As a coffee drinker, you may wonder if a mushroom coffee alternative is worth a try. Well, it actually is. The health and wellness industry is buzzing with talks about the goodness of mushroom coffee.


Packed with many potential benefits like antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects, the fungus coffee alternative keeps you energized all day long without the usual coffee side effects.


Plus, mushrooms are known to boost the immune system, so drinking mushroom coffee is good for your health.


The good news is mushroom coffee does not taste mushroomy. Furthermore, there are different kinds of coffee alternatives. You can choose from Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and complex blend mushroom coffee. This healthy drink tastes like coffee, so try it today.



What Are Mushroom Coffee Alternatives?

Fungus coffee alternatives are simply the best replacement for traditional coffee. They contain no caffeine, so avoid coffee jitters, stomach upset, and coffee crashes.


Mushroom coffee generally uses various medicinal mushroom extracts. Compared to a regular cup of coffee, mushroom coffees have less caffeine and added health benefits in a typical cup.


Some consumers call it organic coffee for its delicious taste and a little hint of that earthy flavor. Functional coffee s definitely a better and healthier alternative to instant coffee.


People who tried the coffee alternatives love the mushroom coffee taste and the natural surge of energy that comes after. The good news is the mushroom blends actually taste like real coffee.


Is There Caffeine In A Mushroom Coffee Alternative?

There are some mushroom coffee brands that offer caffeine-free options and you can find recipes online to make alternative coffee-like drinks with zero caffeine, but in many cases, there are small traces of caffeine in fungus coffee alternatives.


However, the amount is too low to cause any real damage or concern. On average, the caffeine content is about half the amount of regular coffee. Caffeine is usually present in these alternatives because of the use of ground coffee beans.


How Do Coffee Alternatives From Mushrooms Taste?

So, how does mushroom coffee taste? Mushroom coffee actually tastes like regular coffee. There’s a tinge of earthiness from the mushroom drink, but only slightly. That’s why consumers have a smooth transition from regular coffee to mushroom coffee alternatives.


Thanks to the lack of mushroomy taste, your mushroom coffee is just like your typical morning coffee, but with so many health benefits and without the usual coffee side effects.


Are These Mushroom Alternatives As Strong As Regular Coffee?

On average, a cup of regular coffee contains 100 mg of caffeine, while mushroom coffee only has 50 mg of caffeine. In terms of caffeine, regular coffee is stronger.


But mushroom coffee is more potent when you factor in the natural energy-boosting compounds of mushrooms plus medicinal properties.



What Are The Benefits Of Mushroom Coffee Alternatives?

Fungus coffee alternatives carry a plethora of benefits thanks to the natural medicinal properties of mushrooms. Let’s look at the primary benefits of drinking mushrooms instead of caffeinated coffee.


  • Avoids upset stomach & coffee jitters – Due to caffeine, coffee causes stomach upset because of the build-up of gastric acid. Thankfully, the fungus mushroom alternatives don’t contain too much caffeine, so there are no digestive problems. Plus, consuming mushroom coffee does not result in jitters. That’s why coffee drinkers rapidly transition to alternatives in no time.
  • Avoids the dreaded coffee crash – Caffeine makes you feel energized instantly, but after the effects fade, you experience what’s called a coffee crash. At this moment, you feel tired and irritable. With a coffee alternative, you skip the coffee crash. Instead, you feel energized for hours, and later on, you don’t feel any negativity. When the effects are gone, you naturally feel sleepy and wake up refreshed.
  • Improved brain function – Thanks to Lion’s Mane, the coffee alternative supports better brain functions. Lion’s Mane has neuroprotective properties that keep the brain healthy, eliminate mental fog, and improve focus. This type of mushroom species helps regenerate brain cells. With regular usage, this mushroom coffee may help improve cognition, learning, memory, and focus.
  • Reduced inflammation – One of the therapeutic properties of mushrooms is anti-inflammatory. These compounds are instrumental in alleviating aches, sores, and tension. The mushroom coffee may help curtail the typical recovery time from physical injuries.
  • Boosted immune system – There are mushrooms such as Reishi and Chaga that are known to boost immunity. These fungi promote the natural immune defenses of humans, so the body has weapons to fight off bacteria, viruses, and illnesses. Most importantly, Reishi is known as the “king of mushrooms” and the “mushroom of immortality”. This fungus won’t get that nickname for no good reason. For centuries, Reishi has been the best mushroom to battle diseases. And you get all the healthy immune-boosting compounds of Reishi in the fungus coffee alternative.
  • Increased energy – As a coffee alternative, you may worry that mushroom coffee can’t energize you. But, thanks to the Cordyceps mushroom, you enjoy a natural surge of energy. Cordyceps elevates energy levels without any side effects like that from regular coffee. Aside from the energy boost, Cordyceps may also promote a healthier immune & nervous system, heart, and gut.
  • Improved digestion – Mushrooms like Shiitake are rich in prebiotics. These fibers promote gut health and improve digestion. So unlike regular coffee, drinking the alternative does not cause stomach upset or acidity.



What Types Of Mushroom Coffee Alternatives Are There?

There are different kinds of fungus coffee alternatives from varying mushroom species. You can find mushroom coffee made from Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, and Cordyceps. There is also a complex mushroom blend from different kinds of fungi.


Chaga Mushroom Alternative Coffee

Chaga coffee is made from dried and ground mushrooms. It is super rich in antioxidants that may lower blood pressure and fight oxidative stress.


This delicious mushroom coffee alternative tastes like regular coffee. But unlike the latter, the Chaga coffee alternative may promote better immune health.


Lion’s Mane Alternative Coffee

Lion’s Mane coffee is designed to promote a healthier brain. As a mushroom drink, this coffee alternative boosts memory and focus.


Lion’s Mane has been used in Chinese medicine to influence the development of new brain cells and neurons. It is believed that this mushroom species may hold the key to preventing degenerative neurological diseases.


So by drinking Lion’s Mane coffee daily, you start your day with an optimum brain boost. Other functional mushrooms worth mentioning are turkey tail and cordyceps mushrooms.


Reishi Mushroom Alternative Coffee

Reishi alternative coffee is jam-packed with immune-boosting compounds from the “mushroom of immortality.”


Reishi coffee is similar to regular coffee in taste, but the wellness benefits of mushrooms make this coffee alternative better and healthier. Indeed, with regular consumption of Reishi mushrooms in the form of coffee, your immune defenses are stronger than ever.


Cordyceps Mushroom Alternative Coffee

Cordyceps coffee is your go-to drink whenever you need a superior boost of energy to deliver optimum performance in whatever you want to accomplish.


Cordyceps coffee is better before engaging in a workout, outdoor fun, fieldwork, or other activities. This coffee alternative helps improve stamina and endurance and, at the same time, promotes a stronger immune system.


Complex Mushroom Alternative Coffee

The complex blend coffee alternative is a mixture of more than one mushroom species. Different fungi are used to generate the perfect formulation of multiple mushrooms in order to reap a plethora of benefits.


With a complex mushroom coffee blend, all the therapeutic compounds of different mushrooms are fused together and consumed at once. Some drinkers mix this delicious blend with coconut milk and cocoa powder for a richer and creamier taste.


Alternative coffee drinkers love mushroom blends because of the different fungi ingredients and lesser caffeine consumption. With this drink, you no longer need to consume other mushroom products to get the benefits of other fungi.


But, if you prefer the targeted advantage of one mushroom, like brain boost, immunity, or energy, then the individual mushroom coffee products are perfect for your daily drink.



Can Mushroom Coffee Alternatives Have Side Effects?

Yes, there may be minor side effects from drinking mushroom coffee. However, they are mild and happen rarely. The potential side effects include upset stomach, jitteriness, headaches, nervousness, restlessness, and irritability.


But, these symptoms occur only when the mushroom coffee is excessively consumed. The good thing is, drinking plenty of water can help alleviate the side effects.



Can I Make My Own Coffee Alternative Using Medicinal Mushrooms?

Yes, of course, you can make your own coffee alternative using mushrooms. Let’s find out how.


How To Make Coffee Alternatives Using Mushroom Powder?

First of all, you need to understand that mushroom coffee is basically regular ground coffee beans mixed with mushroom powder. The fusion allows less caffeine to manifest, so the coffee alternative is healthier.


What you need to do is prepare mushroom powder. There’s mushroom powder in stores, or you can purchase raw mushrooms, dry them, and grind them into powder.


Get the grounded coffee beans ready too. The ratio is 1:1, meaning the amount of mushroom powder and coffee must be the same.


Then mix both ingredients in a glass jar, then mix well. It’s best to leave the formulation as is for days before brewing or drinking your healthy coffee alternative.


If you don’t want to be bothered with the DIY fungus coffee alternative process, purchase mushroom coffee and blends from manufacturers like Golden Bloom Mushrooms.


This way, you’re sure that the mushroom alternative coffee products are made from 100% organic, vegan, and gluten-free mushrooms and coffee beans. Plus, the formulation of the mushroom coffee is perfectly calculated, so there are no side effects.


Do Coffee Mushroom Alternatives Go Bad Or Expire?

Like all other kitchen products, mushroom coffee has an expiration date. But, they take longer to expire due to the use of pulverized mushrooms and not fresh ones. Also, the fungus coffee alternatives may go bad under exposure to the elements.


How To Store Mushroom Coffee Alternatives?

The mushroom coffee should not get too much exposure to air, heat, moisture, and sunlight. Keep the fungus coffee grounds inside an airtight jar, glass, or container. Place the product in a cool, dry, and dark area in your kitchen or office.



Final Thoughts – Mushroom Coffee

A mushroom coffee alternative is your best choice for a healthier morning drink. With less caffeine, your body grows healthier with every cup, and your immune defenses are stronger.


More importantly, drinking mushroom coffee eliminates the common occurrences of jitters, nervousness, and coffee crashes. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to level up your morning routine and experience the potential health benefits of functional mushrooms.

Commit to a healthier, longer lifestyle by transitioning to mushroom coffee from Golden Bloom Mushrooms. Fill your morning cup of coffee with the best mushroom coffee alternatives.


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