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Are you looking for a good deal to purchase the best mushroom supplements? You’re in the right place. Undoubtedly, the health and wellness industry is booming, and it continues to thrive thanks to the initiative of the different brands to provide deals and incentives to consumers.


New Chapter coupons are available for all health-conscious people at an amazing discount sitewide. This brand has exceptional formulations for premium mushroom products.


But aside from New Chapter codes, there are other discounts from various wellness companies to their loyal customers and future patrons. For example, Golden Bloom Mushrooms offers a 20% off promotion.


So here, we’ll dive into the facts about the promotions and products from New Chapter and Golden Bloom Mushrooms. Pay close attention to the ingredients of each mushroom supplement since they’ll help you decide which product to buy.


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New Chapter Promo Codes 

How many coupons and active codes are there from this brand? There are a couple of New Chapter coupon codes to choose from, but the most popular one is 20NCWELLNESS. This deal gives you 20% off store wide, which is perfect for saving money on your entire order.


However, note that you cannot mix this discount code with other promotions. Another New Chapter code VALENTINE offers 15% off site wide. But of course, consumers always opt for bigger savings.


New Chapter discount codes offer a great way to save money and reap the benefits of mushroom supplements. The brand also offers a free wellness gift on orders over $100 – not bad for a free gift, right?

However, New Chapter free shipping is only available on a limited-time basis and free next-day shipping may not be available. Still, these are great discounts that you can’t find often from New Chapter competitor coupons.


To use the best New Chapter coupons, choose one of the promotional codes. Then, copy and paste it on the New Chapter’s website to get discounts on your eligible orders. For more information, you can read more on the New Chapter coupon FAQ page.




About New Chapter

New Chapter has been around since 1982 in Vermont. This popular company manufactures high-quality vitamins and supplements, and they’re instrumental in revolutionizing the health and wellness industry.


Sustainability is the rule of the game for the New Chapter. They’re a certified B Corporation, which means that this brand is recognized for concocting products while considering the environment and the consumers.


New Chapter sources its ingredients from sustainable, organic, and non-GMO farms all over the globe. They make it a point to work with environmentally conscious and socially responsible suppliers.


On top of it all, the supplement company gives back to its community – and one of the ways they do that is by offering New Chapter discounts.




New Chapter Products

New Chapter offers 100% organic, non-GMO, and all-natural. There are absolutely zero sweeteners or sugar, fillers or synthetic binders, and flavors or colors on the supplements.


The formulation of the New Chapter items is validated by toxicologists, clinical physicians, scientists, quality engineers, and natural product chemists. These teams of professionals repeatedly test the cleanliness, potency, and safety of the supplements.


Even after all the quality control and testing, New Chapter subjects its products to an independent, third-party laboratory test. A team of experts verifies the ingredients by testing the harsh compounds and heavy metals, aflatoxins or adulterants, residual solvents, and pesticides.


The COAs from the tests are available on the official website, so feel free to check them. The New Chapter discount code for mushroom supplements is for you to enjoy. However, note that these products are not approved by the FDA.


Thanks to the organic, full-spectrum background of the ingredients, all the mushroom blends are well-tolerated. There are no adverse effects. But, if the supplements are abused or taken wrongly, there could be super minor side effects such as stomach upset, dizziness, and vomiting.


The good news is the slight side effects are short-lived. But of course, it’s best to consult your doctor regarding taking the supplements, especially if you’re under medication.



Immune Support: Reishi & Shiitake Mushroom Blend


New Chapter Immune Support: Reishi & Shiitake Mushroom Blend

Previously marketed as Lifeshield Immune Support, the Immune Support: Reishi & Shiitake Mushroom Blend is an exceptional supplement to promote vitality, immunity, and holistic health.


The ingredients are all-natural, with no artificial flavors, colors, additives, fillers, or harsh chemicals. The DNA-tested, identity verified, and 100% certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free mushrooms are formulated for easy absorption.


New Chapter ensures that the immunity supplement contains high levels of beta-glucans to nourish the immune defenses. The formulation of this particular product includes not only Reishi and Shiitake but also Lion’s Mane, Poria, Maitake, Chaga, and Turkey Tail.


The full-spectrum extraction process includes the fruiting bodies, mycelium, spores, and other extracellular compounds. Don’t forget to use a special discount to get discounts on these herbal supplements.



Mind Force Lion’s Mane Mushroom Blend


New Chapter Mind Force™ Lion’s Mane Mushroom Blend

The Mind Force Lion’s Mane Mushroom Blend was known before as Lifeshield Mind Force. This product involves superfoods and four medicinal mushrooms. You can buy the brain-boosting supplements using the New Chapter coupon for a 20% discount.


This mushroom supplement is developed to provide mental clarity and promote overall brain health. It’s formulated for seamless absorption, using USA-grown organic and nootropic Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Poria, and Chaga.


But more than supporting the brain and memory, the Mind Force mushroom blend promotes stronger immune defenses, a healthier heart & gut, and triggers the release of natural, elevated energy.


So never fail to take this mushroom supplement daily for a long time. In just a matter of one or two weeks, the results begin to show as your brain grows sharper.



Healthy Aging: Reishi Mushroom Blend


New Chapter Healthy Aging: Reishi Mushroom Blend

The New Chapter promo code entitles you to get a 20% discount from the Healthy Aging: Reishi Mushroom Blend. The primary role of this mushroom supplement is to improve vitality, promote healthy aging, extend your lifespan, and strengthen your immune system.


The capsules are 100% vegan and formulated for easy absorption. The ingredients are certified organic by the International Certification Services, Inc., and certified gluten-free by NSF. Plus, there are no artificial flavors, colors, additives, or harmful chemicals.


New Chapter makes it a point to test the DNA of the adaptogenic Reishi mushroom prior to using them. And they utilize only identified mushrooms.


The Reishi strains are cultivated for 90 days, and then the mycelium, spores, fruiting bodies, and extracellular substances are subjected to a full-spectrum extraction process. And the resulting Reishi supplements promote a healthier immune system and healthy aging.




Similar New Chapter Discount Code & Products

The New Chapter coupon codes are designed to help customers save money or get more products at a lower cost. But, there are more wellness companies in the country that offer similar deals.


The products may not be entirely the same, but the ingredients and purpose are alike. One of the best supplement brands is Golden Bloom Mushrooms.




Golden Bloom Mushrooms Coupon Code (20%)

The New Chapter promo code for 20% off is the same as the GBPROMO20 from Golden Bloom Mushrooms, which offers a 20% discount sitewide. We your best bet for acquiring the most premium mushroom natural supplements on the market.


Our brand use local, non-GMO, and organic farms to source their high-quality ingredients. Golden Bloom Mushrooms has a close relationship with its suppliers. We monitor the farming practices, cultivation, and harvest of the mushrooms.


Each herbal supplement has all-natural flavors and colors from fruits and vegetables. You can’t find an earthy, natural mushroom taste from the delicious treats and oils.


The gummy supplement has a similar formulation to traditional gummies, except for the addition of full-spectrum mushroom extracts. Plus, the other ingredients are organic, with no high fructose sugar.


As for the mushroom tincture, the liquid solution is pure, tasteless, and odorless. The dosage recommendation for the tincture is 2ml per day, while one candy a day is for the mushroom gummy.


At Golden Bloom Mushrooms, the deals and incentives never end. But only one promo code per order is allowed. The good news is once you subscribe to the email newsletter, another form of discount is given to you for your next purchase. Plus, you get free shipping for a minimum order. Stay tuned for our new coupons.


Along the way, you’ll receive new coupon codes and updates regarding the brand and our products. Here are the three best mushroom supplements from Golden Bloom Mushrooms:



Immunity & Wellness Mushroom Supplements


GB Mushroom Immunity and Wellness

The body’s natural immune defenses lose their power, especially when oxidative stress takes over your system. Fortunately, Golden Bloom Mushrooms concocted the industry’s most incredible immunity and wellness supplements. And the tastiest too.


The gummies and tinctures are crafted using 14 medicinal mushrooms, including Ashwagandha, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, Poria, Oyster Mushroom, and more. All the ingredients are 100% organic, non-GMO, and vegan.


The 120-day triple extraction process yields an elevated level of beta-glucans, so trust that the immunity-boosting power of the supplements is top-notch.


The immunity and wellness mushroom supplements are perfect for boosting your immune system. They improve the health of your heart and digestive system, as well as your nervous system. Unquestionably, mushroom products help you live a healthier, happier, and longer life.



Focus & Memory Mushroom Supplements


GB Mushrooms Brain & Memory Mushroom Supplements

The focus and memory mushroom supplements from Golden Bloom Mushrooms are called Lion’s Mane + Cordyceps Gummies. The fungus treats have pure mushroom extracts with a similar formulation as traditional gummies.


All ingredients are 100% organic, vegan, and devoid of harmful sugar. More importantly, you can’t taste a mushroom flavor on the delicious candies. Instead, you can chew the fruity goodness of natural flavors in every bite.


You can prevent your memory from declining thanks to the focus and memory gummies. The amazing mushroom gummies can do wonders for your brain functions. With regular use, you can improve your focus, memory, cognition, learning, and adaptability.


The mushroom supplements are instrumental in promoting a healthier immune system, and the exceptional results start to manifest in a week or two. So continue taking the tasty gummies once daily for optimum results.



Energy & Performance Mushroom Supplements


GB Mushroom Energy and Performance Supplement

Like the New Chapter discount code, the promotion from Golden Bloom Mushrooms allows you to save 20% when you buy Cordyceps Mushroom gummies and tinctures.


These supplements are developed for the primary purpose of providing an overwhelming flow of natural energy. By consuming the Cordyceps gummies and tinctures, your stamina and endurance increase, which leads to enhanced performance in whatever you choose to do.


To get the necessary energy, you need to boost your day, take one gummy or 1 ml of tincture early in the morning. Later in the day, get your second dose of 1ml tincture, preferably in the later afternoon.


Thanks to the full-spectrum Cordyceps extracts plus high-quality ingredients, the resulting products improve your energy level and your immunity, heart & gut health, and nervous system.




Final Thoughts – New Chapter Promo Code

The Golden Bloom Mushrooms discount and the New Chapter coupon code are the same at 20% off. But, there are key differences in the ingredients and products of both brands. For example, New Chapter sources its ingredients from the United States as well as in other countries.


Golden Bloom Mushrooms get their ingredients from USDA-certified farms only. We have local mushroom sources, which are definitely more sustainable and curtail the farm-to-table time frame.


Plus, Golden Bloom Mushrooms is focused on creating mushroom supplements for the brain. Immunity and energy. On the other hand, New Chapter has a bunch of different products, and that could be a disadvantage in the sense that their focus is not on functional mushroom supplements alone.


Furthermore, Golden Bloom Mushrooms is well-respected in the health and wellness industry. We may not have as many years of experience as New Chapter, but we’re utterly dedicated to our craft to strive in manufacturing the best mushroom supplements on the market.

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