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Your introduction to Cordyceps Mushroom might have been less savory because of zombie-related media like games and films, or animal documentaries where they turn bugs into zombies. While it is true that they could turn bugs into zombies, they wouldn’t turn you into one! (A bit more on that later) 


Despite their common depiction in media, Cordyceps still have a positive reputation in East Asia, being part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and have spread around nearby parts.


On the western side, they are already well-known among those familiar with medicinal mushrooms and their health and wellness benefits. They are one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms, along with the likes of Shiitake, Reishi, Chaga, Lion’s Mane, and Turkey Tail, to name a few. 


Read more about this “superfood” and what makes them so amazing and effective!


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What Is The Cordyceps Mushroom?

Cordyceps, sometimes called Chinese caterpillar fungus, scientific name Ophiocordyceps Sinensis,  is an entomopathogenic fungus in the family Ophiocordycipitaceae.


Cordyceps barely look like mushrooms and more like headless bean sprouts or smooth tentacles. There are around 600 known species classified under 2 main types.


Cordyceps are known for their nutritional and purported medicinal value, mainly used in supplements stemming from traditional Chinese medicine. They are consumed more for their health and wellness benefits than for culinary purposes due to their limited availability.


What Has Cordyceps Been Used For Traditionally?

Cordyceps has been a part of traditional Chinese medicine since 1757 AD. They are being utilized to boost strength, restore energy, reduce fatigue, promote youthfulness and longevity, and improve sex drive and overall quality of life.


Where Does Cordyceps Grow?

Cordyceps had a worldwide distribution but could be mainly found in China and other parts of Asia, such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, and Bhutan. They thrive in tropical jungles and in humid temperatures.


Wild cordyceps grow on insects, plants, and other fungi, depending on the species. Cordyceps Sinensis, which grow on insects, are the premium, really expensive ones.


Their growing methods couldn’t be replicated with artificial cultivation, and they have to be harvested from the wild, thus making them impractical for supplement use. (Also, the idea of them having grown from bugs isn’t exactly appealing, especially if you are picky when it comes to insects)


Cordyceps Militaris, or the ones that grow on other fungi and plants, offer just about the same nutritional value without involving growing on bugs.


It is possible to grow organic cordyceps Militaris mushrooms indoors, which could be achieved by reproducing the optimal growing conditions in an enclosed and controlled environment. They could also be grown via artificial cultivation, such as using white rice or soy substrate as a host.


Despite such a method, they still don’t fall under those “fake” grain-grown mushrooms since they grow a fruiting body! It makes Cordyceps Militaris the practical and ideal choice for these supplements!


Cordyceps Sinensis Vs. Cordyceps Militaris

Cordyceps are all parasitic, but depending on the species, the host could vary from insects and arthropods or other fungi and plants.


The infamous cordyceps species that control and turn ants and insects into zombies are under Cordyceps Sinensis, while the ones that grow on plants and logs are Cordyceps Militaris, which are also consumed or used in supplements.



How Does Cordyceps Make You Feel?

Cordyceps can make you feel more lively and energetic and in peak condition, such as a boost in strength, endurance, and stamina. Aside from the physical perks, you’d also feel more focused and mentally alert.


As a true “superfood,” Cordyceps can slow the effects of aging and stress, helping you in keeping your body free from ailments, and boost energy levels to keep you going all day long!



Benefits of Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps offers many benefits ranging from boosting energy and stamina, and increasing vitality, to providing mental clarity. With a history of usage worth centuries, more recent research and studies prove that its beneficial claims aren’t merely placebo! What follows are some of its benefits with scientific backing.


May Boost Energy & Exercise Performance

Cordyceps improves the way the body utilizes oxygen and provides energy to your muscles, which is valuable in physical activities such as sports and working out. Specifically, it’s because Cordyceps increases the molecule responsible for it, ATP or adenosine triphosphate.


Anti-Aging Properties 

Being considered an “elixir of life,” Cordyceps” isn’t that far off, thanks to its anti-aging properties. Major contributors to aging and diseases are free radicals that damage the cells, leading to things such as wrinkles. Most mushrooms, especially Cordyceps, are rich in antioxidants which help fight those free radicals. 


May Promote Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Cordyceps mimics the actions of insulin thanks to some special type of sugar it contains. It greatly helps lower blood sugar levels. It also has natural properties to improve the immune system.


Anti-Inflammatory & Antioxidant Properties

The right amount of inflammation is good, but having too much is harmful, and Cordyceps help by suppressing inflammation thanks to some special protein it contains. Fortunately, natural Cordyceps Sinensis and cultured Cordyceps mycelia have high antioxidant activity.


Anti-aging aside, antioxidants also lessen chronic oxidative stress, which helps prevent its health risks. In addition, this traditional Chinese medicine may help in treating chronic kidney disease and kidney transplant patients.


Promotes Heart Health

Cordyceps help protect the heart thanks to containing adenosine, a naturally occurring compound. Studies conducted on mice have shown that Cordyceps help in decreasing bad cholesterol.


It would only be a matter of time before Cordyceps gained more approval for use in medical science. China had already taken a step ahead by approving Cordyceps to help treat the irregular heartbeat condition arrhythmia. 



How To Use Cordyceps Mushrooms?

Cordyceps are a delicious, healthy, and nutritious addition to dishes. But when fully reaping its benefits, these functional supplements are the most efficient way to do so.


In mushroom supplements, the beneficial components come in a more concentrated form and tinier portions. Without such unnecessary components, it allows the body to break them down easier to better absorb those nutrients, allowing the body to gain the benefits much faster.


Efficiency aside, supplements are also more convenient to take daily or regularly. Because let’s face it, not everyone could cook or do it well, and mushrooms, while great tasting and flexible, just couldn’t be added to all kinds of recipes.


Also, for anyone who could cook, not anyone always had the luxury of time to do so, and preparation also takes some time, especially in this busy era.


There is also the issue of price and availability, with actual cordyceps being quite rare and pricey. If you are growing your own, you might run out if used daily.  If you’re taking any medications or with underlying conditions, consult your healthcare provider before using Cordyceps as a part of your herbal therapy.


Cordyceps Supplements

Cordyceps herbal supplements are a cheaper, quicker, more convenient, and more accessible way to reap the benefits of Cordyceps. These supplements come in various forms to cater to your preferences on how you wish to take your dietary supplements. 


Here are the different types of Cordyceps supplements and how they can be utilized. 


  • Tinctures (liquid drops) – A drop of this is meant to be taken sublingually or under the tongue, and this is also the fastest way to reap its benefits! Tinctures also offer versatility, as they could also be added to your favorite meals or beverage. 


  • Gummies – Offer similar convenience to capsules and pills but also allow you to savor them a bit more! Most are in great-tasting flavors that mask the taste of the concentrated Cordyceps extract. (Mushrooms extracts tend to taste different from fresh and dried mushrooms)


  • Capsules & Pills – These are the best for speed and convenience; swallow them, then be on your way! Ideal for people who are always on the go. 


  • Powders – The most versatile option, they are meant to be added to beverages, protein shake, or dishes and turn them into something better! They also add more flavor to your dishes or drinks and allow you to control the dosage better. 


Cordyceps Dosage Serving Suggestions – Supplements

The standard dosage set used in human research is from 1000+ mg to 3000+ mg per day. This range has been set as the standard as there were no experienced associated side effects. Certain health benefits have also been discovered in this range.


So, for a capsule that contains 1050 mg, then take one daily or only up to two if your activity demands it.



When To Take Cordyceps?

Cordyceps are best taken in the morning, or at least in the afternoon if you have a good reason to, such as your workout time is in the afternoon, since Cordyceps also serve as a performance enhancer.


Should I Take Cordyceps At Night?

There is a reason why it was previously recommended they are best taken during the morning. Only take them at nighttime if you plan to be active and awake all night.


Regarding functional mushrooms, not all work the same way. Mushrooms such as Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane are best taken in the morning, as they can reset your circadian rhythm with a more energizing effect when taken in the morning after a good night’s sleep. Other mushrooms like Reishi are best taken before bedtime.


Can You Take Cordyceps Daily? 

Cordyceps are recommended to take daily, for you to gain the full benefits as soon as possible. However, it would be best to avoid exceeding the recommended daily doses. The average dose taken by adults is around 3 to 6 grams (1000 mg to 3000 mg) orally daily for up to a year. 


Does Cordyceps Work Right Away?

Short-term “boost” effects, such as enhancing your energy and mental alertness, could be felt almost instantly. Compare it to coffee, but without the downsides of caffeine. 


Based on the average feedback from actual users, some results are usually felt in as little as one week of cordyceps use. It is also based on those who have used them daily. 


When Will You Get The Full Benefits Of Cordyceps?

Based on the average feedback from actual users who had used them daily, most have felt their desired results around 2 weeks of cordyceps use. Feeling the full benefits requires some patience as your body is in the process of absorbing and working together with them. You’ll notice the difference, such as feeling more lively and less lethargic.


Can Cordyceps Be Used Long Term?

Yes, Cordyceps work in the long-term, and it is best to start taking them as soon as possible to reap their beneficial effects much earlier. Cordyceps could also be taken as long as you like, even if you could already feel its benefits.




Where to Buy Cordyceps Supplements?

Cordyceps mushroom supplements are available in various health stores, but ordering online and directly from the manufacturers is more convenient. Ordering online allows you to better research a brand or product rather than just grabbing a bottle from the shelf and testing things out.


Buying directly from the manufacturer also allows you to contact customer service much easier, should any issues arise. Another thing with buying at stores is that they are resellers, so they don’t have an actual idea about the product. Since they are resellers, you are also getting them at higher prices.


When you buy online directly from a manufacturer like Golden Bloom, you save a lot without setting foot outside and have the products delivered right to your doorstep! Not to mention, we use real mushrooms!


Why shop around when you can save money and time with Golden Bloom, which offers the best quality functional mushroom supplements from Cordyceps to Lion’s Mane?



Why Choose Golden Bloom For Cordyceps? 

Cordyceps herbal supplements from Golden Bloom aren’t ordinary, as they are a unique blend of Cordyceps and Turmeric Curcumin! Turmeric offers some of the same benefits as Cordyceps, such as anti-fatigue, so their combined effects are enhanced!


We make our supplements from their fruiting bodies for more unique effects, like reducing muscle soreness and synergizing well!


Golden Bloom uses organic mushrooms and applies their signature triple extraction process, providing higher-than-normal concentrations of beta-glucans, erinacines, and hericenones. Premium ingredients aside, Golden Bloom follows the best brand standards and practices and offers good pricing.


By choosing Golden Bloom, you are subject to awesome deals and incentives such as 20% off your first order, 20% off when you sign up for their email newsletter, free shipping when you have spent $65 or more!


Can You Eat Raw Or Fresh Cordyceps?

While the fruiting body of a cordyceps could be eaten raw and is safe, you shouldn’t do so as it doesn’t taste good and is not edible. If you want to consume it raw because you are thinking about the nutritional value, cooking it doesn’t really decrease the nutritional value, and it would bring out its delicious flavor too!


Natural and fresh cordyceps are hard to obtain and could get pricey, so your best bet is those dried ones. Cordyceps are versatile and compatible with many dishes; they make a delicious addition to soups and pasta – sprinkle a bit of dried cordyceps into the dish you are cooking to add some magic!


Can You Make Your Own Dish Using Cordyceps Mushrooms?

As mentioned before, yes, you definitely can! (As opposed to attempting to eat them raw). You could make Cordyceps chicken soup, for example, by adding it along with other tasty ingredients such as Shiitake mushrooms and sweet corn!


Mushrooms go well with pasta, and Cordyceps is no exception. Whether it is linguine or spaghetti, Cordyceps make great toppings. And don’t forget that extra-virgin olive oil!


Want something even more simple? Then go for a simple poached cordyceps. All you need is water for the liquid, then add some simple seasonings such as salt, sugar, and sesame oil. You could also add some Sichuan pepper oil for a more oriental flavor! 


What Does Raw Cordyceps Taste Like?

Raw cordyceps taste bitter and kind of earthy. But if cooked without additional ingredients, the taste could be best described as mild-tasting with a hint of sweetness as an aftertaste.


Benefits Of Fresh Cordyceps Vs Cordyceps Supplements

Eating fresh cordyceps would provide you with a delicious, hearty meal full of nutrients and therapeutic benefits, and the same could be said with dried ones, except a fresh one tastes much better.


As mentioned before, taking cordyceps in supplement form is more optimal. One could absorb the beneficial components at maximum and process them much faster, so your body could feel the full wellness benefits much earlier. Being in a concentrated formulation in supplement form, they also provide a bit more beneficial properties.



Do Mushroom Cordyceps Supplements Expire Or Go Bad?

Just like everything with natural ingredients, Cordyceps supplements eventually do expire. Cordyceps supplements have an average lifespan of one year, depending on the product and manufacturer. Store them properly to prevent them from going bad even before they reach the expiration date. 


How To Store Cordyceps Supplements?

In storing Cordyceps supplements, the general rule of “store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight” still applies.


In most cases, they do not replace their original containers, as they are specially created to allow the supplements to have the longest shelf life possible, with properties such as being air-tight and having a shade of dark amber to further reduce exposure to light.


Certain supplements, such as oils and tinctures, are best refrigerated. Always read the instructions on properly storing your specific type of supplement.



Is Cordyceps Safe? 

Cordyceps are generally safe. Only people with certain conditions may want to avoid them, such as: 


  1. Men with an enlarged prostate and prostate cancer.
  2. Anyone with auto-immune diseases.  
  3. Those with bleeding disorders. 


Anyone in the following current conditions or about to undergo the following scenarios should temporarily avoid them until they’re done: 


  1. Pregnant and breastfeeding women. 
  2. Have scheduled surgery, including dental surgery. 


Potential Side Effects Of Cordyceps

Cordyceps are generally safe, but anyone not accustomed to adaptogenic mushrooms might experience potential side effects such as indigestion and bloating if taken on higher doses than the recommended ones.  


No formal studies have been conducted yet to examine the safety of Cordyceps in humans. However, Cordyceps has a long-standing history of use in China since ancient times as part of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, so they are definitely non-toxic.


The Chinese government had already classified Cordyceps as a natural drug and recognized it as safe, gaining approval for Cordyceps CS-4 approval for hospital use. 


Can I Take Cordyceps On An Empty Stomach? 

Cordyceps supplements are fine to be taken on an empty stomach or with food. Regarding daily intake, taking them at the same time every day is most convenient for you, as forming a habit of taking them daily maximizes their effectiveness.



Final Thoughts: Cordyceps

Cordyceps places your body at peak performance, which would be amazing for athletes and anyone actively engaging in sports. 


But you don’t have to be just an athlete or player to experience the myriad of benefits Cordyceps offers. If you always feel fatigued, tired, performing poorly, and acting like a zombie at work or university, you could give Cordyceps a shot!


Wish to maintain your beauty and youthful glow? Then Cordyceps are there for you! Cordyceps places the human body at its best and is great for your overall health and wellness.


Cordyceps supplementation offers many potential benefits, but it can’t treat, cure or prevent any condition. The Food and Drug Administration has not approved it yet as a drug. You still need to support it with a healthy diet and exercise performance.

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