Getting tired of coffee jitters and crashes? Then turn to mushrooms for energy today. They have a wealth of complex carbohydrates and proteins that provide extra energy to the body.


With a regular intake of energy-boosting nutritional supplements, you can say goodbye to caffeine and welcome a natural surge of energy all day. However, the flow of energy is not sudden at all, unlike in coffee. So there’s no crash from using mushroom products for energy.


But since there are thousands of fungi species in the world, how will you know what specific mushrooms are good for an increase in energy? Are there particular supplements for energy? Keep on reading to find out.



Can Mushrooms Be A Source Of Energy?

The complex carbohydrates in mushrooms take their sweet time to metabolize, so they’re a good source of natural energy. Note that the food human eat are burned into natural energy. And mushrooms may help in increasing your energy levels. These mushrooms have been used for developing health and wellness since traditional Chinese medicine.


Plus, fungi are rich in adaptogenic properties that may act as stress-fighting warriors for the health of the body. Thanks to the vitamin B12 in mushroom-based supplements, glucose may be transitioned into natural energy for better performance.


Medicinal Mushrooms And Energy: Studies & Research 

Fatigue is the result of psychological and/or physiological stresses. Fortunately, taking a medicinal mushroom in the form of a supplement may help manage stress and ultimately reduce fatigue levels due to the bioactive compounds of mushrooms.


There have been studies that show the antifatigue effects of fungi. The studies particularly focus on the positive impacts of the bioactive mushroom constituents such as polysaccharides, nucleosides, triterpeoids, peptides, and phenolic compounds.


But of course, more studies, especially in humans, are needed to examine more closely the antifatigue effects of mushrooms.



Potential Health Benefits Of Mushrooms For Energy

The primary benefit of fungi for energy is, of course, the increase in stamina and endurance to trigger optimum performance. But more than the boost of energy, mushrooms are also a good source of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and adaptogenic compounds for the holistic health of consumers.


These medicinal properties may promote brain functions, may combat stress factors, may lower blood sugar levels, and may enhance exercise performance.


Natural Energy

Mushrooms, especially Cordyceps, may help improve stamina and endurance by boosting the flow of natural energy. With better energy support, your performance improves.


May Improve Cognitive Function

Mushrooms have neuroprotective properties that may help clear brain fog, improve memory, and enhance cognitive function. In particular, Lion’s Mane is a brain food that may be best for promoting cognition and overall brain health, as well as boosting energy levels.


Supports Stress & Fatigue Reduction

The adaptogenic mushrooms may reduce stress and fatigue, which leads to more energy. Adaptogenic compounds may prevent stress factors from creating a negative impact on the body.


May Support Balanced Blood Sugar Levels

High glucose is not good for the body. Thankfully, with the consumption of medicinal mushrooms, the excess glucose may be converted into energy and put to good use. As a result, mushroom supplements may promote balanced sugar levels and maintain healthy blood pressure.


May Boost Exercise Performance

Because functional mushrooms are adaptogens, the intake of the supplements may result in an increase in exercise performance. The adaptogenic properties work by blocking all sorts of stress factors to impact the body. So while you work out, you can perform your exercises without losing too much energy.



What Are The Best Mushrooms For Energy?

There are so many mushroom species on the land sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Among the healthiest mushrooms, Cordyceps, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Chaga stand out as fungi for energy.


Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps is best known for its en energy-boosting properties. It’s the primary mushroom for potentially improving performance in the brain, body, and mental clarity. This caterpillar fungus is also instrumental in improving the sexual drive.


But like the steady and constant flow of energy from mushroom supplements, the libido aspect does not have an instant effect as well. Additionally, Cordyceps supports the nervous and immune systems.


Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Lion’s Mane medicinal mushroom is well-known as the “brain booster”, but it also has the potential to boost energy. The combination of the bearded tooth fungus and Cordyceps creates a powerful blend that may improve mental and physical energy.


For example, Golden Bloom Mushrooms offers Lion’s Mane mushroom + Cordyceps mushroom tinctures and gummies.


Chaga Mushrooms

Chaga mushroom, the black charcoal-like mushroom, may influence the production of the AMPK molecule, which plays a huge part in the body’s energy pathway. Also, this mushroom species is jam-packed with antioxidants that inhibit oxidative stress and free radicals.


Plus, Chaga is adaptogenic in nature, which means that the body may acquire good soldiers to combat fatigue. So, by taking Chaga supplements, you may increase your energy levels naturally.


Reishi Mushroom

Reishi mushrooms are rich in beta-glucans as well as other medicinal compounds of mushrooms. This bitter-tasting fungus is better known for its immune-boosting capability. But Reishi may also improve energy levels just like other functional fungi.



Incorporating Mushrooms Into Your Diet

The best mushrooms to boost energy are Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Chaga, and Reishi. Incorporating these energy-boosting fungi is easier now in the modern world, thanks to the existence of mushroom supplements. The important thing is you take the nutritional products daily for the best results.


Supplements And Extracts

Mushroom-based supplements have different faces. There are mushroom powders, tinctures, glycerites, and others. But, though the supplements vary in shapes, sizes, and tastes, their ultimate goal is to provide a significant boost in energy, immunity, and overall health.


  • Powder – This mushroom extract is a dried, cured, and grounded mushroom fruiting bodies and mycelium. Powders can be mixed with hot water to make a healthy mushroom tea. You can also use the mushroom powder for baking pastries and goods, cooking dishes, and creating smoothies. More importantly, powders are the main ingredient in mushroom capsules & pills. On a daily basis, it’s important to take 300g to 600g.
  • Tinctures – Tinctures are concentrated liquid mushroom extracts that are acquired from soaking the fruiting bodies and mycelium of the involved fungus species in alcohol. Mushroom tinctures are taken under the tongue in a sublingual manner. The result is a potent liquid with active broken out and released through solvent exposure. It’s highly recommended to consume 1ml to 2ml daily for better therapeutic effects.
  • Glycerites – These are concentrated mushroom extracts made from soaking fungi in vegetable glycerine instead of alcohol. Glycerites are similar to tinctures, with the exception of the solvent used. Like tinctures, mushroom glycerites are taken sublingually or mixed with drinks and foods. As for the dosage suggestion, 1ml to 5ml works best for possible daily nutrition, energy, and immunity boost.


Meals, Snacks, & Drinks

Mushroom supplements come from either fungus distillates or powders. These extracts are transitioned into different products for meals, drinks, and snacks. Some people add Shiitake mushrooms to their meals since it’s a great source of B vitamins, which are essential for converting food into usable nutrients for energy and brain function.


For example, the mushroom powder extract is made into capsules & pills, mixed with water to produce tea, blended with smoothies, added to dishes such as soups & stews, added to baked goods ingredients, and so much more. So, you can create various functional foods.


As for mushroom distillates, this type of extract can be used for the formulation of glycerites, tinctures, gummies, and others. Indeed, from the main base extracts come different kinds of supplements for daily usage.


In a nutshell, it’s important to try all kinds of mushroom supplements for energy until you find the right fit or set of mushroom products for daily incorporation.


Are There Any Possible Side Effects Or Concerns Involved?

Yes, there are potential side effects from mushroom-based supplements, such as stomach upset, dry mouth, and rashes. Although, the side effects are often not serious and only short-lived. If symptoms show, stop taking the mushroom products right away and consult your doctor.


Can Mushrooms Be Consumed Every Day?

Yes, it’s ideal for taking energy-boosting mushroom supplements daily. Regular consumption is required in order to allow the buildup of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other healthy compounds in your system.


Where To Find The Best Mushroom Supplements?

Mushroom-based supplements for energy are usually sold in local health stores. But physical shelves carry different brands of energy-boosting products, so it’s better to find the most trustworthy online shop that manufactures premium quality mushroom supplements.


In particular, you can rely on Golden Bloom Mushrooms to provide you with the best mushroom products on the market. All our mushroom supplements are made using 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and cruelty-free ingredients. There are available COAs for each product on our official website, so feel free to take a look.


Golden Bloom Mushrooms practices a 120-day triple extraction process that results in a wealthy amount of beta-glucans. Aside from the energy-boosting compounds of mushrooms, the supplements may also be good for your immune system.


Additionally, Golden Bloom Mushrooms rewards new customers with 20% off the entire order. When you agree to receive email newsletters, your next purchase qualifies for a 20% discount.


Golden Bloom also ships orders for free, and everything is covered with a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. Aside from Cordyceps, Chaga, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane – we also offer other types of mushroom species like Turkey tail, and maitake mushroom.


Can You Take Mushroom Supplements On An Empty Stomach?

Yes, taking mushroom-based supplements on an empty stomach is actually the best recommendation. But if you experience discomfort like stomach upset or acid reflux, take an energy fungus supplement after eating a light meal. This method gives your system the full taste of the energy-boosting mushrooms.



Final Thoughts – Mushrooms For Energy

Cordyceps, Chaga, Reishi, and Lion’s Mane are the best mushrooms to boost your energy. That’s why supplements from these fungi are highly in-demand from Golden Bloom Mushrooms.


The good news is the energy-boosting mushroom tinctures, powders, and glycerites from Golden Bloom are of the highest quality. They’re jam-packed with beta-glucans, adaptogenic compounds, and vitamins that may support optimum energy.


Plus, mushroom-based supplements may support immunity, heart, gut, respiratory, and nervous systems.

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