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Brain and Memory Supplements

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Brain and Memory Supplements

Are you having trouble remembering things? Do you sometimes have a hard time concentrating? Are you concerned about developing a degenerative neurological disease? Then you might need memory supplements to restore that brain to its former glory and prevent cognitive decline! After all, maintaining good memories and thinking is essential for human life. 

Self-proclaimed health buffs tend to talk about taking good care of one’s health. But the aspect of brain health is often overlooked. Brain health differs from mental health.

Minor memory lapses may occur with age, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Research demonstrates that the intake of proper nutrients ensures your brain stays in peak condition. However, what we consume only sometimes provides sufficient essential nutrients for the brain’s needs.

Brain health is taking good care of that gray matter inside your head, which also affects your memory. So it is when memory and brain supplements come into play.

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Brain Health Supplements

Dietary supplements provide those much-needed vitamins and minerals to your body. Some have more specific nutrients, such as those for the immune system, bones, and brain.

Brain-boosting supplements supply the brain with the essential vitamins and minerals for proper brain function and improving memory.

Dietary supplements use either synthetic or natural ingredients, such as those made from herbs or mushrooms. Those with natural ingredients are the better option. Speaking of mushrooms, they are showing the most promise in improving brain health.

Research has proven that medicinal mushrooms have improved memory, concentration, alertness, cognitive function, and brain growth. It has a high content of Omega 3s, which build brain and nerve cells. Omega 3s are fats that are essential for learning and memory.

Brain supplements also have vitamin E and Vitamin B6, B12, and B9 (folic acid), which all contribute to better brain health. Folic acid may help people suffering from memory loss, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia.

What Type Of Brain and Memory Supplements Are There?

Supplements for the brain and memory contain essential nutrients such as Fish oil, Omega 3, Choline, Flavonoids, Folic Acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, B12, and B9.

For example, Lion’s mane mushrooms are rich in Omega 3s and other nutrients, making them an ideal component for various types of supplements.

Supplements also come in various forms aside from capsules and liquids. They vary not just in shape but also in other factors like ingestion and taste. 

Brain and Memory Tincture Supplements

Tinctures are also known as the liquid form of supplements. Tinctures are concentrated medicinal plant-based extracts like herbs, berries, roots, and mushrooms. 

Since Tinctures are in liquid form, they have a faster absorption rate, making them quite potent. However, these tinctures have a strong taste, so they might not be the best if you have a sensitive taste. 

Tincture servings could range from drops to spoonfuls, and one could also mix the likes of honey to kill the intense flavor.

Brain and Memory Gummy Supplements

Gummies supplements mostly have flavoring that masks the taste of its primary component, such as mushrooms. 

Gummy supplements may be palatable, but they are less potent than other types. They also become less potent over time due to their limited shelf stability. The aim is to make them tastier. 

Gummy supplement servings are around two gummies on average since the nutrients are still concentrated.

Brain and Memory Capsules & Pills

Capsules are enclosed shell casings containing the supplements inside; they are shaped like short sausages and come in two forms. Those with a solid shell contain the ingredients in a powdered form inside.

A soft-shelled capsule has its components in liquid or gel form – its outer casing is a bit similar to gummy capsules. 

Pills and tablets are powdered ingredients but come in a solid form – they also have this special coating to prevent them from disintegrating in your hand. 

Capsules have better absorption and are more potent – Capsules are also easier to swallow and tasteless.

Serving for supplement capsules and pills must be one at a time and around one to three times a day, depending.

Brain and Memory Powders

Supplements in powder form are dissolved in water, transforming them into a drink. Powder supplements also include those in capsule form mentioned before. 

Powdered supplement drinks are the best when it comes to taste. However, the downside is that they are less concentrated due to the amount of other active ingredients. 

Brain powders like mushroom powders are consumed on an average of one teaspoon or around 2 grams daily.

What Are Brain and Memory Mushroom Supplements?

Brain and memory mushroom supplements are dietary supplements using medicinal mushrooms as their primary ingredient for improving brain health and functionality.

What Are The Best Medicinal Mushrooms To Support The Brain And Memory?

The following medicinal mushrooms are said to be efficient in supporting and possibly improving your brain health.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

It is also known as bearded-tooth fungus and mountain-priest mushroom. Lion’s Mane is used as well in gourmet cooking. Lion’s Mane is present in several parts of the world, including the U.S., Europe, and even Asia. 

Lion’s Mane is a solution if you are having concentration issues. It could also enhance your memory and retention and improve your learning skills. It also helps against muscle discomfort, memory loss, depression, and anxiety.

Lion’s Mane may even help prevent diseases that usually appear later in life, like Parkinson’s, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s. It is of great assistance in improving your mood via balancing your nervous system and also your gut health.

Lion’s Mane could improve your immune system to fight against infectious diseases. This superfood also balances out the free radicals in your body.


These mushrooms are common in Asia in humid areas such as jungles. Their medicinal value has been recognized since ancient times, as they have been a part of traditional Chinese medicine. 

Cordyceps may help battle mental fatigue by increasing your brain’s oxygen and blood flow. Cordyceps enhances mental performance by boosting your memory and learning capacity. 

Aside from brain health, Cordyceps also promotes other aspects of the body, such as sexual performance and accidental urination.

Reishi Mushroom

Also known as Lingzhi, these East Asian native mushrooms are best known for their anti-stress properties that may control stress levels in the body. Like Cordyceps, traditional healers also used it in traditional Chinese medicine. 

Reishi mushrooms promote a healthy brain and can prevent early deterioration. It could also ease depression by decreasing the activation of specific pro-inflammatory pathways. 

Another benefit of Reishi is its ability to promote a hearty immune system. If you’re into looking young, this type of mushroom can help fight against the signs of aging by decreasing swelling. It is why you can find this mushroom used as an ingredient in some anti-aging cosmetics. 

Chaga Mushroom

These burnt charcoal-like mushrooms are present in birch forests in the northern hemisphere. It is also one of the known most potent antioxidants to man. 

Being an antioxidant and having anti-inflammatory properties, Chaga does well for brain health and could contribute as a preventative measure against certain brain degenerative diseases. 

Aside from the brain, it also does well for the gut, lowers bad cholesterol, decreases blood pressure, and is another immune system enhancer.

Multi Mushroom Blends

Combining certain medicinal mushrooms is another popular option. If a combination of two mushrooms has the same properties, it enhances them.

Meanwhile, specific properties not present in the other further enhance the benefits you could acquire from multi mushroom blends. 

A combination of the four mushrooms mentioned above (Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi, and Chaga) and other healthy mushrooms work well. These also allow you to gain the health benefits of many mushrooms in one go. 

Remember, the right supplements may help improve your cognitive functions, ward off memory loss, better blood pressure, and lower the risk of stroke and heart disease.

How Are Brain and Memory Mushroom Supplements Made?

Brain health supplements use a concentrated mushroom extract from actual mushrooms. The mushroom extract is either distilled or powdered.

Mushroom Distillate

Mushroom Distillation is the process that involves extracting the liquids from a mushroom. Then, the manufacturers turn it into vapor using a rotary evaporator. Next, they transmuted it back into liquid again and removed other impurities.

Mushroom Powder

A Mushroom Powder, as the name suggests, involves grounding a mushroom into a powder. It is usually done by dehydrating the mushrooms before placing them into a grinder.

Mushroom Extracts: Distillate Vs Powder

The two processes differ from each other, but would one of them be better than the other? 


  • Mushroom Powder: When the mushrooms are grounded, in most cases, that means the whole mushroom. On certain mushrooms, it is only the fruiting body. That makes all the nutrients remain intact. So if you aren’t just after specific nutrients, this makes powder better. 
  • Mushroom Distillates: The process allows more control over which specific nutrients can be extracted. The downside of this is that many side nutrients that would also have been good are lost. 


However, distillates are still overall the better one among the two. While the side benefits might have been lost, the specific elements you needed come in a more concentrated form.

The mild toxins that get included when mushrooms are grounded are filtered out. Finally, distillates are absorbed easier by the body. 

What Are Memory Supplements Good For?

Some of the benefits you could expect from brain health supplements include increased focus, improved memory, support of brain growth, better concentration, and improve cognitive function. 

Brain cells are responsible for transmitting messages to other neurons, muscles, and tissues throughout the body. These mushroom supplements also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that may help protect brain cells.

These antioxidants help fight radicals that may damage brain cells and cause cognitive decline. Mushroom supplements may help boost overall brain health. So, here are some of the benefits.

Brain and Memory Mushroom Supplement Benefits

Some studies have indicated that medicinal mushrooms reduce degenerative neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

They could also improve other physical and mental conditions due to poor brain health – ranging from fatigue to mood swings, depression, and anxiety.

In addition, these brain supplements may help improve mental alertness, slow cognitive decline, and improve brain health.

Support Brain Health And Cognitive Function

Researchers from the NUS (National University of Singapore) conducted a study that discovered that people who had a regular intake of mushrooms had a lower risk of acquiring mild cognitive impairment.

It is a potent brain booster that may enhance a person’s cognitive ability and better brain power. Some healthy adults who took this dietary supplement regularly also reported better mental clarity, boost memory, and other cognitive functions.

May Improve Learning & Comprehension

Several researchers have conducted studies that mushrooms indeed have beneficial neurotrophic properties that aid in brain function. Brain supplements may help a person’s mental performance.

May Improve Memory

Memory loss is common for aging adults. Fortunately, there’s a brain supplement that you can use to prevent it from happening.

A Singaporean study learned that a unique antioxidant found in mushrooms had a protective effect on the brain, which helps in improving memory. Aside from cognitive benefits, brain supplements also have properties to war off memory loss.

May Support Bloodflow To the Brain

Some healthy mushrooms are known to improve blood circulation. Cordyceps, for example, enhances your blood flow by utilizing oxygen more effectively.

Promotes A Healthy Inflammation Response

Medical mushrooms like Lion’s Mane and Reishi help lower inflammation. Mushrooms are rich in antioxidants which help balance out the swelling in the brain to help prevent neurodegenerative diseases.

May Boost Focus & Energy

Mushrooms like Lion’s Mane help nerve and neuron growth in the brain, allowing for better focus. Mushrooms are great for relieving fatigue, improving mood, and reducing stress.

As a result, it may boost energy in the body by increasing energy metabolism in your mitochondria. Cordyceps, for example, offers stimulating effects that may help support better overall well-being.

Do Brain Boosting Supplements Really Work?

The efficiency of medicinal mushrooms is backed not just by various scientific studies and research – but especially by people who take them regularly. Maintaining healthy levels of these nutrients may improve your mind diet or keep your brain healthy.

You would notice the effects by yourself. For example, if you are feeling fatigued often, after taking a Lion’s mane supplement, you’ll be feeling energetic and much more refreshed after a few days or weeks of taking them. Brain health supplements are worth your time if you want to improve your thinking skills.

Why Are Medicinal Mushrooms The Best Brain And Memory Supplement?

Medicinal mushrooms are the best brain and memory supplement because medicinal mushrooms have a lot of specific nutrients and compounds that do wonders for the brain. It’s a popular supplement for brain health, memory, and even other stress-related symptoms.

The nutrients you take matter. Remember, a healthy brain equates to a healthy body and mind. After all, prevention is better than cure.

How Do Healthy Mushrooms Work On the Brain?

Healthy mushrooms work on the brain by promoting and, in some cases boosting your brain health, thus supporting and possibly improving cognitive function and memory.  

Boosting your brain health occurs when the compounds from the mushroom increase the nerve growth factor, improving neuron repair and lowering oxidative stress and neuroinflammation.

When Is The Best Time To Take Brain Health Supplements?

It varies and depends on the mushroom it is derived from – an example is Lion’s Mane, best taken in the morning to early noon due to its energy-boosting properties.

  • Lion’s Mane – Morning to early afternoon.
  • Cordyceps – Morning.
  • Reishi – Evening, better after dinner.
  • Chaga– works at any time of the day.
Should I Take Some Daily?

It is best to take this brain supplement daily and add it to your mind diet to build up the nutrients and experience the benefits sooner. Make sure to follow the suggested serving on the label, but at least once or even twice would be great for the body to maximize the perks.

When Will I Get The Full Benefits?

It would take an average of two weeks to experience the full benefits if taken daily. You would feel some of the effects yourself. You should also continue doing so even if you feel like you got your desired result.

However, it’s important to remember that these supplements do not cure, treat, diagnose, or prevent any medical conditions. Consult a doctor if you have any pre-existing disease (like Alzheimer’s disease) before taking a brain supplement.

Can There Be Side Effects?

Allergies may occur in some people, but such cases are rare. If you have allergies, check the ingredients first. 

Do Brain and Memory Mushroom Supplements Go Bad Or Expire?

Like anything with a natural ingredient, it does eventually expire. It varies on when it was made and the ingredients used in it. Lion’s mane-based supplements for example take about two years from production date on average.

Storage Suggestions

The usual “cool, dry place away from sunlight, ” but ensure the lids are always tightly closed. However, liquid-based, soft gel capsules and gummies keep better if refrigerated. 

Why Choose Golden Bloom's Brain Boosting Supplements?

Golden Bloom applies the best methods when processing the mushroom extract. The formulation has carefully selected compounds that work well together.

Golden Bloom has a reputation for using the finest quality ingredients. The Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane mushrooms are combined with pine, lavender, and orange peel using natural organic ingredients.

Terpenes are the only component not considered organic, although the ones we use are 100% natural and derived from organic botanicals. Terpenes work well with mushrooms to improve the overall benefits.

Golden Bloom also takes pride in having superb customer care and service. Be on the lookout for deals like 20% off for first-time customers, a discount for signing up for newsletter emails, and even free shipping for all your orders over $65.00!  

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