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The first time you’ve heard of it, then started wondering, “what is mushroom coffee?” Many people drink coffee in the morning because the aroma, warmth, and stimulating effects make them feel awake. But there’s a trendy beverage among health enthusiasts: mushroom coffee.

In traditional Chinese medicine, these functional mushrooms have been used to support overall wellness. Most mushroom coffee generally contains medicinal mushroom extracts and coffee beans. Thankfully, you get to enjoy your favorite beverage in the morning while getting the benefits of functional mushrooms.

You may have lots of questions about mushroom coffee. So, let’s talk more about the benefits of mushroom coffee and the new craze in the health and wellness industry.



What Is Mushroom Coffee?

Mushroom coffee is a delicious yet healthy blend of coffee beans and ground mushrooms. The result is a delicate brew of smooth, nutty, and dark coffee. It smells and tastes like regular coffee because it is coffee.

Generally, mushroom coffee contains a particular mushroom extract like Chaga, Turkey’s tail, Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, 0r a blend of different mushrooms. Manufacturers make mushroom coffee using the fruiting bodies of the mushrooms. So, it’s simply like consuming mushrooms in a cup of coffee which makes it a great regular coffee substitute.

Then, they extract it and make it into an organic powder which makes it natural and free of other additives. The fine powder will get mixed with ground coffee beans.

Mushroom coffees might be new for some, but there were traces of people using them in Finland during World War II. It was the time when there was a shortage of coffee beans, so they used other substitutes. 

Now, you can see packed mushroom coffee products on the shelves of different wellness stores. Various blends of beans and mushrooms are available, some of which include additional functional ingredients.


Does Mushroom Coffee Have Caffeine?

How much caffeine do coffee mushrooms have? Since mushroom coffees still have coffee grounds, it still has coffee in them. However, it has a lower caffeine content than regular coffee. 

Still, pregnant or lactating women, children, and people with heart issues may have higher risks of experiencing side effects from caffeine consumption. So, it should be taken cautiously even if it contains healthy mushrooms.


How Does Mushroom Coffee Taste?

Unlike most newbies, mushroom coffee doesn’t taste too “mushroomy.” It still tastes like coffee with a bit of earthy taste. Thus, mushroom coffee’s flavor is similar to regular coffee’s. It doesn’t taste like edible mushrooms or those culinary mushrooms at all.


Is Mushroom Coffee As Strong As Regular Coffee?

Mushroom coffee has a smaller amount of caffeine than regular coffee. So, it can still have a ‘little kick,’, especially for those who are a little sensitive or have a low tolerance for coffee. But, it may have more caffeine than decaffeinated coffee.


Is There A Decaf Mushroom Coffee?

Some mushroom brands produce decaf mushroom coffee, but there is only a little. Decaf mushroom coffees have lower caffeine levels than regular or mushroom coffee. So it’s perfect for those who don’t want the effects of caffeine but still enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.



What Are The Health Benefits Of Mushroom Coffee?

Drinking a cup of mushroom coffee isn’t all about just the hype. Consumers take it because of the many potential benefits that it can offer. Since it contains a blend of different functional mushrooms, this potent beverage may provide several health benefits in a cup.

  • Improved brain function: Thanks to Lion’s mane mushroom extract, drinking a cup of coffee may help promote nerve growth. As a result, it may also improve cognitive function for better cognitive functions.
  • Reduced inflammation: Some types of medicinal mushrooms contain anti-inflammatory compounds. For example, Chaga mushrooms have beneficial compounds that contain antioxidants that may decrease inflammation throughout the body.
  • Boosted immune system: Most mushroom coffees contain Chaga and Reishi mushrooms. These medicinal mushrooms are believed to have immune-boosting properties. As a result, it may help boost immune functions and help in fighting some illnesses.
  • Increased energy: Cordyceps is a functional mushroom famous for most athletes because it may help boost energy levels.
  • Improved digestion: Shiitake mushrooms, for example, contain prebiotic properties that can help improve digestion. So if you have digestive problems, maybe a cup of mushroom coffee helps.



What Types Of Mushroom Coffee Are There?

Just like regular coffees, you can also choose from different types of mushroom coffees out there.


Chaga Mushroom Coffee

Chaga mushroom coffee contains a highly potent antioxidant potential, which may provide numerous benefits. In addition, it contains polysaccharides, which may promote better digestion and improve metabolism.

Drinking a cup of Chaga mushroom coffee may help the body maintain a healthy lifestyle and even mental stressors.

If you have been looking for a ‘starter’ mushroom coffee, this type of mushroom is perfect for you. It provides balancing effects to both mind and body – and even the gut.


Lion’s Mane Coffee

If your reason for drinking coffee is to get a better concentration, a cup of Lion’s Mane coffee is a better option. It has natural properties that promote focus and concentration while boosting mental health.

Lion’s Mane coffee may be just the perfect beverage for a morning boost or burning late-night fuel. It may prevent brain fog and boost cognitive functions. 


Reishi Mushroom Coffee

Coffee beans plus Reishi mushrooms are the perfect blends for people who want to be healthier by sipping their favorite beverage. Drinking Reishi mushroom coffee may benefit immune functions and overall health. In addition, Reishi has potential properties that may decrease anxiety and depression.


Cordyceps Mushroom Coffee

Do you feel tired in the morning, even after a complete sleep? Do you often feel like your body’s fuel got emptied halfway through the day? A cup of Cordyceps mushroom coffee may be perfect for you. 

If regular coffee can’t give you the energy you need to boost your productivity, the potential properties of Cordyceps can be good. Coffee beans mixed with cordyceps mushrooms make a perfect blend of energizing beverages. This brew helps promote a positive mood.


Complex Mushroom Coffee

What if there’s a type of mushroom coffee that will give you all the benefits of different mushrooms plus coffee in one drink? If you can’t decide what’s the best mushroom for you and need the potential effects of other medicinal mushrooms – this Complex mushroom contains added health benefits for your overall health.

Complex mushroom coffee contains more than one type of mushroom. Thus, it may offer a range of benefits coming from different adaptogens. This blend and coffee beans create a perfect blend to help you fight those dreaded mornings while boosting your overall health. Plus, you’ll feel less or no jitters from caffeine.


Mushroom Coffee Alternative

Mushroom coffee works great as a substitute for your regular cup of coffee. It adds benefits from different functional mushrooms while retaining traditional coffee’s dark and smooth taste.

Besides, mushroom coffees often have fewer jitters or give no stomach troubles, which is perfect for people who crash after drinking one cup of their favorite iced latte or 3-in-1 sachet coffee. 

Mushroom coffees provide natural energy. Plus, you’ll enjoy the new combinations of robust take from coffee and the earthy flavor of functional mushrooms. On the other hand, you can mix powdered mushrooms with water and coffee – and voila! You can have a potent morning cup of coffee beans while incorporating mushrooms.



Can Mushroom Coffee Have Side Effects?

Mushroom coffees may have minor side effects, especially when taking too much than your body can handle. Since it still contains less caffeine, it may induce feelings of palpitations, jitteriness, nervousness, and restlessness. Although, most consumers drink mushroom coffee without having any side effects.

But only in rare cases; some people are allergic to the adaptogens of mushrooms. Consuming may cause adverse reactions like nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, and other allergic reactions.

Some people have a low tolerance or are too sensitive to caffeine. Thus, it’s essential to know and understand your caffeine tolerance. Stick to the competition recommendation or talk to your doctor about the right amount of caffeine for you.

These mushroom coffees are more potent than regular coffee in terms of providing health benefits. However, they work just like other supplements. You can’t use it to cure, prevent, or diagnose diseases.



Can I Make My Own Mushroom Coffee?

You can make your mushroom coffee, and it’s easy. It’s even better since you can customize your coffee based on your preferences and nutritional needs. 


How To Make Mushroom Coffee Using Medicinal Mushroom Powder?

If you want to customize your mushroom coffee, you need to start by looking for high-quality mushroom extracts or even mushroom powders. Then, brew the mushroom with your favorite coffee ground. Mix it – just like how you would do with your regular coffee.

It gives you several ways to create and take your coffee with a twist. You can brew your mushroom coffee using an old fashion percolator or a French press and create a customized latte or cappuccino. Another option is to add peppermint or pumpkin spices to make a seasonal mushroom coffee.



Final Thoughts – What Is Mushroom Coffee?

Mushroom coffee is a unique yet healthy beverage that combines the benefits of coffee with the health properties of mushrooms. It may seem odd initially, but this blend has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its potential health benefits.

Plus, you won’t even know that it contains mushrooms because the coffee blends perfectly with the earthy flavor of mushrooms. Mushroom coffee offers a unique flavor and potential health benefits for coffee lovers looking for something different.


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