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Get a Now Foods promo code below to save a lot the next time you shop for health and wellness products and superfoods! Prevention is better than cure, and the best way to avoid illnesses is by being healthy. 


People are becoming more health conscious due to this era’s increasingly fast-paced, hectic, and stressful lifestyle people are forced to undergo and notice its adverse effects on their health.


Consuming healthy superfoods and using health supplements are significant factors if one wishes to attain peak health and wellness or restore the old glory of their body. 


Unfortunately, the constantly rising prices of everything might get in the way of your quest to attain peak health and wellness.


Thankfully, discount codes help significantly mitigate rising costs, so you won’t hurt your budget when buying health and wellness products! So don’t lose hope; something essential like health isn’t something one must sacrifice. 



Now Foods Promo Codes

To use a Now Foods coupon code below, click “view cart” before you checkout. From there, just below the checkout and summary, you will see the “Promo code or coupon entry field.”


Copy and paste or enter the Now Foods discount code, then click “apply,” the discount will be reflected below the subtotal.


20% Now Foods Discount Codes: 

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About Now Foods The Brand

Now Foods is a family-owned business and quite an established health foods brand. Now Foods has been around since 1968!


Now Foods is dedicated to providing superior quality natural products at value prices. In addition, Now Foods provides value in its products and services for people to live healthier lives.


The quality of ingredients also determines how real healthy a supplement and superfood should be. Now Foods ensure clean and superior quality products that have undergone rigorous contaminant testing.


So, don’t forget to check the latest Now Foods codes to enjoy the best Now Foods discounts. For more information about the brand’s existing promotional codes, you may go to Now Foods coupon FAQ on their website.



Now Foods Products 

Now Foods sells health and wellness products all under their own label. You can choose from many high-quality Now Foods items – ranging from supplements, health and beauty products, essential oils, sports nutrition, health foods, pet health, and more! 


Fortunately, you can enjoy these products with Now Foods Deals – no more waiting for Black Friday coupons or the Cyber Monday Now Foods deal.


Mushroom Immune Renew Veg Capsules



Now Foods Mushroom Immune Renew capsules have been specially formulated to support the immune system! Now Foods Mushroom Immune Renew contains 8 functional mushrooms: 


  1. King Trumpet – helps defend against free radicals! 
  2. Turkey Tail 
  3. Cordyceps militaris 
  4. Reishi 
  5. Agaricus – helps fight the growth of tumors!  
  6. Lion’s Mane 
  7. Maitake 
  8. Antrodia – helps against hypertension and abdominal aches! 


Now Foods Mushroom Immune Renew capsules also contain another unique ingredient, Astragalus.


This herb is a fantastic adaptogen best known for boosting the immune system but also helps lower blood pressure and blood sugar and also has anti-inflammatory properties! 


Each bottle of Now Foods Mushroom Immune Renew of 90 capsules, with a suggested dose of 1 to 2 capsules daily, would last you from around one month and 15 days up to 3 months!


So, choose one of the active codes above or the latest Now foods offers to enjoy these capsules at a discounted price.


Lions Mane 500mg Veg Capsules



Now Foods Lion’s Mane 500 mg Super Mushroom capsules are made with organic 100% Lion’s Mane mushrooms!


It contains no other ingredients besides organic inulin (a starchy prebiotic found in fruits and vegetables such as onions, bananas, and leeks) and vegetable polysaccharide in the capsule, so you can rest assured it is 100% vegan.


Now Foods Lion’s Mane 500 mg Super Mushroom capsules are ideal for those who want nothing but Lion’s Mane in their mushroom supplement!


Lion’s Mane is best known for its brain-boosting effects. Lion’s Mane also offers overall benefits for maintaining general well-being, such as helping to strengthen the immune system, providing a healthier digestive system, and reducing the risk of heart disease!


There may be a few on-sale items, but the new coupons offer you great discounts on your purchase store wide.


Cordyceps 750mg Veg capsules 



Now Foods Cordyceps 750 mg Healthy Immune Support capsules are made with organic 100% Cordyceps mushrooms!


It contains no other ingredients besides cellulose powder (to absorb moisture and coat the mushroom extract with a fine powder), stearic acid from a vegetable source (to prevent the dry powder inside from sticking), and cellulose on the capsule, so you can rest assured it is 100% vegan.


Now Foods Cordyceps 750 mg Healthy Immune Support capsules are ideal for those who want nothing but Cordyceps in their mushroom supplement!


Made with supporting immune systems in mind, Cordyceps is also best known for its energy-boosting and physical performance-enhancing effects!


Cordyceps also provide other benefits such as increased mental alertness, promoting a healthy heart, and possess anti-aging properties!



Similar Discounts & Products

Golden Bloom Mushrooms is another health supplement brand that offers similar discounts and products. Golden Bloom Mushrooms is a mushroom supplement brand that aims to spread the word about the wonders of functional mushrooms.


Golden Bloom Mushrooms is a more recent brand, having started around 2020, but what makes them stand out is their well-thought and efficient use of functional mushrooms and other beneficial ingredients, such as various herbs whose effects synergize with each other to bring out the best in you!


Golden Bloom Mushrooms also provide superior quality mushroom products by using only premium quality ingredients, such as using the fruiting body of mushrooms (or the actual mushrooms and not fake grain mushrooms) combined with their signature triple extraction process, providing you with the best amount of beta-glucans!


Golden Bloom Mushrooms supplements currently come in 2 forms: 

  1. Gummies – Best known for their great taste, gummies also provide convenience since you are just like eating candy! You get to reap the benefits of functional mushrooms while doing whatever you might be doing at the time. 
  2. Tinctures – Tinctures are originally meant to be taken with a drop sublingually or underneath the tongue as a faster way to reap its benefits. But since Golden Bloom Mushrooms tinctures are also great tasting, they also could be utilized in versatile ways, such as adding them to your favorite beverages or meals!  



Golden Bloom Mushrooms Coupon Code (20%)

Golden Bloom Mushrooms is giving away this 20% coupon code on this page to support its mission of spreading the word about the wonders of functional mushrooms!


Use this Golden Bloom Mushrooms 20% off code: GBPROMO20 


Right after you checkout, enter the code above into the designated promo code entry field and click apply code to receive your 20% off for all Golden Bloom Mushrooms products! We also offer free shipping for a minimum order of $65.


Lion’s Mane Supplements [Gummies & Tinctures] 


Lion's Mane + Cordyceps Gummies


Golden Bloom Mushrooms “Focus” supplements are specially formulated for the brain and memory.


These supplements would send shockwaves in your brain to provide you with laser-sharp concentration and mental alertness throughout your day! 


Golden Bloom Mushrooms “Focus” supplements could be a better alternative to caffeine-laced drinks, as you won’t have to worry about caffeine crashes and to be restless!


The primary ingredients of Golden Bloom Mushrooms “Focus” supplements for brain and memory are the following functional mushrooms and herbs: Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps Militaris, and Bacopa monnieri! Each of these provides these effects, which also synergize with each other! 


  1. Lion’s Mane – Great for overall brain health, improves immunity, repairs the nervous system, reduces the risk of heart disease and inflammation, and helps protect against digestive ulcers! 
  2. Cordyceps Militaris – Great for boosting energy and physical performance, improving immunity, and helping increase mental alertness! 
  3. Bacopa Monnieri – This herb boosts brain function and helps prevent anxiety and stress! It could also help lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation.


The synergy of the ingredients mentioned above will awaken your brain power. You’ll eliminate brain fog, improve concentration, better learning comprehension and memorization, and awaken your creativity!


Cordyceps Supplements [Gummies & Tinctures] 


GB Mushrooms Energy & Performance Mushroom Supplements


Golden Bloom Mushrooms “Performance” supplements are specially formulated for energy and performance.


They would awaken the power lying dormant in your body by providing a surge of energy and enhancing your physical performance, endurance, and stamina throughout your day! 


Golden Bloom Mushrooms “Performance” supplements could be a better alternative to energy drinks, as you won’t have to worry about insomnia, feeling jittery, and even an irregular heartbeat! 


The primary ingredients of Golden Bloom Mushrooms’ “Performance” supplements for energy and performance are Cordyceps Militaris and Turmeric Curcumin! Both provide effects that also synergize with each other! 


Golden Bloom Mushrooms uses Cordyceps Militaris for its Cordyceps, the type of Cordyceps that could also grow on a plant-based substrate.


So you can rest assured that the Cordyceps you put in your mouth didn’t rise from the body of bugs. Cordyceps Militaris benefits include: 


  1. Boost energy 
  2. Improve physical performance 
  3. Support immune system 
  4. Increase mental alertness 
  5. Contains anti-aging properties 
  6. Help in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels 
  7. Promote heart health 


You must have first heard about Turmeric Curcumin when you first ate curry. Best known as a spice in Indian cuisine, this herb actually offers a lot of benefits: 


  1. Improve muscle recovery
  2. Improve exercise output 
  3. Boost brain function 
  4. Help reduce inflammation 


Mushroom Complex Supplements [14 Mushroom Immunity Blend] 


GB Mushroom Complex Blend Supplements


Golden Bloom Mushrooms’ “Immunity” supplements are specially formulated for obtaining a peak immune defense system and optimal health and wellness.


With peak immune defense, you’ll stay better protected from various infectious diseases throughout your day at work! 


The primary ingredients of Golden Bloom Mushrooms`” Immunity” supplements for immunity and wellness consist of 14 functional mushrooms which synergize with each other for optimal health and wellness and peak immunity! It also contains a unique herb, Ashwagandha! 


Here are the 14 functional mushrooms Golden Bloom Mushrooms “Immunity” supplements contain, along with their most notable benefits: 


  1. Lion’s Mane – boosts brain function. 
  2. Cordyceps – enhances energy and physical performance. 
  3. Chaga – keeps your blood pressure in check. 
  4. Reishi – lowers cholesterol and fights fatigue. 
  5. Shiitake – for healthy blood vessels and improving bone remodeling. 
  6. Maitake – reduces the risk of heart disease. 
  7. Suehirotake – contains strong antiviral properties. 
  8. Turkey Tail – allows good bacteria to thrive in the gut. 
  9. Oyster mushrooms – for a healthier heart. 
  10. Poria – ensures the kidney is properly functioning. 
  11. Mesima – contains anti-angiogenic properties. 
  12. Agarikon – strong against bacterial infections.
  13. Blazei – helps lower stress levels. 
  14. True Tinder Polypore – has antitumor properties. 


Ashwagandha offers the following benefits: 

  1. Boost the immune system. 
  2. Reduce stress and anxiety. 
  3. Helps improve physical performance. 
  4. Boost fertility in men. 
  5. Balance blood sugar levels. 
  6. Soothe discomforts and ease inflammation. 
  7. Boost brain function. 
  8. Improve sleep quality. 



Final Thoughts – Now Foods Promo Code

Thankfully, promo codes exist so you wouldn’t be forced into a dilemma of having to forsake your health and wellness or burn your budget.


Even a 5% discount code is already of help, so what more if they are something like a 20% discount?


So use the Golden Bloom Mushrooms or a  Now Foods Promo Code to save up a lot! 

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