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When would be the best time to take Cordyceps? Best known for its energy-enhancing and physical performance-boosting benefits, Cordyceps actually offers a lot more than those.


Its popularity as performance enhancers could also be attributed to when Chinese athletes broke several world records and attributed such peak physical performance to using some Cordyceps tonic. 


Even for non-athletic people, consider making Cordyceps part of your daily diet to the health and wellness benefits they may provide you, such as boosting your energy to help you go through work or are dealing with chronic fatigue.


Incorporating this caterpillar fungus into your daily diet could also make you feel more energetic and in peak condition!



What Are Cordyceps Mushrooms?

Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms are parasitic fungi known for growing out on caterpillars and other bugs. However, not all species grow on insects since some species could live on a plant-based substrate.


Cordyceps mushrooms have long been part of traditional Chinese medicine and offer a lot of nutritional value and other health benefits; and are a popular choice among athletes due to their energy-enhancing and performance-boosting properties.



Potential Benefits Of Taking Cordyceps

As part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, Cordyceps has quite extensive history of use to back up its benefits for the body. Here are the potential benefits of taking Cordyceps: 


Provides Natural Energy

Cordyceps extract contains polysaccharides that increase the production of the molecule adenosine triphosphate or ATP.


By doing so, it distributes oxygen in the body efficiently. It is crucial in delivering energy to the muscles, boosting natural energy levels and even testosterone levels.


May Boost Athletic Performance

Correlated to its effects on producing ATP, Cordyceps may also help boost athletic performance since the body has enhanced its utilization of oxygen and improved blood flow, which increases endurance capacity and stamina.


Evidence suggests that Cordyceps may also provide other anti-fatigue effects, such as increased muscle endurance which helps decrease the recovery time from muscle soreness. It’s perfect if you’re into high-intensity exercise.


May Offer Anti-Inflammatory Support 

Inflammation is a natural response of the body’s system when dealing with an injury, harmful stimuli, and may improve the immune system. Still, it is also a health risk if triggered too often or too long, which might turn it into chronic inflammation.


Cordyceps may help manage inflammation levels since they contain particular proteins and bioactive compounds, such as polysaccharides, that help suppress inflammation.


May Promote Heart Health

Cordyceps also do wonders for the heart. It has natural compounds called adenosine, which may help regulate cholesterol levels by reducing the presence of bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.


In addition, this mushroom may also improve and even treat the condition of arrhythmia or an irregular heartbeat.


May Provide Better Rest

A study has been conducted on rats with positive results that shows the potential of adenosine Cordycepin which had effects on the central nervous system, such as regulating sleep, resulting in improved sleep patterns.


Cordyceps are also classified as adaptogens, so they contain properties that may help cope with physical and mental stress.


Cordyceps Nutrition Value

Cordyceps have high nutritional value, which makes consuming them worthwhile even if you have to exclude their purported benefits.


Cordyceps contain many vitamins and minerals and other nutritionally valuable components such as B vitamins (B1, B2, B12), vitamin K, and various types of carbohydrates, polysaccharides, proteins, and essential amino acids.



When Is The Best Time To Take Cordyceps?

When to take cordyceps? You probably also tried searching for when is the best time to take Cordyceps and not getting a straight answer, most would say in the morning, but that is because it actually depends on what your goals are, which would help you determine the best time of the day to take it in your case.


Here are the factors to take into account to help you determine when is the best time to take Cordyceps:


Starting Your Day With Cordyceps

Start your day right with Cordyceps! The most common recommendation is taking them in the morning, and it’s logical if you think about it since Cordyceps supply energy that could help improve your daytime functioning.


Your typical, regular people also tend to do all their activities in the day, from jogging and exercising or working out and even going to work or university.


However, what if your workout schedule and sports activities are in the afternoon? What if you are too tired from work and need that energy boost on the way home against rush hour?


Then consider your priorities and consider other options on when to take your Cordyceps supplement.


Pre-Workout Boost

You probably knew about it already, or if you didn’t skim past the Cordyceps benefits might help boost your energy and athletic performance.


In fact, the most likely reason you have considered taking or are actually eating Cordyceps is because of its physical performance-boosting benefits for a pre-workout boost or trying to enhance your athletic performance.


If that is indeed the case, then you should take them instead around 30 minutes to 1 hour before the start of your activity, such as a demanding workout or competition (or the usual time frame of whenever you can feel the effects start kicking in).


Mid-Day Energy Boost

Cordyceps could also serve as a midday energy boost when you feel like your energy levels are already waning in the afternoon.


There are several different situations why you may need to take your Cordyceps during midday instead, such as your workout schedule, your most busy time at work, or utilize them to recharge your body batteries and promote recovery, such as being too tired after certain activities such as after exercising.


Taking Cordyceps For Quality Sleep

Suppose you plan to take Cordyceps intending to have a restful night’s sleep. In that case, you should take them during midday – I bet you didn’t see this one coming and expected to take them during nighttime.


But the logic behind taking them during midday instead (or even in the morning under certain circumstances) is because of the energy boost Cordyceps may provide, which you would need to have expended first.


You wouldn’t be experiencing something like a caffeine crash once the energy boost runs out. Still, instead, you feel something akin to being more relaxed.


Taking them from morning to midday also resets your circadian rhythm or sleep-wake cycle of your internal clock – resulting in a good night’s sleep while feeling fully refreshed the next day you wake up! 


Factors To Consider When Timing Cordyceps Intake

You have to take into account the time of the day when you would be expending the most amount of energy along with the type of activity you are going to do when timing your Cordyceps intake.


It includes when waking up sluggish and needing power in the morning to do your daily activities, before exercising or working out, or whatever strenuous activity you have to deal with, needing to recover after being worn out, etc.


Benefits Of Taking Cordyceps Daily

Taking Cordyceps and making them a part of your daily routine are recommended for several reasons, such as allowing your body to reap its long-term benefits as soon as possible.


Taking them daily also enables maximum results as your internal systems adjust and integrate their benefits into your body, providing you with enhanced natural energy, a better sleep cycle, mood, improved endurance, stamina, etc.


Are There Any Potential Side Effects?

Cordyceps are considered generally safe, aside from the type of people on the list who shouldn’t take them. Any potential side effects that may occur are sporadic occurrences and aren’t life-threatening, such as a case of an upset stomach, diarrhea, and constipation.


Possible side effects could also be triggered mainly due to misuse, such as exceeding the recommended doses or poor quality and contaminated ingredients used.



How To Take Cordyceps?

Cordyceps could be consumed in a mushroom form via cooking or boiled into soup, or make a cup of Cordyceps tea. However, natural Cordyceps Sinensis is hard to acquire and could cost you a lot.


Also, authentic Cordyceps Sinensis is harvested from the wild and still includes the caterpillar they had grown out of!


If you don’t want to eat bugs or spend a fortune or waste a lot of time hunting, then you could settle for Cordyceps militaris (also known as Cordyceps flower), which are more affordable, accessible, and don’t involve having to eat bugs.


It’s because they could be cultivated Cordyceps and grown on standard mushroom substrates, so they don’t have to grow on bugs.


These supplements in the market use Cordyceps militaris for obvious and practical reasons. Besides, this species has the same benefits as traditional wild Cordyceps Sinensis.


Cordyceps Supplements

Cordyceps supplementation offers convenience and makes it achievable to take a daily dose. They are also more concentrated, so they have more beneficial active compounds than consuming them in their more natural form. Aside from Cordyceps capsules, here are more ways of consuming Cordyceps.


  • Cordyceps Tincture – Tinctures offer potency and allow you to absorb and reap the benefits of Cordyceps faster, as they are taken sublingually and quickly and can go directly through the bloodstream. 
  • Cordyceps Gummies – Gummies are great if you are always on the go, as you can take your Cordyceps anywhere and don’t even need a glass of water! Gummies also provide enjoyment by being able to savor a delicious taste, just like eating a regular gummy. 
  • Cordyceps Powders – Cordyceps powder offers the most versatility, from controlling your dosage to deciding if you want to apply your daily dose of mushroom powder via your meal or favorite beverage.  


Cordyceps Supplements Dosage Suggestions

How much Cordyceps should you take? Always stick to the recommended Cordyceps dosage provided by the manufacturer. Still, the universally agreed upon adult daily dosage is around 3 to 6 grams.


How Long Does It Take for Cordyceps To Work?

How long does cordyceps take to work? The short-term effects, such as the energy boost and physical performance buff, typically take around 30 mins to an hour after taking.


But as for the full benefits of Cordyceps, it varies from person to person, but they take approximately two weeks on average, taking into account that they are taken daily. 


Where To Get The Best Cordyceps Supplements?

When buying Cordyceps dietary supplements, your best bet is just ordering directly from manufacturers that use premiums ingredients and natural Cordyceps Militaris fruit body.


You get to save more since they are the direct source, and it is also easier to contact them should any issues arise. Also, order from a reputable online source, such as here at Golden Bloom Mushrooms! 


GBM uses premium quality functional mushrooms that have undergone their signature 100-day triple extraction process! Our supplements also contain superfood ingredients for synergistic and optimal effects!


In addition, we also offer awesome incentives, such as 20% off your first order, 20% off when you sign up for their email newsletter, and free shipping after a certain amount! 



When To Avoid Taking Cordyceps?

It was already implied before and might be evident for some already, but best to avoid taking Cordyceps before bedtime due to their energy-boosting properties unless you plan on staying up all night.


Can Cordyceps Be Taken On an Empty Stomach?

You can take Cordyceps on an empty stomach. However, it’s better to consume them after a meal to reduce the possibility of having side effects.


Who Shouldn’t Take Cordyceps?

While generally regarded as safe, the following should avoid them or consult their health care provider first: 


  • Allergic or sensitive to mushrooms.  
  • Taking medications regularly. 
  • Has an underlying health condition, such as an enlarged prostate, auto-immune diseases, and bleeding disorders. 
  • Have a scheduled surgery, including a dental one. 
  • Currently pregnant or breastfeeding. 



Final Thoughts – Best Time To Take Cordyceps

Ultimately, the best time to take Cordyceps depends upon your goal and activities that require a boost of energy the most. Whether it’s in powder form or powdered extract – this natural supplement has natural properties that may boost overall health. Who knows? It could be the missing piece towards better overall health.

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