step process that breaks down the chitin. All the components and fibers survive even after the drying process. Thus, all the nutrients remain intact, making powders more helpful if you take Cordyceps for its nutritional value.

Distillates, on the other hand, offer better control over which elements remain in the final product. Plus, it contains high yields of Beta-Glucan. This compound can be 15 times more concentrated in distillates. It’s because of the long-term cooking process, which makes Beta-Glucan easier to absorb through the body’s digestion.

Distillates are also safer to take than powders. So if you’re seeking to maximize the amount of beta-glucans you take, distillate extract is a better option. It also contains fewer impurities for maximized effects.

Choosing between powder and distillates boils down to your preference. Regardless, both options would give you convenience in taking your daily dose of Cordyceps.

Cordyceps Benefits: What Is Cordyceps Good For?

Both Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris are beneficial mushrooms that offer low-calorie nutrition and many other benefits. In addition to vitamins and minerals, it contains amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein.

Cordycepin and other significant bioactive substances can be found in Cordyceps. Prebiotic fiber, which helps the digestive system and encourages healthy gut flora, is one of its most potent advantages.

Increases Energy, Stamina, & Fitness Levels

Do you want to increase your energy throughout the day and improve your stamina while performing different physical activities? Do you want to boost your athletic performance?

Cordyceps extract can help increase the availability of oxygen to exercise muscles. Fuel up your fitness levels. Thus, Cordyceps Sinensis increases overall endurance and recovery. 

Aside from health enthusiasts, more athletes and people with active lifestyles are discovering the natural powers of this functional mushroom.

Promotes Muscle Recovery

Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris have the healing properties to promote muscle recovery. It can increase the body’s production of the molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

It helps deliver energy to the muscles, which is perfect after hard training, long workout, and playing sports. As a result, your body may use oxygen more efficiently, especially during exercise.

Improves Healthy Sleep Patterns

Are you having a hard time getting a good night’s sleep? Improve a healthy sleeping pattern with Cordyceps supplements.

Cordyceps contains a compound that may help increase non-rapid eye movement via adenosine receptors. This component reduces sleep-wake cycles while increasing good-quality sleep time.

Cordyceps may also help treat insomnia, according to some people. However, note that this traditional Chinese medicine is not a supplement to take before going to bed. Since it’s an “energy-boosting” mushroom, it’s best to drink it in the morning until late afternoon to maximize its effects. Then, you may reap the rewards of sleep at night.

Complements Sexual Performance

Cordyceps may boost testosterone and libido levels to complement sexual performance. Historically, cordyceps mushrooms were employed as an aphrodisiac to promote healthy libido and sexual performance. In addition, it may support appropriate levels of androgens in males.

According to one study conducted on animals, Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris supported normal levels of testosterone, sperm motility, and sperm count. Thus, it helps maintain a healthy reproductive system that complements sexual performance.

Promotes Heart Health

Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris have beneficial effects on heart health, which may help treat arrhythmia. It is a condition wherein the heartbeat is irregular, either too slow or too fast. 

It is also possible that Cordyceps may lower “bad” LDL cholesterol. Bad cholesterol may increase the risk of heart disease by blocking the arteries in your heart.

Fortunately, cultured Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris have the properties to decrease triglyceride levels. It is a type of fat in the blood linked to a greater risk of heart disease.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Cordyceps may support the body’s immune system through anti-inflammatory properties. This mushroom contains a polysaccharide that can modulate the immune system, and support gut health.

Chinese traditional herbal drugs use it in treating chronic kidney disease. Although, it may need series of studies to prove this claim.

It is good to have some redness, but too much can lead to heart disease and chronic kidney disease to name a few. Thus, taking cordyceps can help the body fight infection and decrease swelling.

Do Cordyceps Mushrooms Really Work?

Cordyceps work, especially if you take them regularly and consistently. Numerous past studies, especially based on ancient Chinese herbal medicine, on Cordyceps have shown that it has multiple beneficial properties. It includes anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and more beneficial properties.

A scientific report used a stationary bike to test its notion on 30 healthy older persons and provided evidence to support it. Participants were given either a placebo pill or 3 grams of the CS-4 synthetic Cordyceps strain for six weeks.

The first group that took CS-4 increased by 7% by the end of the study. In contrast, the other group that received the placebo pill exhibited no improvement.

Pharmacological and clinical studies on animals and in the lab indicate Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris may improve heart health, improve athletic performance and help with treating chronic hepatitis.

Although, it still needs more evidence to prove its efficacy and effectiveness. Plus, it can help your overall body to maintain better overall health.

How Does CordyCeps Make You Feel?

Cordyceps is what we would like to call an “energy boosters.” These functional mushrooms have natural properties for better muscle tissue oxygen saturation. As a result, it may increase oxygen uptake in the brain and increase blood flow to brain cells.

So, if ever you feel drained after a long day at work, taking Cordyceps may fight mental fatigue. Most health enthusiasts describe their experience as feeling more alert and focused. Taking Cordyceps has stimulating effects similar to coffee.

Why Is Cordyceps Referred To As Natural Male Enhancement?

Some people who are taking Cordyceps refer to it as the natural male enhancer because it has positive effects on sexual stamina enhancement. It acts like a herbal therapy for men who are experiencing a lack of sex drive or low libido.

Cordyceps supplementation may enhance sexual performance. In addition, this functional mushroom is linked to the restoration of impairment in sexual function amongst its users.

In the old herbal medicine, Cordyceps has been used to boost testosterone and libido levels to improve sexual performance. It helps in promoting a healthy libido to help men who are having poor sex drive. In addition, it may help boost levels of androgens in males.

According to one study conducted, Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris may support the growth of testosterone, sperm motility, and sperm count to their normal levels. As a result, this functional mushroom may help maintain a healthy reproductive system that compliments sexual performance.

How Does Cordyceps Provide Its Benefits?

Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris provide benefits by boosting ATP production in the body. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the primary energy carrier in our cells. You may be able to use oxygen more efficiently during exercise by taking this traditional Chinese medicine.

When Should I Take Cordyceps?

The best time to take Cordyceps is in the morning until late afternoon. It’s preferable if the body can assimilate its nutrients while awake so you can benefit from them all day.

Other people discover that incorporating this traditional Chinese medicine into their morning ritual works best for them before they begin the day. Take it in the afternoon once your body begins to feel heavy and tired in the afternoon.

You can experiment with different doses of this tincture throughout the day to see which is most effective. After that, pay special attention to any side effects and the ideal moment to reap its benefits.

Should I Take It Daily?

One or two servings per day are recommended to get the full benefits of Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris. It will work to build up the beneficial properties in your body to maximize overall effects.

You need to be persistent in taking this traditional Chinese supplement every day for at least a month to work fully. Then, based on your needs and lifestyle, you can take it whenever is most convenient.

Does Cordydeps Work Immediately?

The effects of Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris are not evident immediately. Experts highly suggest that you take this supplement daily for a couple of months to fully experience its full potential.

When Will I Receive The Full Benefits Of Cordyceps?

The full effects of Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris might be felt anywhere between two days and two weeks after taking it.

Each user’s reaction to this mushroom varies because we each have a distinct DNA makeup and a variety of body structures. Therefore, you must take it consistently for at least a month to truly benefit from it.

Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris require time to influence your system. Therefore, don’t feel frustrated if you still don’t see or feel any benefits after a few days or even weeks of trying.

Instead, give your body time to respond to it and let it function while you create a regular eating pattern.

Dosage: How Much Cordyceps Should I Take?

As a rule of thumb, the ideal dosage for Cordyceps is 3 to 6 grams for adults. It is crucial to take it by mouth daily for 6 months to a year for the best results.

However, since each user reacts differently when taking Cordyceps, it’s best to listen with your body. This functional mushroom has various beneficial results, but it’s best to take it with caution.

Better yet, consult a physician if you have any allergies or drinking any medicines before taking Cordyceps.

Can There Be Side Effects?

Cordyceps may have side effects. It includes diarrhea, constipation, and stomach discomfort. Thus, experts recommend taking a break after a few months of regularly taking these supplements. Better yet, make sure to follow the recommended dosage.

What Happens If I Take Too Much Cordyceps?

Healthy elderly human adults often don’t encounter any adverse effects when taking Cordyceps. However, in case you take too much, you may experience some minor adverse effects like diarrhea, constipation, and stomach discomfort.

These side effects get better with hours of rest and flushing the extra dose off of your system. You can take over-the-counter medicines to feel better faster. But if you think that symptoms are getting worse, which rarely happens, then make sure to talk to your doctor right away.

Do Mushroom Supplements Go Bad Or Expire?

Cordyceps will spoil if they aren’t properly stored. Its shelf life and effectiveness is extendable by following correct storage techniques. It is crucial to keep it nearby while not in use and to store it somewhere dry, cool, and out of direct sunlight.

The shelf life of mushroom tinctures is likewise limited; it is typically one year from the manufacturing date. Check the product label thus, at all times.

Storage Suggestions: How To Store Cordyceps

Keep Cordyceps supplements out of direct sun and heat exposure. Then, make sure to put it in an airtight container. Finally, keep these supplements in dry and dark areas. Don’t forget to keep it out of children’s reach.

Why Choose Golden Bloom Cordyceps?

Golden Bloom Mushroom specializes in providing the best Cordyceps Sinensis and Militaris. Each supplement tastes great and gives you an energy boost that will help you feel better all day. We also use cordyceps extracts with higher erinacines, hericenones, and beta-glucans.

Golden Bloom Mushroom is a firm believer in the ability of functional mushrooms to energize and elevate the body and mind.

Our goal is to include mushrooms in your daily wellness routine. In addition, we offer exceptional customer service and after-sales support to make our customers happy from when they purchase our tinctures until they use them.

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