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For OM Mushrooms, what matters most is the overall health of consumers. Nothing beats the optimum boost of energy, brain & memory functions, and heart & gut health.


So, it’s beneficial to order your next batch of fungus supplements using the OM Organic Mushrooms deal. With exceptional OM Mushroom Superfood coupons, you can purchase mushroom products for immunity, memory & focus, and stress & sleep at a discounted price.


The quality of the supplements remains high despite the affordability of the mushroom items. Plus, the leaders of this brand never fail to spread awareness to people regarding the uses of medicinal mushrooms.  With that said, let’s find the latest special offers from OM Mushrooms.


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OM Organic Mushrooms Coupons

The OM Mushroom promo code OMFAM40 is a limited offer for the month of February 2023 only. There are other deals as well with the use of MUSHROOMDAY, GIVE, SHROOMS20, and CYBER for 20% off on all your eligible orders. All these promotions are applicable sitewide.


Plus, orders from $65 and up get free shipping – which is also perfect if you plan to buy in bulk and sell OM Organic Mushrooms. With all these fantastic promotions, there’s no doubt that shoppers would flock to the site and purchase fungus supplements right away.


How many coupons can you use? Use one code per transaction by going to the Organic Mushrooms website and adding the items you want to buy to your cart. Once done, copy and paste the OM Mushroom Superfood offer on the checkout page. Then, the coupons automatically provide exclusive benefits.


There are other OM Organic Mushrooms financing options, too. Although, we can’t verify if the brand offers free next-day shipping. Feel free to check the OM Organic Mushrooms coupon FAQ section for more information.




About OM Mushrooms The Brand

The founder of OM Mushrooms is health and wellness expert Sandra Carter, M.A., MPH, Ph. D., and mycologist Steve Farrar, with more than three decades of experience in mushroom cultivation and development.


This Carlsbad, California fungus company has a 100% Certified Organic, cGMP facility where they grow eleven species of fungi. They cultivate different fungi in a well-controlled environment where they manage the right temperature, light, airflow, and hydration to produce the highest quality mushrooms.


The fungus species from OM Mushrooms are Lion’s Mane, Maitake, Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga, King Trumpet, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, Antroda, and Himematsutake. These mushrooms can supercharge your body, especially if your muscles are damaged due to injuries or strenuous workouts.


“OM” stands for Organic Mushroom, and the core values of this brand stem from their passion for fungi, spiritual connectivity to nature, and dedication to creating premium supplements. They offer an OM Mushroom coupon code for a massive discount sitewide.


Their products include powders, mushroom superfood blends, hot drinks, capsules & pills, gummies, oils, and more. All of these fungus supplements are 100% organic, vegan, and gluten-free.


For years, OM Mushrooms have been operating at their headquarters in 5931 Priesty Drive, Carlsbad, with a mission of creating a better, healthier world through fungi. Fortunately, you can enjoy OM Organic Mushrooms products with various promo codes.




OM Mushroom Supplements

The OM Mushrooms supplements boost the immune system, mental health, vitality, beauty, endurance, performance, energy, recovery, and fitness. By taking the dosage recommendation daily of the mushroom supplements, you’ll start experiencing the therapeutic results as early as two weeks.


You can use the OM Mushroom coupon to get a considerable discount on your order. Let’s take a peek at the most popular mushroom supplements from OM Mushrooms.



Immune Support Mushroom Supplements


OM Mushroom Immune Support Supplement

The immune support fungus supplements from OM Mushrooms trigger your body’s natural immune system defense to work harder and better.


When you consume mushroom capsules, powders, or drinks, the medicinal properties of fungi interact with your body and deliver a massive flow of beta-glucans, prebiotics, gut enzymes,  fiber, antioxidants, and more nutrients to keep your defenses ready to fight diseases, stress, and mental fog.


The primary goal of immunity supplements is to strengthen your body’s natural defenses and keep you strong, healthy, and fit.


Here is the complete list of the immunity support supplements from  OM Mushrooms:


  •  Immune Bundle
  •  Turkey Tail Organic Mushroom Powder
  •  Turkey Tail Mushroom Capsules
  •  Immune Organic Mushroom Powder
  •  Immune Defense Mushroom Capsules
  •  Immune+ Mushroom Drink Mix
  •  Immune Multi Boost Supplement with Vitamin C – Orange & Elderberry
  •  Immune Multi Boost Supplement with Vitamin C – Lemon & Elderberry
  •  Breathe Mushroom Capsules


You start enjoying the therapeutic advantages in just two weeks by taking fungus supplements regularly. The good news is there are no reported side effects from consuming the mushroom capsules, drinks, and powders daily. And if you want to enhance your defenses more, feel free to combine all supplement categories.



Memory & Focus Mushroom Supplements


OM Mushroom Memory & Focus Supplements

For superior brain functions, the memory and focus mushroom supplements can clear your mind, ease your worries, and motivates you to keep your eyes on the goal.


The main ingredient of the supplements under this category is Lion’s Mane, the powerful mushroom that boosts memory, cognition, learning, concentration, and overall cognitive health. Plus, taking the mushroom capsules, drinks, and creamer calms your mind, allowing you to think clearly.


The following are the memory and focus fungus supplements from OM Mushrooms:


  •  Focus Bundle
  •  Lion’s Mane Organic Mushroom Powder
  •  Lion’s Mane Mushroom Capsules
  •  Brain Fuel Mix Drink
  •  Brain Fuel Mushroom Capsules
  •  Oatmilk Creamer with Lion’s Mane Mushrooms – Vanilla
  •  Oatmilk Creamer with Lion’s Mane Mushrooms – Mexican Chocolate


You can take one capsule early in the morning after eating your oatmeal mixed with the mushroom creamer. Later in the day, indulge in delicious fungus drinks to fuel your brain activity.


Your brain grows sharper when you incorporate mushroom supplements into your daily routine. And the effects kick in best after two weeks.



Stress & Sleep Mushroom Supplements


OM Mushroom Stress & Sleep Supplement

Stress is one of the major driving forces of sleepless nights and restless feelings. But thanks to the stress and sleep mushroom supplements, you can say goodbye to baggy eyes and fatigue.


OM Mushrooms formulates fungus capsules, powders, and drinks to help ease your mind while soothing the body’s stresses. Since the purpose is to drive away stress and lure you to dreamland, the best time to consume the supplements is late in the afternoon or early evening.


Here are the best mushroom supplements to help you sleep better. Plus, save money using discount codes:


  •  Stress Less Bundle
  •  Mushroom Hot Chocolate Blend
  •  Mushroom Matcha Latte Blend
  •  Reishi Organic Mushroom Powder
  •  Reishi Mushroom Capsules
  •  Sleep Mushroom Capsules
  •  Gently Zen Mushroom Capsules


With the use of the OM Mushroom coupon code, you can buy all these supplements at a lower cost.




Similar Discounts & Products

The OM Mushroom coupon is more than enough to make customers happy. You don’t even need the other organic Mushrooms competitor coupons. However, aside from this popular brand, there are also other mushroom companies that manufacture the same supplements, like Golden Bloom Mushrooms. It offers similar coupon codes too.




Golden Bloom Mushrooms Coupon Code (20%)

Golden Bloom Mushrooms has a state-of-the-art facility that cultivates mushrooms organically. This brand’s fungus blends, gummies, and tinctures are certified 100% organic, free from heavy metals, no toxins, zero pesticides, and contaminant-free.


When you shop at Golden Bloom Mushrooms, you can get 20% off sitewide by entering the code GBPROMO20. In addition, you can save money with email signup and subscribing to OM organic Mushrooms email newsletter. We also offer other promotions for your first purchase.


The fungus supplements from this company are designed to help enhance overall brain functions, support heart health, and strengthen the gut. And the products are affordable yet very high quality.



Brain & Memory Mushroom Supplements


GB Mushrooms Immunity & Wellness Mushroom Supplements

Golden Bloom Mushrooms understands the crucial need to keep your memory intact, focus enhanced, and brain functioning well. That’s why to help ease the symptoms of degenerative neurological diseases, this popular brand turns to Lion’s Mane to create brain and memory mushroom supplements.


Particularly, the Lion’s Mane + Cordyceps Gummies help restore the cognitive prowess of your brain and improve your concentration. So before you or any of your family members and friends start to experience lapses in memory, munch a mushroom gummy or two daily for intense focus.


With the fusion of the brain mushroom Lion’s Mane and energy fungus Cordyceps, your body can keep up with the improved focus of your brain as you continue to ingest the gummy supplement.


The all-natural ingredients of the tasty candies come from US-grown, organic, and vegan sources. And to possess all the bioactive compounds, nutrients, beta-glucans, and antioxidants from the two powerful fungi, the mushrooms are soaked in an alcohol-based solvent for 120 days.


The long process ensures the collection of high beta-glucans. Plus, the gummies contain bacopa monnieri for added benefits.



Immunity & Wellness Mushroom Supplements


GB Mushroom Immunity and Wellness

Besides the OM Mushroom promo code, Golden Bloom Mushrooms is giving away 20% off for purchasing any immunity and wellness mushroom supplements.



Fusion Mushroom Blend Gummies (Immunity)

One bottle includes 30 delicious gummies made from 14 functional mushrooms, including Ashwagandha. The main ingredients of the fusion gummies are Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Mesima, Maitake, Turkey Tail, Shiitake, Blazei, Poria, Agarikon, Suehirotake, Oyster mushroom, True Tinder.


All the mushroom extracts work together to provide extreme medicinal benefits that center on the brain, heart, and gut. And one gummy daily is enough to reap the therapeutic properties of 14 mushrooms.



Fusion Mushroom Blend Tincture (Immunity)

With the same ingredients as the fusion gummies, the complex blend tincture is formulated to boost the natural immunity defense of your body.


Compared to other fungus supplements from other popular brands, this 1oz tincture from Golden Bloom Mushrooms has higher traces of beta-glucans. By sublingually delivering the oil to your system, you improve your immunity, energy, and heart & gut health.



Energy & Performance Mushroom Supplements


GB Mushrooms Energy and Performance Supplement

The Cordyceps gummies and tinctures are your best bet for superior energy and performance boost.



Cordyceps Mushroom Gummies (Performance)

These organic mushroom gummies come from full-spectrum cordyceps. With 30 chewy candies in one bottle, enjoy an entire month of energy boost that enhances your overall performance.


The best thing is the fungus gummies have natural flavors and colors, plus fun sizes. They’re perfect as a guilt-free snack for calling the power of energy to grace your body.



Cordyceps Mushroom Tincture (Performance)

The 1oz tincture is made from all-natural, organic ingredients from US soil. Just like the Cordyceps gummies, tinctures are high in beta-glucans which can help lower bad cholesterol levels.


The concentrated oil is best taken sublingually, though food or drink mixing is also a good idea. However, note that the dosage suggestion is only 1 ml to 2 ml daily.




Final Thoughts – OM Organic Mushrooms Coupon

With the use of the OM Mushroom superfood coupon, you enjoy an amazing deal on purchasing fungus supplements. This brand is dedicated to helping improve the wellness and health of consumers.


Aside from OM Mushrooms, there are also highly reliable brands in the industry with similar goals, products, and promotional codes. To name one, Golden Bloom Mushrooms is a leading fungus company that sets high-quality standards for mushroom supplements.


Their products focus on supporting the health of the brain, heart, and gut. So come on, visit the brand’s official website today and get your hands on the most premium mushroom supplements on the market.

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