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Have you considered taking Lion’s Mane Mushroom Capsules as part of your daily supplements to keep your brain properly functioning? 


With the rising cases of anxiety and depression due to the average hectic and fast-paced stressful lifestyle, Lion’s Mane might be the solution we seek. Thankfully, Lion’s Mane capsules do exist!



What Are Lion’s Mane Mushrooms?

Lion’s Mane is perhaps the most well-known functional mushroom, famous for its benefits on brain health. Despite being a popular mushroom, it barely resembles one and instead looks like the Mane of a lion. This mushroom thrives from late summer to fall, grows on hardwood, and has a widespread distribution throughout the world from North America to Europe and Asia. 


History Of Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane is called “Hou Tou Gu” in Chinese or “Yamabushitake” in Japanese and has an extensive history of use in Asia, where it served as part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, which had also spread and adopted into the traditional Japanese medical system.


Hou Tou Gu is utilized as a tonic in the form of tea for the primary purpose of nourishing gut health, general vigor, and helping rid of insomnia while also incorporating the belief in “Qi” or “Chi,” which is life energy.


Hou Tou Gu is also believed to replenish the Qi in the 5 main internal organs: the heart, spleen, lung, liver, and kidney. It is thought that sleep deprivation, weakness, poor digestive health, and heart health are attributed to the lack of Qi.



What Are Lion’s Mane Mushroom Capsules?

Lion’s Mane mushroom capsules are what the name says, which are Lion’s Mane mushroom supplements in the form of capsules. Such mushroom dietary supplement capsules contain Lion’s Mane mushroom’s usually powdered (or rarely liquified) extract.



Benefits Of Lion’s Mane: What Is Lion’s Mane Good For?

Lion’s Mane offers more than just brain-boosting benefits. Here are the other health and wellness benefits that Lion’s Mane offers that make them really worth taking:


May Support Mental Clarity & Cognitive Function

Lion’s Mane provides a lot of beneficial effects for the nervous system health, which may result in better brain health and, in turn, lead to improved cognitive function. Lion’s Mane contains 2 unique beneficial compounds, hericenones, and erinacines, that stimulate and promote the growth and production of brain nerve cells, which may also help protect the brain and restore damaged cells. On the other hand, nerve support may help with mental clarity, focus, and memory.


May Offer Anti-Inflammatory Support

Lions Mane may help lower inflammation levels thanks to its oligosaccharide content, a carbohydrate that contains immunomodulatory effects that help reduce proinflammatory cytokines in the gut.


May Provide Immunity Support 

The immune-stimulating effects of Lion’s Mane activate the innate immune system cells, which increases your chance of staying protected against illness-containing agents such as viruses and bacteria. In addition, it may help in providing a balanced immune response.


May Offer Digestive Support

Lion’s Mane may offer digestive support due to its prebiotic content. It also leads to a domino effect as the activity and presence of more good bacteria keep your gut protected by hampering the ability of the harmful bacteria to cause inflammation and other damage in the digestive tract. 


May Promote Heart Health

Lion’s Mane may help reduce the risk of heart disease and keep your heart healthy because of its properties that help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol in your bloodstream, which, if left unchecked, may clog the artery walls and lead to a risk of a heart attack.


May Promote A Positive Mood Support

The ability of Lion’s Mane to help increase nerve growth factor and produce brain support that may improve the function of that part of the brain responsible for our emotional responses. This mushroom may also help ease stress due to its adaptogenic and antidepressant-like properties, which have the potential to serve as support against mild cases of anxiety and depression.



How Are Lion’s Mane Capsules Made?

Lion’s Mane supplement capsules are generally made by having an actual Lion’s Mane mushroom purified and undergoing an extraction process by dissolving them in a solvent that is typically water and/or alcohol.


The resulting liquid extract generally is spray dried to convert them into powder form, which makes it possible to place inside the typical capsule. Soaking the mushrooms in the solution may take at least a month, making this a long and tedious process for the average person.


Alternatively, some manufacturers use grounded medicinal mushrooms or powder to produce different mushroom supplements.


What Are The Capsules Made Of?

The capsules can be made of various materials, such as gelatin, which may be vegetable or animal-based. Cellulose is for those who want to be sure that the capsules are free from animal by-products.


Ingredients To Avoid

Ingredients to be avoided are those that could be considered as fillers and additives. Consider it a red flag if the ingredients list the likes of wheat, brown rice, oats, mycelium grown on grain, or mycelial biomass. 



Can I Take Lion’s Mane Capsules Everyday?

Yes! It is recommended to take them daily and make them a part of your daily routine, as these allow you to reap the benefits as soon as possible.


How Long Does It Take For Lion’s Mane To Work?

While it varies per person, the short-term effects, such as improved concentration, are usually felt within an hour. Meanwhile, the long-term benefits may take an average of 2 to 4 weeks to kick in, assuming they are taken daily. 



Dosing Recommendations & Suggested Use

The recommended dose is an average of 2 capsules every day. But it’s better to consult a healthcare professional for the right dose, especially if you have a medical condition. Always follow the recommended dose of the manufacturer, especially if you are new to mushroom supplements.


You may take capsules the traditional way by swallowing them, followed by a glass of water. But capsules could also be popped open and added to your drink or meal. Avoid taking it with an empty stomach to avoid having stomach upset.



What Other Types Of Lion’s Mane Supplements Are There?

Capsules aside, there are also other forms of mushroom supplements to cater to your personal preferences in how to take them. 


Lion’s Mane Gummies

Lion’s Mane gummies are no different from taking candy daily – which could also be eaten anywhere without the need for a drink. Gummies also tend to have amazing flavor, just like the “Focus” gummies from Golden Bloom Mushrooms.


Lion’s Mane Tinctures

Lion’s Mane tinctures allow you to reap its benefits fast and as soon as possible, as they go directly through the bloodstream since they are taken underneath the tongue.


Some tinctures taste good enough to be added to beverages and not ruin or even enhance the taste – such as with “Focus” tinctures from Golden Bloom Mushrooms, which also have a citrus-like flavor.


Lion’s Mane Powders

Lion’s Mane Powders are for those who want to add their daily dose of Lion’s Mane to their food or drinks.



Do Mushroom Capsules Go Bad Or Expire?

Anything with a natural ingredient could go bad if not properly stored and would eventually expire regardless. Always watch out for the expiration date!


How To Store Functional Mushroom Capsules?

Always follow the golden rule of storing them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Refrigeration may not be necessary for capsules, but they’ll be fine if kept that way.



Final Thoughts: Lion’s Mane Mushroom Capsules

Lion’s Mane Mushroom Capsules are a convenient and easy way to incorporate a daily dose of Lion’s Mane into your diet. With a healthy diet ad exercise, this brain mushroom may help restore that brain to its former glory, along with many other health and wellness benefits. 

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