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Mushroom supplements are a popular craze that captured the heart of health-conscious people. These wellness products are usually available at discounted prices – thanks to deals like the Field And Forest promo. There are also other fungus products out there, like the premium ones from Golden Bloom Mushrooms that also offers a fantastic deal of 20% off.


With all the promotions floating around, you’ll never run out of mushroom supplements to buy. You can expect superior goodness and quality from Field & Forest Products and Golden Bloom Mushrooms. Let’s check what they are beneath the surface.



Field And Forest Coupon Code

The Field And Forest coupon code gives you 10% off your overall purchase. Simply enter the code QGXPJW upon checkout.


The brand has no other existing deals like Field and Forest military discount or student deals. But you may subscribe to their newsletter to get updated on the latest Field and Forest promo codes. Who knows, maybe you can also get Field and Forest e-gift card.



About Field And Forest

Since 1983, Field & Forest Products has supported various mushroom gardens and farms. This wellness company practices sustainability and renewability by following the best ecological mushroom cultivation and harvest methods. The founders of Field & Forest Products are fungiphiles, Joe Krawczyk and Mary Ellen Kozak. The spawn company started with the two of them, and almost four decades later, the business has grown significantly and now includes many happy mushroom professionals.



Field And Forest Products

The mushrooms from Field & Forest Products are cultivated on logs with the application of cheese wax. They aim for organic, sustainable cultivation to support the environment and produce the highest quality mushroom extracts.


Using the Field And Forest discount code, you can buy the following mushroom supplements and save 10%. No need to wait for the Black Friday sale. Simply copy and paste the code on the checkout page, and you’ll receive the discounted price.


7 Mushroom Tincture



The fusion tincture of Field & Forest items is concocted using seven functional mushrooms. This mushroom tincture promotes overall health by enhancing brain functions, strengthening immunity, lowering blood pressure & bad cholesterol, and improving circulation.


Due to the outdoor cultivation of mushrooms on logs, the extracts contain high levels of bioactive compounds. They also get native mushrooms from the wild forests. One bottle of the fusion tincture contains 4 oz of seven fungi extracts. The oil drops can be delivered under the tongue or mixed with drinks.


Reishi East-West Mushroom Tincture



The Reishi East-West Mushroom Tincture is a powerful blend of Ganoderma lucidum and Ganoderma tsugae species. Better known as the “mushroom of immortality”, Reishi promotes a stronger immune system. This mushroom is rich with vitality-enriching compounds and may support better adrenal functions.


Both species of Reishi contain anti-inflammatory properties that curtail the time it takes to recover from injuries, joint tension, muscle sores, and bodily aches. They may help to lower blood pressure levels, regulate hormones, and relieve stress & allergy. Indeed, Reishi is the perfect mushroom for a superior boost of immunity through tinctures.


Using 100% Reishi fruiting bodies, Field & Forest Products creates high-quality, organic mushroom tinctures. The two Reishi species come from outdoor log cultivation and natural woodlands. The good news is the immunity-boosting Reishi tincture is available at a lower cost by using Field And Forest discount codes.


Chaga Tea



If mushroom tincture is not your style, then Chaga tea is another option. The Chaga mushroom comes from the Great Lakes’ northern forest, so you can expect organic growth with natural bioactive compounds.


Slow brewing is the best process of making Chaga tea. You can freeze the product and reuse them four times more. This delicious tea is perfect for breakfast, snack time, lunch, and before bedtime.


The  Chaga tea is good as it is, but you can add honey or organic sweetener if you wish. Additionally, if you want to experience a fusion of multiple mushrooms in your tea, add a few drops of this fusion tincture or Reishi tincture to your nutritious Chaga tea.



Similar Discounts & Mushroom Products

Promo codes are a great help in this era where prices have gone through the roof. Aside from the Field And Forest coupon code, you will find other deals on the market with similar mushroom supplements. However, not all deals are the same.


Sometimes, one brand has the lowest discount rate, and in a few months, their promotion is on top of the list. What does not change is the quality of the products. So find a nutrition brand that maintains the quality of their mushroom supplements regardless of the discount scheme.


With that said, trust that Golden Bloom Mushrooms has the highest-quality mushroom gummies and tinctures. We have a promotional deal that is great, too.



Golden Bloom Mushrooms Coupon Code (20%)

Golden Bloom Mushrooms created the promo code GBPROMO20 that gives a 20% discount to anyone who uses it to buy mushroom products on their official website. This deal doubles the promotion rate of Field & Forest Products, which is definitely good for consumers.


Plus, their products are more well-known for superior quality, potency, and all-natural flavor. This brand uses only 100% organic, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients. The mushrooms are grown in non-GMO farms and processed in a cruelty-free manner.


At Golden Bloom Mushrooms, you’ll find mushroom gummies and tinctures with the richest amounts of beta-glucans, thanks to the 120-day triple extraction procedure. There are at least 14 functional mushrooms involved in the formulation of products, plus Ashwagandha extract, Bacopa monnieri, and Turmeric curcumin.


The fusion of herbs and mushrooms significantly promotes immunity. The medicinal properties of fungi and herbs strengthen the immune defenses of the body, giving you a strong army to battle diseases.


Golden Bloom Mushrooms is popular in the health and wellness industry for its premium products. They always have great deals for their customers, like the 20% off for your first purchase. On a regular basis, you’ll receive emails concerning new products, updates, deals, and incentives.


If you sign up for the email newsletter, another 20% savings is up for grabs on your return. Also, Golden Bloom Mushrooms offers free shipping for all purchases over $65. And your order is protected by the 100% 30-day satisfaction guarantee. You don’t have to wait for Black Friday deals because this voucher code is already up for grabs.


Complex Blend Mushroom Supplements


GB Mushroom Immunity and Wellness


The complex blend mushroom supplements from Golden Bloom Mushrooms are a fusion of 14 medicinal fungi for optimum immune system improvement. This popular nutrition brand chose only the best mushroom species for the formulation. These include Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, Maitake, Chaga, Shiitake, Oyster mushroom, Poria, Turkey Tail, Blazei, Mesima, True Tinder Polypore, Suehirotake, and Agarikon.


We also added powerful herbs such as Ashwagandha, Turmeric curcumin, and Bacopa monnieri. All the ingredients for this complex blend are 100% organic, vegan, and all-natural.


Immunity mushroom gummies and tinctures from multiple mushroom species are effective in strengthening the immunity, gut, heart, and nervous system. The mushroom supplements improve your overall health, especially with regular usage.


Take one gummy or 2ml tincture daily for at least one month, and experience an improvement in your health after a week or two. So, shop online, use our available coupon codes, and save money.


Focus & Memory Mushroom Supplements


GB Mushrooms Brain & Memory Mushroom Supplements


The focus & memory mushroom supplements are formulated using the fruiting bodies and mycelium of Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps. The full-spectrum extraction process of the mushrooms is perfect for producing high levels of the polysaccharide beta-glucans and other nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Because of the triple extraction process, beta-glucans are higher in supplements compared to other brands.


Lion’s Mane + Cordyceps mushroom supplements are perfect for improving brain functions. They help remove brain fog, so you experience utter mental clarity, enhanced focus, cognition, and learning – that’s thanks to Lion’s Mane, the brain mushroom.


Additionally, mushroom products are good for boosting energy due to the Cordyceps ingredient. So by taking the Lion’s Mane + Cordyceps mushrooms supplements, you gain a boost of focus & memory, and physical energy. Don’t wait up for Black Friday promotions; use our available coupons now.


Energy & Performance Mushroom Supplements


GB Mushrooms Energy & Performance Mushroom Supplements


A natural energy boost is healthier than fast-acting, synthetic, chemically-formulated energy products. The Cordyceps gummies and tinctures take effect after seven to fourteen days. Yes, it’s a long time, but patience is rewarded immensely once the result starts to manifest.


Aside from the obvious surge of natural energy, the Cordyceps mushroom supplements are also instrumental in improving your gut & heart health, supporting your immune & nervous systems, and enhancing brain functions. So, don’t miss out on the optimum benefits of Cordyceps mushroom gummies and tinctures.



Final Thoughts – Field And Forest Coupons

Using the Field And Forest promo code allows you to save 10% off the brand’s wellness products. However, Golden Bloom Mushrooms has a bigger promotion at 20% off sitewide. That’s twice the savings, so the right choice is a no-brainer.


Plus, the mushroom supplements from Golden Bloom Mushrooms are the most premium products in the health and wellness industry. The gummies and tinctures are 100% organic, all-natural, and vegan. Each tasty treat and every drop of oil is pure, therapeutic, and potent.


So don’t miss your chance to consume the highest quality mushroom products on the market. Visit Golden Bloom Mushrooms today and use the promo code GBPROMO20.


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