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Get yourself an iHerb promo code on health and wellness products, such as mushroom supplements! 


Everyone deserves the right to access quality health and wellness products. But the constantly rising costs of everything make it impossible to do so.


Thankfully, there are still brands whose primary mission is to provide health and wellness for people instead of just raking in profits.


They are giving promo codes to ease the burden of high costs so that people don’t have to sacrifice their health and wellness or budget. 


Mushroom supplements may offer many health and wellness benefits, backed by research and studies conducted with positive results proving their worth.


Medical mushrooms also have an extensive history of use in traditional herbal medicine, and being in supplement form makes it convenient to take them. So, let’s find some popular Iherb promo codes.


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IHerb Coupon Code

The mission of iHerb is to make health and wellness accessible to all, which is why they are providing all these iHerb promo codes!  


To use a promo code, proceed to your cart once you are done shopping. Then click “View cart & check out.” On the promo code input field on the right, copy and paste or input one of the following codes below, then click apply.


A prompt with the message “discount applied” would appear if the code works, then appear in the order summary. 


Use an iHerb discount code below to get 10% off!

  • 10% promo code: COUPONFOLLOW
  • 10% promo code: CCW1105
  • 10% promo code: LDW325


Use an iHerb coupon code below to get 5% off! 

  • 5% promo code: BEX5307
  • 5% promo code: JGL487
  • 5% promo code: JGE0311
  • 5% promo code: AJM6649
  • 5% promo code: DRJ8297
  • 5% promo code: DSN7368


Aside from iHerb coupons, you can also join the iHerb rewards program. iHerb offers free shipping if your order reaches over $20! You can even download the iHerb app to browse their products and shop online. For more questions about the brand’s financing, contact iHerb customer support.




About IHerb The Brand

Have you ever heard about iHerb? iHerb is a reseller of reputable, high-quality health and wellness brands.


iHerb is a global brand that has been around since 1996 with the mission to make health and wellness accessible to all.


You can tell that iHerb is dedicated to its mission, as they also have distribution centers not just in the US and Asia and deliver to over 185+ countries!


iHerb is making it possible for health products to be more accessible by offering the lowest prices possible and convenience by delivering the products right to your doorstep fast and at a lower cost! You can save money with iHerb discount codes.




IHerb Mushroom Supplements 

iHerb vitamins currently have 30k+ products and are still counting! All of the products iHerb sells are from reputable brands that can also be found in large national stores.


iHerb offers assurance that the products they sell are still far from expiring with an active turnover rate and no risk of getting dirty and spoiled as they are stored in a super clean, climate-controlled environment. The best before and expiration dates are even on their product pages!


There are also products marked with the “iHerb brand.” Products that have this label are sold exclusively through iHerb!


iHerb offers a vast range of health and wellness products, from nutritious foods, pet products, fish oil capsules, whey protein shakes, kid’s multivitamins, and much more! So let us focus on their mushroom supplements.



Lion’s Mane Mushroom Supplements


iHerb Lions Mane Mushroom Supplements

iHerb offers an assortment of high-quality Lion’s Mane mushroom supplements from reputable brands.


They currently have 34 Lion’s Mane mushroom supplements in their lineup. The following products are under the iHerb brand: 



California Gold Nutrition – MEM Food Memory & Cognitive Support Powder (1.12lb / 510g)

This powdered Lion’s Mane mushroom supplement includes other beneficial ingredients such as turmeric, blueberry, and pine bark extract.


The benefits from the other ingredients included making this good not just for brain function but also for your overall health and wellness! 



California Gold Nutrition – MEM Food Memory & Cognitive Support Powder 60 packets

Same as the first one, but comes in convenient packets! Each packet of this Lion’s Mane powdered mushroom supplement contains 0.3 oz / 8.5 g and is suitable for one use; add a packet to your coffee or beverage.


It also provides a more uniform dosage and convenience, saving you from having to measure every time you take your daily dose of Lion’s Mane! Plus, you can get huge discounts using iHerb codes.



Cordyceps Mushroom Supplements


iHerb Cordyceps Mushroom Supplements

Use an iHerb code to enjoy high-quality Cordyceps mushroom supplements and enjoy its health benefits. They currently have 27 Cordyceps mushroom supplements in their lineup. The following products are their current best-selling Cordyceps mushroom supplements: 



MRM Nutrition – Cordyceps CS-4 Strain Capsules

Each bottle contains 60 capsules, which is enough for two months! It is also for those who prefer nothing but Cordyceps for their mushroom supplement, as the only other ingredient it contains is the Cellulose in the capsule. 



Now Foods – Cordyceps Capsules (750 mg)

Another Cordyceps capsule that is good as pure Cordyceps, the only other components being Cellulose and Stearic acid. It is also cost-efficient, as each bottle contains 90 capsules, making them good for around three months! 



Multi-Mushroom Supplement Blends 


iHerb Multi-Mushroom Supplement Blends

iHerb offers an assortment of high-quality multi-mushroom supplement blends from reputable brands. 


A mushroom supplement can be classified as a multi-mushroom supplement blend if it contains at least two different kinds of mushrooms. They currently have 47 multi-mushroom supplement blends in their lineup. 


The following products are under the iHerb brand: 



California Gold Nutrition – SUPERFOODS – GoldenCep, Organic Turmeric with Adaptogens Beverage

This delicious drink combines Cordyceps with Reishi and other beneficial ingredients such as Turmeric and Ashwagandha for a balanced energizing beverage! 



California Gold Nutrition – SUPERFOODS – CocoCeps, Organic Cocoa, Cordyceps & Reishi Powder

Combining cocoa with Cordyceps and Reishi, this delicious, energizing drink is versatile and a significant additional component when baking!  



California Gold Nutrition – CafeCeps certified organic Instant Coffee with Cordyceps and Reishi Mushroom Powder

Are you always having coffee in the morning?


Then this mushroom blend arabica coffee would work best for you, as you get to have your daily mushroom dose at the same time as your daily cup of coffee!


This energizing beverage also provides convenience by saving you from constantly adding the mushroom powder to your coffee. Each box contains 30 packets, making it suitable for a month. 



California Gold Nutrition – Fungiology, MushRex Plus, Full-Spectrum Mushroom Complex, certified organic, Immune Assist Capsules

With 120 capsules, this 10-mushroom blend could last around four months! It contains the following mushrooms: 

  1. Agaricus 
  2. Chaga 
  3. Cordyceps 
  4. Lion’s Mane 
  5. Maitake 
  6. Oyster Mushroom 
  7. Reishi 
  8. Sanghwang
  9. Shiitake
  10. Turkey Tail




Similar IHerb Coupon Codes & Products

A mushroom supplement that offers similar discounts and products that is worth mentioning is Golden Bloom!


Like iHerb, Golden Bloom cares about your health and wellness by offering mushroom supplements.


It contains premium ingredients and mushrooms, which also provide the best amount of beta-glucans thanks to their signature triple extraction process that uses the fruiting body of mushrooms! 


Golden Bloom may be a more recent brand, but what makes them really stand out is their great synergistic combination of ingredients! 


Golden Bloom’s Focus Mushroom supplements come in 2 forms: 

  1. Gummies – It offers the convenience of capsules while giving you something great tasting.
  2. Tinctures – It provides fast-acting effects with just a few drops underneath your tongue. It also offers flexibility as it could also be added to your drinks! 




Golden Bloom Mushrooms Coupon Code (20%)

Get 20% off using the Golden Bloom Mushrooms coupon code:
GBPROMO20. In addition, Golden Bloom offers a discount for the first purchase of our new customers.


During checkout at Golden Bloom, copy and paste or enter the code above into the designated promo code input field and click apply code to receive your 20% discount off all Golden Bloom mushroom supplements!



Lion’s Mane Supplements


GB Mushrooms Immunity & Wellness Mushroom Supplements

Lion’s Mane is best known for its brain-boosting properties, such as increasing your focus and mental alertness, which is why Golden Bloom had conveniently labeled their Lion’s Mane mushroom supplement as


Golden Bloom’s Lion’s Mane also contains other beneficial ingredients, such as Bacopa Monnieri, another best-known brain booster, to maximize mental clarity, concentration, memory, and learning capacity!


Aside from your mind, it also benefits your body since it contains Cordyceps, which could also be considered a blend. Combining the two mushrooms synergizes with Lion Mane’s brain-boosting properties and Cordyceps’ physical-enhancing properties!



Cordyceps Supplements


GB Mushrooms Energy & Performance Mushroom Supplements

Cordyceps is best known for its physically enhancing properties, such as boosting your energy and stamina, which is why Golden Bloom had conveniently labeled their Cordyceps mushroom supplement as


Golden Bloom uses Cordyceps Militaris for its Cordyceps supplements, so you don’t have to worry about your Cordyceps being harvested or growing from bugs. Cordyceps Militaris could also improve your metabolic function and libido!


Golden Bloom’s Performance Cordyceps supplements also contain other beneficial ingredients, such as Turmeric Curcumin, which has energy-enhancing and anti-fatigue effects.


All the physical benefits Golden Bloom’s Performance Cordyceps supplements provide could take your body to its peak condition and provide you with athletic-level performance! 



Mushroom Complex Blends 


GB Mushroom Complex Blend

Perhaps what could be considered the pinnacle of Golden Bloom mushroom supplement products is their “
Immunity” mushroom complex blend, which contains not 2, not 6, but 14 beneficial mushrooms all together in one ultimate mushroom supplement!


Golden Bloom’s Immunity mushrooms complex blend supplements contain the following beneficial mushrooms for your peak health and wellness: Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga, Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Suehirotake, Turkey Tail, Oyster mushrooms, Poria, Mesima, Agarikon, Blazei, and True Tinder Polypore!


At least seven mushrooms in this blend are proven to have immune defense-enhancing properties, which is why this blend is labeled as Immunity!


With the addition of Ashwagandha, this blend will shield you from infectious diseases and take your body to peak health and wellness! 




Final Thoughts – iHerb Discount Code 

More and more people are resorting to mushroom supplements to improve their health and wellness due to their efficiency and cost-effectiveness. After all, prevention is better than cure, and hospital bills cost the worst.


You deserve the right to access quality health and wellness products and live healthy, fulfilling lives. Don’t let high costs hinder having a healthy and happy life.

Thankfully, promo codes exist and are one easy way of mitigating high costs. So make good use of the Golden Bloom and iHerb promo code to access high-quality mushroom supplements without hurting your wallet!

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