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About The Founder: Kyle Moloney

Before Golden Bloom, What Was My Path?

Before immersing myself in the world of mushrooms, my professional journey began in the medical field. As a pharmaceutical technician working in hospitals, I dove into the complex world of pharmaceutical drugs—learning their applications while observing their effects and outcomes for patients. Although this position allowed me to offer some form of relief to those in need, the sobering experience at a county hospital also opened my eyes to a large amount of pain and suffering, among other concerns.
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What Changed My Trajectory? The amount of patients going through that county hospital and what they were there for, was a wake-up call. Some had real issues, and unfortunately, some were there to get their free meds and painkillers. Addiction was certainly present, and repeat patients often looked like they were getting worse.  To add to my dismay, those struggling would regularly receive increased dosages or additional drugs as a remedy. The realities of repeat prescriptions, addiction, and the adverse effects some patients experienced made me start to rethink my path of what I was not only supporting but also promoting.
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Why Am I Interested In Mushrooms?

Mushrooms have always captivated me—from childhood discoveries in the backyard to healthy culinary ingredients and even teenage adventures with psychedelic varieties. However, it wasn’t until I explored CBD that I focused deeper into the realm of functional mushrooms.  The allure of holistic alternatives and the potential benefits of medicinal mushrooms became clear. This fascination laid the groundwork for a journey that would intertwine my passion for mushrooms with my professional endeavors.
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What Type Of Mushrooms Do I Utilize?

Many of us know that each person’s experience with supplements is unique; this is also true with medicinal mushrooms. In my case, the turning point came from two incredibly healthy mushrooms, to name a few. 

Having struggled with heartburn since my early teens and taking pills to correct it every day, I found myself craving a more natural relief from the issue as I grew older. I formulated a blend with Reishi and Lion’s Mane, and the effects were transformative within weeks. I was thrilled with what it did for my heartburn, plus I could feel the additional benefits from the mushrooms. Quality rest replaced discomfort, marked by vivid dreams, which indicated deeper sleep cycles. 

From what Reishi has done for me, I’ve been hooked. I’ve experimented with many medicinal species of mushrooms. I’ve taken them at different rates and learned how they work alone and with other specific healthy ingredients. The Lion’s Mane mushroom is pivotal in enhancing my daily focus and alertness, which has helped motivate me to start and grow this business. I also prefer Cordyceps over coffee to support my energy and stamina throughout the day. Mushrooms assist me in many aspects that complement my choice of lifestyle.
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How Has My Experience Influenced My Work?

My journey in the medical field has sparked a continual evolution, fine-tuning my ability to read the body and interpret the diverse ways various elements impact individuals. This has pushed me to create holistic alternatives that only include the most beneficial, healthy, and natural ingredients.

My collaborative experience with an extraction team provided an intricate look into the combination of ingredients, revealing the careful orchestration required for optimal absorption and efficacy in the body. My know-how from medicine and manufacturing comes together, driving my passion to create wellness solutions that truly vibe with your health journey. You are the reason I do this!
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What is My Goal For Golden Bloom Wellness

My mission at Golden Bloom is clear—to spread the mushroom love far and wide, sharing the incredible benefits nature has bestowed upon us. It’s more than just crafting supplements; it’s a commitment to provide the best while reducing our environmental footprint. We aim towards a greener, healthier future through mindful packaging practices. 

But that’s not where the journey ends. Golden Bloom strives to create more mushroom wonders and holistic remedies. Imagine products that aren’t just good for you but a delight to your senses, packed with the finest natural ingredients and boasting unparalleled efficacy.
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