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Have you ever heard of Ashwagandha? No, it isn’t some magical African city, but it’s a ginseng that has been used in traditional medicine for millenniums. Although it feels somewhat magical due to the health benefits of Ashwagandha.


Ashwagandha appears as a panacea for myriad ailments caused by the self-destructive lifestyle of modern-day society that people are forced to undergo. Aside from that, it could also help boost the human body into its peak condition!


Ashwagandha may sound new to your ears, but this “miracle herb” has been utilized since ancient times in countries like India. If you are somewhat skeptical about such, your “modern medicine and science” are also proving its effectiveness!


Who would have thought some age-old solution could resolve modern-day wellness problems? Continue reading further to learn more and be enlightened about this “miracle herb” Ashwagandha.


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What Is Ashwagandha? 

Ashwagandha is a dull green shrub that is short in size and has small, bell-shaped green flowers. It also bears a fruit that turns orange-red when ripe. It grows on dry, stony soil with sunlight but is fine with partial shade.


Its other names include Winter cherry. The scientific name is Withania Somnifera, with somnifera meaning sleep-inducing in Latin. Its Indian name Ashwagandha is the most well-known one, meaning horse smell due to the odor of its fresh root.


It was used as an herbal treatment in Ayurvedic medicine. Aside from India, it could also be found in other parts of the world, such as the Middle East and Africa.


Despite being a “miracle herb,” its roots are actually the parts that are being used for medicinal purposes.


How To Take Ashwagandha?

The roots are grounded and pounded into a powder, then added to beverages like tea or applied topically. However, they also have a bitter, earthy taste.


Thankfully, they also come in the form of various supplements, which would spare you from the bitter taste and all that troublesome preparation. It is also more optimal to take them in supplement form, as they are more concentrated.



Ashwagandha supplements usually come in the following form.


  • Capsules, Pills, and Tablets – These forms of supplements offer speed and straightforwardness. All you have to do is to swallow it, perhaps drink a bit of water, and then be on your way to work.


  • Gummies – It offers both convenience and enjoyment of savoring a delicious taste! They also mask the default, bitter taste of Ashwagandha well. Gummies are also great for people who are always on the go.


  • Powder – It offers the most versatility by adding them to your daily dose of whatever you prefer, such as your favorite beverage or even adding them to your cooking! Ashwagandha powder also determines how many doses you wish to take.



8 Proven Ashwagandha Health Benefits – The Powerful Indian Ginseng

As one of the most valuable herbs in Ayurveda and being utilized as a part of natural healing since the old days in certain countries, modern science is also proving that Ashwagandha benefits aren’t merely a placebo effect.


Here are some of the health benefits of Ashwagandha that have been proven by studies and tests conducted on it.


May Promote A Healthy Immune System 

Ashwagandha may help protect against infectious diseases thanks to properties stimulating the immune system. In addition, it has properties to lower blood pressure.


A one-month study was conducted on two adults, with one group taking Ashwagandha and the other group a placebo. Those who had taken Ashwagandha showed a significantly improved immune profile.


Another study conducted upregulated both the innate and adaptive immune systems.


May Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Ashwagandha mainly works as a powerful adaptogen, which helps your body to adjust to physical, chemical, and biological factors that cause stress by providing a balance in the adrenal, hypothalamic, and pituitary glands. 


In this study, Ashwagandha treatment showed efficiency in reducing stress levels and anxiety symptoms compared to those who just took a placebo. 


In another study, those who took Ashwagandha for two months displayed better results in significantly reduced anxiety than those who just took a placebo. 


May Improve Exercise Performance

Ashwagandha enhances physical performance, such as increased muscle strength and maximum oxygen consumption. A study showed that it had enhanced performance during exercise. 


Based on this analysis of 5 studies, it was also shown to have enhanced maximum oxygen intake significantly. Aside from providing a better performance during intense activity by not tiring out easily, higher maximum oxygen consumption is also associated with having a lower risk of heart disease


Based on this study, men who took Ashwagandha showed greater muscle strength and mass gains. 


May Boost Testosterone & Fertility In Men

Ashwagandha is also frequently included as an ingredient in sexual enhancers, mainly that is because it has shown a potential to boost testosterone levels and sperm concentration.


According to research, participating men who had taken it had shown a significant increase in their testosterone, reproductive hormone levels, and sexual function. Thus, it offers potential benefits for male fertility.


May Promote Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Ashwagandha may also help regulate blood sugar levels. In addition, it has natural properties in improving insulin sensitivity. Based on this study, that is mainly because of the presence of Withaferin A, which helps stimulate the cells to be able to take in glucose in the bloodstream.


May Soothe Body Discomfort & Ease Inflammation

Ashwagandha supplementation doesn’t just help in promoting healthy blood sugar levels but also eases inflammation in the body, soothing body discomfort.


A placebo-controlled study consisted of a group of stressed adults who were given Ashwagandha. On the other hand, another group was given a placebo, and both groups would take them for two months. The ones who took Ashwagandha displayed better results by having an inflammatory marker reduced significantly.


Since it contains high anti-inflammatory properties, Ashwagandha also soothes body discomfort by acting as a skeletal muscle relaxant. In addition, it helps prevent pain signals from traveling along the central nervous system, which may also be beneficial for soothing the symptoms of some rheumatoid arthritis patients and joint pain.


May Boost Brain Function & Memory

Along with Withaferin A, Ashwagandha also includes other compounds with antioxidant effects, boosting overall cognitive function. It may also help decrease the symptoms of other neurodegenerative diseases.


Ashwagandha works with the body’s brain and nervous system. As a result, it boosts the following brain functions: 


  1. Attention
  2. Reaction time
  3. Executive functioning
  4. Overall performance on cognitive tasks 


Another study conducted on 50 adults who had taken Ashwagandha for two months led to significant improvements in their brain functions, such as an improvement in memory and attention and sped-up information processing. 


May Improve Sleep Quality

Ashwagandha has sleep-inducing properties, which would really be of great help for people having trouble falling asleep.


Aside from sleep-inducing effects, it also improves overall sleep quality and allows one to be mentally alert upon waking up. A study that has been conducted on adults within the age range of 65 to 80 for three months has generated positive results. It appears around 600 mg is also needed to attain sleep improvement.



Golden Bloom Ashwagandha + 14 Mushroom Complex Blend [Immunity Booster]

Golden Bloom’s Immunity Booster contains not just Ashwagandha but also a complex blend of 14 beneficial mushrooms for a healthy immune system and overall personal wellness!


You would undoubtedly reach peak immune defense due to Ashwagandha’s immune-boosting properties combined with other mushrooms that also provide immunity-boosting benefits!


Golden Bloom Immunity Booster Ashwagandha + 14 Mushroom Complex Blend contains the following medicinal mushrooms:


  1. Lion’s Mane
  2. Cordyceps
  3. Chaga
  4. Turkey Tail
  5. Reishi
  6. Shiitake
  7. Maitake
  8. Suehirotake
  9. Oyster Mushroom
  10. Poria
  11. Mesima
  12. Agarikon
  13. Blazei
  14. True Tinder Polypore


Ashwagandha, together with the other 14 mushrooms, creates a synergistic effect, offering an immunity boost and other health and wellness perks, such as a healthy heart, gut flora, and lungs, weight management, anti-aging, and boost energy levels, to name a few!



Why Choose Golden Bloom For Supplements?

Golden Bloom offers the best of the best when it comes to health and wellness supplements!


Golden Bloom provides premium supplements with high-quality ingredients and effects that offer total efficiency for your body!


Golden Bloom’s unique blends aren’t merely just mushrooms, and herbs slapped together just because said ingredients are beneficial; they have been thoroughly studied, carefully crafted, and specially formulated to ensure there would be a synergistic effect with each other!


Golden Bloom uses locally-grown high-quality organic mushrooms, and applying their signature triple extraction method also provides customers like you get the best of the best for their health and wellness, such as maintaining the most beneficial components like beta-glucans!


Another reason to choose Golden Bloom supplements is that they offer amazing deals and incentives to ensure customers like you get their money’s worth!


Aside from a 100% guaranteed return policy and free shipping over $65, you could also get 20% off on your first order and also by signing up for their email newsletter! Golden Bloom supplements ensure that you stay golden and keep blooming!



Final Thoughts – Ashwagandha Root Extract Benefits For Physical and Mental Health

The knowledge and wisdom of the ancients shouldn’t be taken for granted just because medical science is advancing rapidly. In fact, this is the right time to study why they seem to work for people in the past centuries.


Thankfully, more and more are acknowledging the health and wellness benefits acquired from natural herbs and mushrooms, and the application of modern technology, such as supplements, makes them more accessible and convenient to take.


Ashwagandha extract ensures your body attains its peak condition not just to cope well with this stressful era but also to be in peak wellness to be able to live your life to the fullest! An Ashwagandha a day keeps the physical and mental stress hormones at bay! 




Here are some frequently asked questions about Ashwagandha.


Can I Take Ashwagandha Every Day?

Yes, Ashwagandha is recommended to be taken daily. A study was conducted involving 80 healthy adults, male and female, who took 600 mg of Ashwagandha every day for up to 8 weeks.


The result is obvious – it didn’t cause any adverse health effects, proving its safety. More details about the studies conducted can be found here


Are There Any Potential Side Effects Associated With Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is relatively safe for most people and generally well-tolerated. The potential side effects could rarely occur and aren’t even really severe – the worst one could experience include stomach discomfort, diarrhea, and drowsiness. Only the following people under certain conditions should avoid them: 


  1. Currently pregnant and breastfeeding. 
  2. Hormone-sensitive prostate cancer. 
  3. Thyroid disease – check with your doctor first. 
  4. For those taking certain medications – check the next paragraph for the type of medications that may interact with them. 


Can This Supplement Have Interactions With Any Other Prescriptions For Medications?

Ashwagandha may have some moderate interactions with a few prescriptions and medications; they are as follows: 


  1. Thyroid hormone pills  
  2. Antidiabetes 
  3. Antihypertensive 
  4. Immunosuppressants 
  5. Benzodiazepines and CNS


Always consult your health care provider first if you plan on taking Ashwagandha, but regularly take any other prescriptions and medications, even if they are not on the list. 


How Much Should I Take? [Dosage Suggestions]

The recommended dose is 600 mg per day, divided into two doses. So 300 mg after breakfast and another 300 mg after dinner. The recommended dose is 600 mg per day based on various studies conducted.


600 mg is proven more efficient for athletes undergoing intensive training than lower doses. This dosage may also help improve sleep. Although it may still require more scientific evidence for most experts to accept it.


Be cautious when taking Ashwagandha if you have any underlying conditions. There are studies about the benefits of Ashwagandha, but the participants were from a control group of healthy adults. So, consult your healthcare professional for the right dosage. This ginseng is not intended to cure, prevent, or diagnose diseases.


What Time Is Best To Take This Supplement?

Ashwagandha is best taken after breakfast and after dinner. Even after lunch if you are the type to wake up late and skip breakfast. 


Can I Take It On An Empty Stomach?

Do not take Ashwagandha on an empty stomach! 


If you haven’t skipped about “What is the best time to take this supplement?” The implications are apparent. However, the worst you’ll get for doing so is a mild stomach ache. 


How Does Ashwagandha Work?

Ashwagandha also earned the title of the “Indian Ginseng” and works several ways on the body, being a powerful adaptogen, increasing the body’s immune defense system, and also contains a lot of antioxidants that help protect cells against damage.  


Ashwagandha could work ranging from just 2 to 3 days or might take weeks for some, depending on your body type and daily intake.


A sign that it works is that you’ll generally feel more relaxed and calm. Another sign is a significant improvement in your sleep quality, such as feeling more rested and much better when you wake up.


Where To Buy Ashwagandha Supplements?

You could check in a health supplement store near you. However, you could save yourself the trouble and time by just buying online.


Buying online also gives you the advantage of researching the product and brand properly first compared to randomly grabbing it from the shelf or because the seller told you so.


When you order online, in most cases, you are also ordering directly from the manufacturer, like here at Golden Bloom. When you order from a manufacturer, the prices are lower than resellers and retailers, as you are ordering directly from the source.


You could also spare yourself from wasting your time shopping around when you could order one of the best mushroom complex supplements, which contains not only Ashwagandha but also 14 other healthy mushrooms here on Golden Bloom!



Can You Take Ashwagandha With Other Supplements?

Yes! In fact, some additional supplements can boost or add to the effectiveness of Ashwagandha.


For instance, we have combined Ashwagandha with 14 other health and immunity mushrooms for our supplements to provide the best immune-boosting supplement around!

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