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In the health and wellness world, chaga mushroom dominates the industry. This widespread fungus is known for its many uses and benefits and has been used in traditional medicine for centuries.


In the modern era, science has made it possible for people to consume chaga in simpler forms, such as in capsules, tinctures, powders, and gummies. As a mushroom supplement, you can enjoy all the therapeutic wellness of chaga without the hassle of planting, harvesting, and cooking the fruiting bodies and mycelium. 


This post will explore what chaga is all about, along with its uses, benefits, side effects, and interactions. 



What Is The Chaga Mushroom? 

The scientific name of the chaga fungus is inonotus obliquus, and it’s part of the Hymenochaeta family. The appearance of this fungus is similar to burnt charcoal.  According to experts, this mushroom can induce apoptosis in human lung adenocarcinoma cells. It has natural elements that may prevent cervical cancer cells and slow cancer growth.


Chaga is a woody mushroom or polypore that protrudes from a birch tree and other tree trunks. Due to the many health benefits of chaga medicinal mushroom, this fungus is a huge part of traditional Chinese medicine. 


What Has Chaga Been Used For Traditionally?

In traditional medicine, chaga is a star mushroom for folk practitioners in China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Finland, the Baltics, and Poland.


In these countries, chaga extracts are traditionally for supporting heart & gut health, balancing blood sugar levels, promoting smooth breathing, fighting fatigue, enhancing anti-inflammatory properties, improving skin health, blood purification, and topical applications.


Back then, the formulation for the medicine involved raw or fresh chaga. Today, there are plenty of chaga supplements for more convenient usage.


Where & How Does Chaga Grow?

This fungus is usually found in forests with an abundance of birch and elm trees. In most cases, chaga mushroom grows on birch trees. But, with science and agriculture innovation, mushroom growers cultivate chaga indoors in a controlled environment.


When it’s harvest time, particularly during the winter, the two primary sections to take out are sclerotia, the black outer crust, and the yellowish-brown interior.



How Does Chaga Make You Feel?

Chaga makes you feel utterly comfortable, at ease, and stress-free. Thanks to the superior adaptogenic properties of this fungus, you have a strong defense against stress, fatigue, and diseases. Taking a chaga supplement after a tiring day recharges your whole body.


The relaxing feeling surges through your system, driving away stress, tiredness, and discomfort. Since chaga has therapeutic properties, you can sleep better at night. You feel utterly refreshed and happy when you wake up the following day. 



Chaga Mushroom Health Benefits

Chaga has tons of potential health benefits. It is rich in B vitamin complex, copper, vitamin D, zinc, potassium, iron, selenium, magnesium, manganese, and calcium. Chaga purifies the liver, lowers blood sugar, regulates blood pressure, alleviates aches & sores, and strengthens the immune system.


As a superfood, chaga is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-allergenic, antiparasitic, antiviral, and antihyperglycemic. This mushroom has all those capabilities thanks to the existence of beta-glucans, polyphenols, polysaccharides, phytosterals, and betulinic acid. Unquestionably, chaga is a perfect advocate of human health and wellness. Let’s check its primary benefits.


Stress Reduction Properties

Stress is unavoidable, but letting it affect your life is not good. Fortunately, you can rely on chaga supplements to keep stress at bay.


This particular mushroom is rich with polysaccharides such as beta-glucans and superoxide dismutase that combat free radicals and eliminate your stress. As a powerful adaptogen, chaga interacts with your adrenal system to get rid of fatigue, which leads to a stress-free existence, at least for the time being.


In many cases, drinking hot drinks with chaga effectively relieves stress. So add drops of chaga tincture to your coffee and herbal tea or chaga mushroom powder to your soup and say goodbye to stress. 


Anti-inflammatory & Antioxidant Properties

The betulinic acid in chaga paves the way for the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of this dark, woody mushroom. Chaga triggers the generation of cytokines, cells that relieve sores, aches, and swelling in the body. With potent antioxidants in the chaga supplements, you have a whole army of defense against free radicals and fight diseases, which may also help chronic inflammation.


Promotes Heart Health

Chaga is abundant with antioxidants that work by lowering bad cholesterol levels. With fewer LDL (low-density lipoprotein) or bad cholesterol, your heart stays healthy, and you don’t run the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 


Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

The beta-D-glucans in the polypore mushroom are known to reduce blood sugar levels, so chaga supplements are good for diabetic patients. But, of course, you must not self-medicate.


Not to mention, chaga produces chemicals that may also prevent blood clotting. However, it’s better to avoid functional mushrooms if you are taking blood sugar-lowering medications or blood-thinning medications.


Talk to your health physician and find out if chaga tinctures, powders, gummies, and capsules are the best alternatives or herbal supplements for your disease. Remember that chaga may interact with your medications, so stay cautious.


Promotes A Hearty Immune System

The chaga fungus is jam-packed with beta-D-glucans, potent compounds for balancing the immune system. When your body requires a boost in immunity, the chaga properties enhance your immune system.


If your immune system is overactive, chaga lowers the level of functionality, so your body gets the right level of immunity. All the beneficial compounds in chaga work together to strengthen your immune system. They fight off bad cells, remove free radicals, scare off viruses, and combat bacteria to make you healthier and strong. 


Chaga contains the specialized proteins cytokines that keep healthy cells ready to fight diseases. So, with the regular intake of chaga supplements, you have a wall of defense against common colds to significant illnesses.


Additionally, chaga hinders the generation of bad cytokines, so your body only has the good ones for the betterment of your immune system. 


Promotes A Healthy Gut

Helicobacter pylori bacteria often cause intestinal problems such as stomach ulcers. Thankfully, chaga can block bacterial cells from spreading. Also, this adaptogenic fungus inhibits bad cytokines, so your gut stays healthy.


The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of chaga promote better gut health, so incorporate the mushroom supplements into your diet. Taking chaga powders, gummies, capsules, and tinctures daily can fight gut bacteria and prevent bowel irritation, stomach problems, and intestinal diseases.    



How To Use Chaga Mushrooms?

Chaga mushrooms are versatile fungi that are perfect for brewing herbal teas but even more beneficial when taken as a supplement. In a tincture or powder form, chaga is an excellent addition to your dishes, desserts, and drinks.


A mushroom tincture is suitable for a sublingual delivery or direct drops under the tongue. The good news is tinctures have no earthy taste typical in mushrooms. So when added to foods and drinks, the original flavor remains intact, while your body benefits from the healthy properties of chaga.


Chaga Supplements

The four primary chaga supplements are tinctures, gummies, capsules, and powders. You can choose one form of supplement or incorporate all four into your nutritional diet. Each fungus edible has a specific delivery method and dosage.


  • Tinctures (liquid drops) – A chaga tincture is a liquid mushroom from soaking the fruiting body and mycelium in alcohol. You can drop the liquid under your tongue or mix them with dishes and drinks. The dosage recommendation for tincture is 1 ml per serving twice daily or 2 ml daily. 
  • Gummies – Chaga gummies are not your typical delicious treat. One to two gummies daily ensure that your body receives all the health properties of chaga. With natural fruit flavors, the earthy taste of mushrooms is non-existent. 
  • Capsules & Pills – If you’re always on the go, then the pre-measured chaga capsules and pills are perfect for your lifestyle. Plus, the capsules are flavorless, tasteless, and odorless, so ingesting one pill daily is convenient and worry-free.
  • Powders – 1-2 grams of chaga powder daily is the recommendation for the consumption of chaga powder. Many mushroom fans love powders for the seamless fusion of chaga with dishes, baked goods, smoothies, coffee, tea, and beverages. 


Chaga Dosage Serving Suggestions – Supplements

The thing is, there’s no such thing as the perfect dosage for chaga supplements. But, there are recommendations based on the average consumer dose. Note that the effects of the medicinal mushroom are affected by your weight, age, experience, tolerance, and height.


A heavier dosage is best if you have a large build or have been using mushrooms for years. But in general, take 2ml of chaga tinctures daily, 1-2 gummies, one capsule, and 2g of powder. Up the dosage, as you grow accustomed to chaga. Better yet, consult your doctor for the suitable dose specific to you, especially if you have an illness or disease.



When To Take Chaga?

When you need a boost in immunity or want stress-free, turn to chaga. You can take chaga supplements any time of the day or night. However, it’s ideal to find a consistent time to ingest chaga supplements daily, so your body and the powerful fungus can get acquainted very well.


Can You Take Chaga Daily?

Yes, chaga supplements are for daily consumption. When taken every day, the therapeutic properties of chaga build up inside your body. The more you accumulate the wellness compounds of chaga, the healthier you become.


Does Chaga Work Right Away?

No, it takes at least one week for the effects of chaga to creep in. Remember that mushroom supplements are organic and natural, so they take longer to manifest in the body. But once the therapeutic properties start to work, they don’t stop until you cease taking the chaga supplements.


When Will You Get The Full Benefits Of Chaga?

The full benefits of chaga supplements are customarily enjoyed after 2-3 weeks. But if you want to curtail the time to a week, double up on the dosage recommendation, and stay on course until you start feeling holistically better and healthier. Then follow the dosage suggestion for the coming weeks.


Can Chaga Be Used Long-Term?

Yes, you can take chaga for a long time. However, this mushroom may not be so kind to your liver in the long run. Most people consume chaga supplements for three weeks to six months. But of course, you can go longer, preferably with regular health consultations.



Where To Buy Chaga Supplements?

Local health stores usually carry chaga supplements on their shelves. You may even find mushroom products in grocery stores or pharmacies. However, when you buy from local brick-and-mortar channels, you get your fungus supplements from retailers, not manufacturers.


The sellers may have basic knowledge about the products and can answer your questions, but they don’t have intimate information about chaga items. They may have multiple brands in their store, so their recommendation may be biased.


But, if you purchase chaga supplements from online mushroom shops, you can get the best from manufacturers. All the information you need about each product is available, plus we have reliable customer support to assist you in whatever you need, from product selection to delivery.


At Golden Bloom, our chaga powders, tinctures, capsules & pills, and gummies are displayed on our website and ready for perusal.



Why Choose Golden Bloom For Chaga?

Golden Bloom has the highest standards when it comes to mushroom supplements. We grow chaga in an organic manner, monitoring every development in an enclosed environment that yields the most premium fungus.


When other mushroom companies use a two-part extraction method, our brand opts for three. Golden Bloom acquires the chaga extract through thorough fermentation, clean hot water, and organic alcohol (food-grade).


The 120 days extraction procedure results in an abundance of polysaccharides, alkaloids, triterpenoids, and other beneficial compounds. We’re proud to say that our chaga supplements contain more beta-glucans than other products on the market. 


Unquestionably, Golden Bloom is the leading source of top-shelf chaga tinctures, powders, gummies, and capsules & pills. Our mushroom supplements are available on our official website, and we have COAs too.


We offer fantastic deals and incentives, so grab the opportunity to buy chaga today. As a first-time buyer, enjoy a 20% discount on your total order. Don’t forget to sign up for our email newsletter to get 20% off your second purchase. Additionally, we provide free shipping for all orders over $65, and all our chaga items are under a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Can You Eat Raw Or Fresh Chaga?

Chaga has a rubbery texture that is difficult to cut with a knife, so your teeth can’t handle the coarseness. However, you can boil this mushroom to make tea or gather extracts to mix with food and drinks.


For your convenience, why not opt for chaga supplements instead? The mushroom tinctures, capsules, gummies, and powders are ready for consumption. There’s no need to explore the DIY method of extraction and formulation. Plus, you can eliminate the error of measurement or extraction processes.


What Does Raw Chaga Taste Like?

When you brew raw chaga, it has an earthy, smooth taste with hints of less bitter cacao, a bit floral, and mild, dark roast coffee. The earthy bitterness cannot be avoided with raw chaga, but the natural taste of fungus is gone with the available supplements.


Can You Make Your Own Dish Using Chaga Mushrooms?

You can incorporate chaga tinctures and powders in meals, desserts, and drinks. The best examples are:


  • Easy Paleo Mole Sauce with Chaga
  • Acai Bowl Recipe with Immune- Supporting Mushroom
  • Chaga Cacao Mocha Lava Smoothie Bowl
  • Dark Cacao Hemp Chaga Bites
  • Chili-Out Chaga Chocolate Bark
  • Chocolate Dream Chaga Brownies
  • Dalgona Mushroom Coffee
  • Tahini Adaptogen Latte with Chaga


You may also cook chaga at home, but the process is tedious due to the super rough texture of the mushroom. You need an extreme knife to cut chaga into pieces, plus hours of boiling the chunks to make them soft for eating.


Benefits Of Fresh Chaga Vs Chaga Supplements

Fresh chaga has been used for centuries as food, tea, and medicine. People harvested these mushrooms and made them into tea in the old days. Since eating them in chunks is hard for the teeth.


Nowadays, chaga is in many supplements, such as powders, tinctures, gummies, and capsules. As a mushroom fan, you’re wondering if you should buy raw chaga or opt for dietary supplements. Well, both have their advantages and disadvantages.


Fresh chaga is not easily accessible. If you find a good supplier, it takes hours to brew the fungus or dry the chunks to create a powder. But, the health benefits are enormous since the process requires fewer steps, tools, and chemicals.


On the other hand, chaga supplements are the most suitable products to incorporate the holistic benefits of this fungus into your body. But, due to the multiple stages of production, some nutrients may be lost.


You must find the best mushroom manufacturer that values quality, like Golden Bloom. With this brand, the wellness properties of chaga are optimized perfectly.



Do Mushroom Chaga Supplements Expire Or Go Bad?

Yes, chaga supplements have a shelf-life of one to two years. But, the chaga tinctures, gummies, powders, and capsules may go bad if they are consistently exposed with light, heat, moisture, and air.


How To Store Chaga Supplements?

Keep the chaga supplements inside an airtight container. It’s best to place them inside your fridge to prolong the freshness and shelf-life, but a kitchen drawer or cupboard will do as well. Most importantly, hide the chaga supplements from young children or teenagers, and even your pets.



Is Chaga Safe?

Yes, chaga is well-tolerated in its raw form and as a supplement. However, you should talk to your doctor if you’re taking medicines regularly. Note that though chaga is therapeutic and medicinal, it could interact with your medications. 


Potential Side Effects Of Chaga 

Like other functional mushrooms, chaga may also cause some side effects. One of the most common consequences of ingesting chaga is hypoglycemia. Chaga may also cause bleeding.


For people with diabetes, bleeding disorders, high blood pressure, and other diseases, chaga may not be the right dietary supplement. Also, the consumption of chaga before and after surgery is not advisable. 


Can I Take Chaga On An Empty Stomach?

Yes, chaga is a good food for the digestive system, so there’s nothing to worry about in taking supplements without food. However, if it’s your first time taking this fungus, eat something before you drink a capsule or eat a gummy. As for tinctures and powders, mix them with food and drinks, and you’ll be fine.



Final Thoughts: Chaga Mushroom

Chaga Mushroom is one of the world’s most popular, beneficial, and medicinal mushrooms. In centuries-old folk medicine books, chaga is always written on the record. Millions of ancient elders have benefited from chaga over the decades. The modern world is lucky enough to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of this powerful mushroom through supplements.


Although more research, human studies, and clinical trials are still needed about this mushroom’s medicinal properties to be considered alternative medicine, there’s no harm in trying chaga supplements. Its anti-inflammatory effects and antioxidant properties could be the key to your better health.

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