Cordyceps capsules are the hottest trend right now, especially for people who prefer healthy alternatives to energy drinks and coffee. Backed by centuries of herbal usage in Chinese medicine, the caterpillar fungus is known to potentially elevate natural energy level, increase endurance & stamina, and improve holistic performance.


This medicinal mushroom may promote immune support, support a better nervous system, influence liver & heart health, increase libido, and enhance respiratory functions. But of course, to safely reap the plethora of medicinal benefits from the parasitic mushroom, you must buy capsule supplements from a reputable nutrition brand like Golden Bloom Mushrooms.


Through this post, we’ll journey into the world of Cordyceps. We’ll explore this mushroom species, the primary benefits, dosing suggestions, and more. Read on.



What Are Cordyceps Mushrooms?

Cordyceps comes from the Cordycipitaceae family, under the ascomycete fungi genus, with around 600 species in the world. For over fifteen centuries, Cordyceps has played a crucial role in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), mainly for increasing energy, stamina, and endurance for optimum performance.


As an adaptogen, the parasitic fungus has the potential to help your body manage stress well. With regular intake of the capsules formulated from the fruiting body and mycelium of Cordyceps, your body may gain the optimum strength to improve daily performances, improve respiratory functions, and boost your immunity in general.


Among all the species of Cordyceps worldwide, two are the most popular. Ophiocordyceps sinensis (O. sinensis, previously Cordyceps sinensis or C. sinensis) is commonly referred to as “Himalayan Viagra,” ‘DongChongXiaCao,” and “yartsa gunbu.”


The other species is Cordyceps militaris (C. militaris), which is easier for lab cultivation compared to O. Sinensis. C. militaris is a functional food with higher levels of cordycepin.


History Of Cordyceps

As a parasitic fungus, the life cycle of this fungus starts by infecting a host insect, particularly a caterpillar. The host is killed, and then the new mushroom emerges from the head.


In Latin, Cordyceps translates to “club” and “head,” which is very fitting to how the fungus conquers its host and a new life begins from the dead insect’s head.


Originally, this medicinal mushroom thrived in high elevations, which are rare and expensive. The average cost of one kilogram of wild Cordyceps is $30,000. That’s why many cultivators and mushroom brands opt for lab-grown caterpillar mushrooms to accommodate the demands of health channels.


Thanks to growing Cordyceps in laboratories and indoor cultivation, manufacturers can produce different kinds of mushroom herbal supplements, such as capsules.



What Are Cordyceps Capsules?

Cordyceps mushroom capsules are health supplements from the caterpillar fungus’s fruiting bodies and/or mycelium. The capsules are rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, cordycepin, adenosine, mannitol, nucleotide, polysaccharides (especially with Alpha and Beta Glucans), and unsaturated fatty acids.


This type of mushroom supplement is tasteless, odorless, and super convenient to use. Each Cordyceps capsule carries a wealth of health benefits. However, note that these are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.



Benefits Of Cordyceps: What Is Cordyceps Good For?

Traditional Chinese medicine has been used for centuries to alleviate symptoms of kidney diseases, fatigue, low libido, aging support, and other diseases. And now that the Western world has played “catch up” with the usage of Cordyceps, Americans can now enjoy this parasitic fungus’s potential health benefits.


May Boost Energy And Endurance

Cordyceps could potentially trigger a higher production of the ATP molecule or adenosine triphosphate, which is instrumental in distributing energy to the whole body. By taking the capsule supplement daily, your oxygen is properly utilized, allowing your body to achieve higher stamina and endurance, which improves your exercise or athletic performance.


May Promote Immunity Support

The caterpillar mushroom is jam-packed with beta-glucans, the primary polysaccharides that support immunity. With a multitude of immune-boosting properties in the mushroom capsules, you may experience an enormous boost in your immune defenses and fight off diseases.


May Support Respiratory Function

One of the major benefits of Cordyceps is the possible improvement of your respiratory system. The bioactive compounds of the parasitic fungus may allow the human body to utilize oxygen well. So you may enjoy an enhancement in your stamina and endurance while your respiration improves thanks to better oxygen utilization.


May Support Liver Health

Cordyceps is rich in prebiotics for the growth and development of good gut bacteria. So when you consume mushroom supplements daily, you may protect your stomach lining, liver, and digestive system from bacteria, diseases, and damage.


May Promote Heart Health

The caterpillar mushroom has the potential to reduce bad or LDL cholesterol levels. Note that high amounts of cholesterol can lead to heart disease. But with the potential of reduction of bad cholesterol thanks to mushroom capsules, you may enjoy better cardiovascular health.


May Boost Libido

Traditional Chinese medicine has viewed Cordyceps as an aphrodisiac. But unlike sex-boosting pills like Viagra, the mushroom capsules may naturally boost your libido, improve your fertility, and allow you to enjoy an enhanced sexual drive. However, note that it may take between one to two weeks before you start feeling the increase in libido.



How Are Cordyceps Mushroom Capsules Made?

Cordyceps capsules from Golden Bloom Mushrooms are made from dried and grounded mushroom fruiting bodies and mycelium. The “spray drying” extraction procedure involves hot water, and then the mushroom powder is encapsulated in a pullulan cover.


What Are The Capsules Made Of?

Capsules formulated from Cordyceps are made from fine mushroom powder and pullulan capsules. The encapsulation is healthy thanks to the vegan, gluten-free, gelatin-free, and starch-free pullulan substance. Additionally, the best capsules are made from a vegan substance like cellulose.


Ingredients To Avoid

In choosing the best Cordyceps-based capsules, choose a product that is made from 100% organic, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free ingredients. Avoid mushroom supplements that are filled with starch and artificial components.



Can I Take Cordyceps Mushroom Capsules Everyday?

Yes, it’s actually the best recommendation to take mushroom supplements daily. You should allow the bioactive compounds of Cordyceps to gather inside your body for best results.


Can I Take Cordyceps On An Empty Stomach?

Yes, it’s okay to drink mushroom capsules without food in your stomach. However, it’s still ideal to take it with food to eliminate the risk of having side effects or stomach upset.


How Long Does It Take For Cordyceps To Work?

Cordyceps-based capsules typically take one to two weeks to start working. The waiting is long, but when the effects start to show, you may gain superior health benefits for a long time.



Dosing Recommendations & Suggested Use

The dosage recommendation for capsules concocted from the caterpillar fungus is two pills a day. You may drink the capsules as is with water or open them and mix them with drinks and dishes. Consult your doctor for the right dosage if you have other medications.



What Other Types Of Cordyceps Dietary Supplement Are There?

Aside from Cordyceps-based mushroom capsules, there are also other forms of supplements such as chocolates, coffee, glycerites, and more.


But the more popular options are tinctures, gummies, and powders. In particular, the mushroom supplements from Golden Bloom Mushrooms are the best on the market. This mushroom brand follows a 120-day triple extraction process, with a 100% organic Cordyceps fruiting body and mycelium.


All ingredients in the mushroom tinctures, powders, and gummies are all-natural, with no added fillers, starch, or synthetic components.


Cordyceps Gummies

Cordyceps gummies are made from full-spectrum (mostly Cordyceps Sinensis) mushroom extract plus the super-added ingredient of Turmeric curcumin. The tasty candies are designed to boost energy and performance, especially with long-term intake.


For best results, one gummy per day is the suggestion. With no prep or water, you can easily munch on your daily dose of Cordyceps seamlessly.


Cordyceps Tinctures

Cordyceps tinctures are highly potent mushroom supplements that include botanical terpenes for added medicinal benefits and natural flavor. Tinctures are best consumed sublingually, so drop 1 ml of the liquid mushroom product under the tongue daily for at least a month.


Cordyceps Powders

Cordyceps powders are made from dried and “hot water” extracted from the mushroom fruiting body and mycelium. Powders can be made into capsule supplements, which are more convenient for consumption. But with regular mushroom powder, you can mix the supplement with water, drinks, baked goods, and food.



Do Mushroom Capsules Go Bad Or Expire?

Yes, mushroom capsules expire in six to twenty-four months. But if they’re exposed long-term to the environmental elements, the Cordyceps-based capsules may go bad or degrade sooner than expected.


How To Store Medicinal Mushroom Capsules?

The best storage method for mushroom capsules is keeping them inside the original bottle, which is designed to protect the pills. And it’s best to keep the supplements inside a dark area and somewhere cool too.  



Final Thoughts – Cordyceps Mushroom Capsules

The Cordyceps mushroom capsules are your best option when it comes to convenience in integrating the caterpillar fungus into your diet. With no prep, you can take the pills in seconds, no matter where you are.


In a week or two, the medicinal benefits of the caterpillar mushroom may start rushing in, so you may enjoy stronger and more powerful immune defenses against diseases.


The good news is Golden Bloom Mushrooms manufactures the most premium Cordyceps-based capsules on the market.

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