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The health and wellness industry has an overwhelming flow of mushroom supplements to enhance brain functionality, heart health, and strong immunity. Fortunately, there are Host Defense coupons that you can use.


Aside from Host Defense coupon codes, we will also introduce another popular and highly reputable brand, Golden Bloom, which offers similar products and discounts.


With two powerful mushroom brands on the market, your next batch of fungi supplement comes at an affordable cost. So, let’s find Host Defense coupons that offer great savings.


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Host Defense Coupon Code 

Use the promo code GBPROMO20, and you’ll get a 20% off. In addition, the Host Defense promo code BULK20 is yours to enjoy with a  minimum order of $79 or 4+ mushroom supplement items.


Pick Host Defense coupon and enter the promo code upon checkout on Host Defense’s website to get 20% off your entire order cost. However, note that this discount code does not apply to other promotions.


Military customers can also get a Host Defense military discount. On the other hand, students can enjoy special deals with a Host Defense student discount.




About Host Defense Mushrooms – The Brand

Host Defense Mushrooms utilizes the fruiting bodies and mycelium of fungi, but mostly mycelium, to create the most therapeutic fungus supplements for the wellness of consumers. Plus, this brand allocates a small portion of its profit to saving rare mushroom strains.


In 1980, world-renowned mycologist Paul Stamets launched the Fungi Perfecti, which later carried Host Defense Mushrooms.


The primary goal of this brand is to create a smooth path between fungi and consumers. They have consistently advocated cultivating local, organic, and sustainable mushroom farms.


Host Defense Mushrooms truly believes in the medicinal properties of mushrooms for stronger immunity, a healthier heart, and a resilient digestive system.


Host Defense Mushrooms dedicates its company to educating people on the goodness of fungi. With a Host Defense code, you can enjoy several Host Defense items at affordable prices.




Products From Host Defense Mushrooms

The fungus supplements from Host Defense Mushrooms have no FDA approval. They’re not intended to treat illnesses or cure diseases. However, the medicinal properties of fungi such as Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi, and Chaga cannot be denied.


So this leading mushroom brand produces supplements from pure fungi extracts, and there are even products with powerful herbs as additional ingredients.


Host Defense Mushrooms have various supplements such as powder, extract, capsules, and spray. These items support better immunity, cardiovascular health, and brain functionality.



Mushroom Supplements For Memory & Cognition


Host Defense Mushroom Supplements For Memory & Cognition

With the use of the Host Defense coupon code, you can get a 20% discount when you buy any of the six mushroom supplements to boost memory and cognition.


  •  Lion’s Mane Capsules (30, 60, 120 counts)
  •  Lion’s Mane Powder (100mg)
  •  MycoBotanicals Brain Capsules (60 capsules)
  •  Lion’s Mane Extract (1 oz, 2oz)
  •  MycoBotanicals Brain & Body Powder (100 grams)
  •  MycoBotanicals Brain Energy Powder (100 grams)


The Lion’s Mane powder, capsules, and extracts are formulated from pure mushroom extracts. All of the supplements are known to support mental focus, cognition, and brain health.


They trigger a happier mood, influence a balanced immune response, and support the nervous system. The MycoBotanicals’ supplements contain Lion’s Mane and other powerful fungi such as Reishi for better neurological functions and Cordyceps for brain health and physical energy.


Plus, the formulation has added herbs such as energy-boosting yerba mate, eleuthero for reducing fatigue, bacopa for supporting brain and memory, gotu kola for mental acuity, and ginkgo for a smoother flow of blood through the brain.


Unquestionably, the Memory and Cognition fungi supplements from Host Defense Mushrooms are perfect for promoting overall brain health and functionality. With “The Smart Mushroom” Lion’s Mane as the main ingredient, your memory becomes sharper than ever.



Mushroom Supplements For Immunity & Wellness


Host Defense Mushroom Supplements For Immunity & Wellness

Host Defense Mushrooms have premium mushroom supplements for superior immunity and wellness. Here are their high-quality fungus capsules, extracts, powder, and sprays.


  •  Stamets 7 Capsules (30, 60, 120 capsules)
  •  MyCommunity Capsules (30, 60, 120 capsules)
  •  Stamets 7 Powder (100 grams)
  •  Agarikon Capsules (60 capsules)
  •  MyCommunity Extract (1 oz, 2oz, 4oz)
  •  Stamets 7 Extract (1 oz, 2oz)
  •  Elderberry Plus Syrup (4 fluid ounces)
  •  MycoShield Peppermint Spray (1/2oz, 1 oz, 2oz)
  •  MycoShield Cinnamon Spray (1/2oz, 1 oz, 2oz)
  •  MycoShield Citrus Spray (1/2 oz, 1 oz)
  •  MycoShield Winter Mist Spray (1/2oz, 1 oz)
  •  MycoShield Licorice Spray (1/2oz, 1 oz)


The MyCommunity Capsules and Extract offer holistic immune support by triggering the natural capability of the body to communicate and react. Plus, this fungus supplement promotes a balanced immune response and influences the body’s defense and repair systems.


The Agarikon Capsules encourage a balanced and well-engaged immune response and support the proper functioning of cells. Plus, the ingredients are sustainable.


Elderberry syrup supports the immune system, upper respiratory system, lung health, and cell membrane function.


The Stamets 7 Capsules, Powder, and Extract are perfect for promoting a healthy immune response and increasing the body’s resilience against physiological, mental, and environmental stress.


This mushroom supplement supports digestive, respiratory, cellular, circulatory, systematic, and lymphatic functions. Furthermore, the MycoShield Sprays are concentrated mouth sprays for a superior immunity boost.



Mushroom Supplements For Energy & Exercise


Host Defense Mushroom Supplements For Energy & Exercise

If you’re looking for the best mushroom supplements for energy and exercise, look no further than the products from Host Defense Mushrooms. These items are from 100% US-grown, organic fungi farms.


  •  Cordyceps Capsules (30, 50, 120 capsules)
  •  Breathe Capsules (30, 60 capsules)
  •  Cordyceps Powder (100 grams)
  •  MycoBotanicals Energy Capsules (60 capsules)
  •  Cordyceps Extract (1 oz, 2oz)
  •  Breathe Extract (1 oz, 2oz)


Cordyceps Capsules, Cordyceps Powder, Cordyceps Extract, Breathe Extract and Breathe Capsules are your best bet for promoting stamina, energy, and endurance.


These mushroom supplements promote a healthy respiratory system, kidney functionality, balanced immune response, and brain health.


The MycoBotanicals Energy Capsules are the perfect pills for an instant, long-lasting energy boost. This type of fungi supplement is a smart combination of mushrooms and herbs so that consumers can enjoy a full spectrum of benefits.


The mushrooms involved are Cordyceps (promotes energy and better respiration), Reishi (supports heart and adrenal health plus improves endurance), and Chaga (supports muscle recovery).


The herb ingredients are Rhodiola for stamina and strength, Green Tea for metabolism, and Eleuthero to fight fatigue. So, use the latest Host Defense coupons once you finished shopping to enjoy great deals.




Similar Host Defense Discount Codes & Products

Aside from the host defense promo code, other mushroom manufacturers produce top-shelf fungi extracts, sprays, gummies, tinctures, powder, and capsules. One of the most popular brands in the industry is Golden Bloom Mushrooms.




Golden Bloom Mushrooms Coupon Code (20%)

Golden Bloom Mushrooms is a reputable brand that formulates the country’s most therapeutic, healthy fungus supplements. Their promotion is similar to Host Defense promo codes.


When you’re ready to pay for the items on your cart, enter the code GBPROMO20 and get 20% off site wide on your eligible orders.



Brain & Memory Mushroom Supplements


GB Mushrooms Brain & Memory Mushroom Supplements

Thanks to memory supplements, the exceptional state of your brain is restored, maintained, and promoted. The brain and memory fungi supplement from Golden Bloom Mushrooms is perfect for improving memory and concentration.


Taking one gummy daily dramatically reduces the risk of developing a degenerative neurological disorder.


Lion’s Mane + Cordyceps Gummies contain 30 chewy candies per bottle. The gummies enhance your mental focus, memory, clarity, learning, and overall brain health, thanks to Lion’s Mane.


As for the Cordyceps, this fungus promotes your immune system, nervous system, and gut health.  Plus, expect high amounts of beta-glucans in the formulation and bacopa monnieri extracts.



Immunity & Wellness Mushroom Supplements


GB Mushrooms Immunity & Wellness Mushroom Supplements

The immunity and wellness fungus supplements from Golden Bloom Mushrooms are made from 100% natural, organic ingredients.


Both tinctures and gummies have high levels of beta-glucans or superior immunity. There are available COAs to prove supplements’ quality, potency, and cleanliness.



Fusion Mushroom Blend Gummies [Immunity] (30 gummies)

These immunity complex blend gummies are formulated from 14 powerful fungi, including Ashwagandha, for an optimum boost to the immune system. The gummies also promote a healthier central nervous system and a better mood.



Fushion Mushroom Blend Tincture [Immunity] (1 oz)

An all-in-one fungus supplement that comes from 14 mushrooms for improving brain function, athletic performance, and cardiovascular health. The delivery method of tincture is sublingual. Drop 1 ml of tincture daily under the tongue or in your drinks.



Energy & Performance Supplements


GB Mushrooms Energy & Performance Mushroom Supplements

Golden Bloom Mushrooms relies on the powerful, energy-boosting fungus called Cordyceps to create the most beneficial performance enhancer gummies and tinctures.


The mushroom went through a 120-day triple process of extraction to acquire the purest form of fungus extract. Plus, the supplements contain high traces of beta-glucans for improved metabolic function, healthier heart and gut, and better immune response.


The two mushroom supplements for energy and performance are: 


  •  Cordyceps Mushroom Gummies [Performance] (30 gummies)
  •  Cordyceps Mushroom Tincture [Performance] (1 oz)


Athletes are usually the primary buyers of performance gummies and tinctures. But of course, anyone requiring a boost of stamina, endurance, and energy can always rely on the Cordyceps supplements for superior performance.




Final Thoughts – Host Defense Promo Codes

Thanks to the Host Defense discount code and the 20% off from Golden Bloom Mushrooms, you can enjoy a fantastic promotion for fungus supplements. You can’t find these great deals even with other Host Defense competitor coupons.


Both brands are excellent in manufacturing the most premium therapeutic mushroom powder, gummies, sprays, tinctures, capsules, and extracts. Use the best Host Defense coupons and Hifi Farms’ best codes to save money and enjoy the benefits of medicinal mushrooms.

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