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There are over 14,000 mushroom species worldwide, some of which have been proven to provide exceptional health benefits. You can choose from different fungus products such as powders, capsules & pills, gummies, and tinctures.


These supplements are made from various mushroom breeds, and there are also complex blends with more than one fungus as the ingredient. With the help of the Fungi Perfecti discount code, you enjoy mushroom supplements at a fantastic discount.


Let’s explore what Fungi Perfecti can offer in terms of mushroom supplements and what coupon codes to use.


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Fungi Perfecti Coupon Code 

Use the Fungi Perfecti promo code CHAGA20 to enjoy huge savings on your entire order. Use this Perfecti coupon upon checkout and get 20% off when you shop online. However, this deal is not compatible with other promotions from Fungi Perfecti.


To add the Fungi Perfecti coupon to your online shopping cart, copy and paste it on the checkout page. Then, it will automatically apply the discount.


In these times when the prices of essential goods have gone through the roof, promo codes and clearance items offer the opportunity to save money for a limited time. So grab this Fungi Perfecti special offer and other mushroom supplements that are on sale while it still last.




About Fungi Perfecti The Brand

Established in 1980 by Paul Stamets, Fungi Perfecti is one of the leading producers of premium mushroom supplements. The primary goal of this company is to burn the wall between people and fungi.


This family-owned fungi business recycles wood and byproducts to safeguard the environment and reduce its carbon footprint. They use sustainable practices to protect the trees and bees while cultivating and harvesting culinary and medicinal mushrooms.


Fungi Perfecti sources organic mushrooms from the Pacific Northwest, particularly in the Old Growth woodlands. As a brilliant mycologist, researcher, and environmentalist, Stamets is responsible for preserving ancestral mushroom strains. Fortunately, you get to enjoy its products and save money using discount codes.




Mushroom Products From Fungi Perfecti

The Fungi Perfecti coupon is designed to provide a deal for pesticide-free mushroom supplements. Fungi Perfecti formulates high-quality capsules, powders, and mushroom blends that support the immune system’s health. These products come from an organic, sustainable background.


All ingredients are all-natural and grown on US soil. Plus, there are certificates of analysis on the official website to get details about the overall makeup of the mushroom supplements. However, note that the fungi products don’t have FDA approval (yet).


But for centuries, mushrooms like Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi, Chaga, and Turkey Tail have alleviated discomforts, boosted energy, strengthened the immune system, and improved brain function.



Mushroom Capsules


Fungi Perfecti Mushroom Capsules Cordyceps

Like Host Defense capsules, the fungus capsules from Fungi Perfecti are formulated from different types of Certified Organic mushrooms. The freeze-dried mycelium is heat-treated, processed into a fine powder, and then placed in vegetable pullulan casing.


The good news is the formulation also includes baby fruitbodies or primordia. Particularly, Maitake capsules even have mature fungus-fruiting bodies.


The dosage suggestion for the mushroom capsules is one pill daily for the Agarikon supplement, while two capsules per day for the others. But, if you’re taking medications for diseases, it’s best to consult your doctor before taking the fungus supplements.


The good news is the capsules have no known interactions with prescription pills. You can take the capsules daily together with other supplements for better results, like mushroom powder.


Shopping online for mushroom capsules has never been so convenient, and you can enjoy the best deals. Here is additional information about mushroom capsules from Fungi Perfecti:


  • Lion’s Mane Capsules
  • Stamets 7 Capsules
  • Turkey Tail Capsules
  • MyCommunity Capsules
  • Reishi Capsules
  • MycoBotanicals Brain Capsules
  • Cordyceps Capsules
  • Breathe Capsules
  • Agarikon Capsules
  • MycoBotanicals Stress Decompress Capsules
  • Chaga Capsules
  • MycoBotanicals Energy Capsules
  • CordyChi Capsules
  • MycoBotanicals Liver Capsules
  • MycoBotanicals Blood Sugar Capsules
  • Maitake Capsules
  • Mesima Capsules



Mushroom Powders


Fungi Perfecti Mushroom Powders

The Fungi Perfecti mushroom powder is made from heat-treated, freeze-dried fungus, just like the same formulation as the mushroom capsules. To provide holistic therapeutic benefits to consumers, the powders have no concentrated or isolated compounds. Every part of the mycelium and fruiting bodies is part of the production.


Powders are best for culinary purposes, as you can add one gram of powder to your sauces, casserole, stews, soups, and other dishes. You can also mix the mushroom powder into your smoothies, juices, and coffee. It takes effort to consume the powder supplement, but the result is definitely worth it.


The usage recommendation of mushroom powder is one teaspoon of powder twice daily or 1/4 tablespoon one to three times per day.  Overall, you should consume one gram of powder daily for superior medicinal effects. If you want to increase the surge of therapeutic properties in your system, pair the powder with mushroom capsules.


Let’s look at the list of mushroom powder supplements from Fungi Perfecti.


  • Reishi Powder
  • Cordyceps Powder
  • Turkey Tail Powder
  • Lion’s Mane Powder
  • Stamets 7 Powder
  • MycoBotanicals Brain & Body Powder
  • MycoBotanicals Brain Energy Powder
  • MycoBotanicals Complete Calm Powder
  • MycoBotanicals Greens Powder
  • MycoBotanicals Microbiome Powder
  • Chaga Powder
  • MyCommunity Powder
  • CordyChi Powder
  • Breathe Powder


Multi-Mushroom Supplement Blends


Fungi Perfecti Multi-Mushroom Supplement Blends

If you’re looking for mushroom supplement blends at an affordable cost, you can rely on Fungi Perfecti coupons. The formulation of these powerful supplements is a combination of multiple mushrooms plus herbs.


With the fusion of different medicinal mushrooms, the therapeutic properties you get from consuming the fungus multiply. Remember that each mushroom contains a diverse range of benefits; when combined with other fungi, the health advantages broaden.


Unquestionably, the multi-species fungi blends are perfect for promoting a stronger immune system. Even with the mix of numerous mushrooms in one supplement, you can still expect an affordable price from this popular fungus brand.




Similar Discounts & Products

Fungi Perfecti coupons are not the only promotion in town. Other mushroom companies manufacture offer similar supplements, as well as discounts. Another brand that offers the best fungi supplements is Golden Bloom Mushrooms. Plus, working coupons let you save money on your entire purchase.




Golden Bloom Mushrooms Coupon Code (20%)

Golden Bloom Mushrooms is a well-known fungus brand that produces 100% organic, pure, and healthy supplements. They offer a 20% discount by using the promo code GBPROMO20.


During checkout, enter the code on the designated box and watch as your total balance is reduced by 20%.


In the mushroom industry, Golden Bloom Mushrooms is one of the top stores that consumers patronize thanks to their premium products, excellent customer service, and fantastic deals. They produce high-grade mushroom complex blends, tinctures, and gummies.



Mushroom Gummy Supplements


GB Mushrooms Immunity & Wellness Mushroom Supplements

The delicious fungus gummies from Golden Bloom Mushrooms have a flavor from fruit concentrates such as purple carrot or raspberry. Their formulation involves different mushroom types like Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Reishi, Chaga, and more.


The extracts from the fungi come from soaking the mushrooms for 120 days using a food- and alcohol-based solvent. Then, the pure extracts are blended with traditional, organic, and all-natural gummy ingredients. On top of it all, Golden Bloom Mushrooms add ashwagandha, bacopa monnieri, and turmeric for an extra boost of nutritional value.


The dosage recommendation of the medicinal gummies is two tasty candies daily at any time of the day. Consult your doctor regarding the most suitable dose for you. Remember to regularly consume the fungus gummies for two weeks to feel the effects.


Just note that the mushroom gummies expire one year after the manufacturing date. But if the chewy candies are exposed to UV rays, heat, light, and moisture, degradation happens fast. So store the fun-filled, guilt-free snack in a tightly sealed jar at all times.



Mushroom Tincture Supplements


GB Mushrooms Energy & Performance Mushroom Supplements

Aside from eating raw mushrooms, ingesting gummies, or mixing fungus powder with food and drinks, functional mushrooms can be taken directly under the tongue. Mushroom tinctures are concentrated fungus extracts to improve physical and mental health.


This type of supplement is formulated through alcohol extraction by soaking dried fungi in an alcohol-based solvent for 120 days. In many cases, the mushrooms used for tinctures are Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, and Chaga.


In choosing a mushroom tincture, you should know what primary benefits you’ll gain from different fungi. For example, the Lion’s Mane tincture is a supplement for the mind, Cordyceps is for energy, Turkey Tail is best for stress reduction, and Chaga is for boosting the immune system.


When you consume 2ml of mushroom tincture daily, in just two weeks, you start feeling a superior boost of brain functionality, physiological energy, heart health, and immune system.


You can sublingually take 1ml twice daily or mix the mushroom oil with your dishes and drinks. Choose a convenient time to ingest the mushroom tincture, though most consumers prefer the morning.



Mushroom Complex Blend Supplements


GB Mushroom Complex Blend Supplements

There’s no question about the superior medicinal benefits of one specific mushroom. Indeed, when numerous mushrooms are packed in one pill, gummy, oil drops, and powder, your body gains enormous health benefits.


Can you imagine how much wellness you achieve from a combination of fungi? The good news is the mushroom complex blend supplements are here to provide the ultimate health benefits of multiple mushrooms.  


Fungi blends come from organic extracts that are initially processed into powder or distillate before they’re manufactured into mushroom supplements such as gummies, capsules, and tinctures.


These powerful supplements are perfect for improving brain functionality, heart health, and gut health. In a nutshell, the complex mushroom blends enhance your overall health.


Regardless of your choice of fungi supplement blend, Golden Bloom Mushrooms offer the most premium, clean, and medicinal products on the market.


The mushrooms involved in the complex blends are Lion’s Mane, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Chaga, Maitake, Chaga, Reishi, and Shiitake. And the most popular mushroom blends are gummies, tinctures, capsules & pills, and powders. 




Final Thoughts – Fungi Perfecti Coupons

The Fungi Perfecti discount code gives you 20% off to all consumers who purchase from their official site. Similarly, Golden Bloom Mushrooms offers a 20% discount when you order from their site. Both fungus brands are the best in their fields. Their customers love all the supplements since they definitely provide excellent results.

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