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You definitely had eaten a Maitake Mushroom in a Japanese hot pot. Maitake is already popular among Asian cuisine gourmets. However, Maitake is also getting attention from researchers, health buffs, and medicinal mushroom enthusiasts, as they also offer many health benefits! 


Maitake could grow up to 100 pounds or 45 kilograms in Japan. It is also frequently added to Nabemono or Japanese hot pot dishes. Those are some reasons why the Japanese name is the most well-known and often used.


If you are often experiencing stress, then you may want to incorporate Maitake into your daily diet, and the way you could do so is via Maitake supplements. 


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What Are Maitake Mushrooms?

Maitake (Grifola frondosa) is among the world’s most beneficial functional mushrooms. The name is Japanese and translates as the dancing mushroom (Mai = Dance, Take = Mushroom), perfectly describing the beautiful array of overlapping caps resembling a bird’s plumage. Due to its bird-like appearance, it is known as the “hen-of-the-woods” in Europe and North America. 


Their distinct appearance also allows for easier identification if you spot them in the wild. Only the Black Staining mushroom bares a resemblance to it, even the taste, but instead had a rubbery texture. 


What Has Maitake Been Used For Traditionally?

Maitake has been used for centuries in Japan and China as a culinary mushroom. Thanks to their delicious taste and succulent texture, they are one of Japan and China’s major culinary and edible mushrooms.


Where & How Does Maitake Grow?

While well-known as being native to east Asia, the distribution of Maitake also turns out to be more spread out since some are also found in Europe and North America.

As a polypore mushrooms, they spawn at the base of trees such as old maples and oaks. They thrive the most during late summer and early autumn.


What Does Maitake Mushroom Taste Like? 

Maitake has a rich, earthy, peppery flavor and succulent texture. They are also great at absorbing the flavors in a dish. It would also be good to offset them with robust, savory, and salty flavors when you cook them.


The softer caps should also be cooked thoroughly. Maitake is best known as a culinary mushroom than a medicinal mushroom, after all!



What Is Maitake Mushroom Good For?

Maitake is best known as a culinary mushroom, but it also provides a lot of health and medicinal properties.


Maitake mushrooms have been shown to manage stress levels, support healthy blood sugar levels, reduce high cholesterol levels, promote digestive health, assist with weight management, and boost immune function! 



Maitake Mushroom Benefits

Maitake could also be considered a “Super Food” due to its great taste and myriad of amazing health-promoting properties. Some studies found that Maitake D-Fraction has properties that may induce apoptosis of breast cancer cells, tumor growth, and prevent other cancerous cells.


We will go into more detail about these awesome benefits, each with a link or links to studies to prove that their benefits also have scientific backing! 


Provides Adaptogenic Support

Stress also leads to anxiety and fatigue and could negatively affect your overall well-being. Maitake provides your body with the ability to help ward off stress.


That’s because Maitake is classified as an Adaptogen, which are plants, herbs, and mushrooms that contain properties that help counter stress’s effects.


Supports Healthy Blood Sugar & Cholesterol Levels

Anyone with diabetes would definitely benefit from adding Maitake to their regular diet. Maitake helps balance blood sugar levels by lowering them thanks to the presence of Polysaccharides. 


Maitake contains beta-glucan, which checks your blood glucose levels and controls high blood pressure, which keeps your heart healthy.


Promotes a Healthy Gut Flora

Maitake improves your digestive health because it contains prebiotics, compounds that induce good bacteria to thrive to the point that there wouldn’t be space for bad bacteria, which in turn also aids in digestion. 


Supports Weight Management

Maitake works in 2 ways to help you manage your weight. Maitake is rich in fiber, making you feel fuller but not bloated, minimizing potential weight gain. The effects of Maitake on blood sugar also improve fat metabolism.


Promotes Immune Health

Maitake helps protect your body by boosting a healthy immune function. Stimulating the immune system gives protection from infections and prevents you from catching ailments such as colds.



How To Use Maitake Mushrooms?

As a famous culinary mushroom, the answer is quite obvious, add them to your dishes! Since you can’t have Nabemono daily, they also make a delicious addition to other recipes such as soups and pasta.


But what about those who can’t cook or are horrible cooks? Or do they not have the luxury of time to do so? Don’t fret, as mushroom supplements do exist.


For anyone really after only the benefits from Maitake, supplements are also the most optimal way. Being in extracted, concentrated form, it allows your body to absorb and work with the benefits much faster.


Maitake Supplements

Mushroom supplements come in several forms, each with its own advantages and perks.   


  • Tinctures (liquid drops) – Tinctures top the list when reaping the benefits as soon as possible! But to do so, you have to take them the way they are meant to be: sublingually, a.k.a. underneath your tongue. If you don’t mind waiting a bit for the benefits, Tinctures also offer versatility, as they could be added to your favorite meals or beverages.


  • Gummies – Gummies offer convenience while also allowing you to enjoy gummies taste! Coming in various flavors, they also mask the taste of the concentrated maitake mushroom extract. (Which is quite different from the taste of actual Maitake that has been cooked)


  • Capsules & Pills – This edible mushroom is great for people who are always on the go, offering both convenience and speed! It’s just like taking your daily vitamins or pills.


  • Powders – They are meant to be added to dishes and beverages like protein shakes, adding the delicious flavor of Maitake! Powders also have the perk of allowing you to control the dosage better. 


Maitake Dosage Serving Suggestions

The recommended daily dose should be around 2,000 mg = 2 grams. The Maitake content varies from product to product, so if a gummy or a capsule contains 1,000 mg of Maitake, take up to 2 daily. If the label says 1 drop from a tincture = 966 mg, then take 2 daily, etc.


The recommended 2,000 mg daily dose is the current range agreed upon as health benefits have mostly been discovered in this range, and also, there were no experienced associated side effects.


How Long Does It Take For Maitake Mushroom To Show Results?

If you are new to using a Maitake supplement, it could take about three weeks of daily use to establish its benefits. It is based on the average feedback from users who have used them daily. 



When It’s Best To Take Maitake Mushroom Supplements?

You may take Maitake at whatever point in the day best suits your schedule, as Maitake isn’t like Cordyceps, which boosts your energy, or Reishi, which makes you sleepy. If they are part of a blend, consider the other mushrooms included.



Where To Buy Maitake Mushroom Supplements?

They could be found at health stores, but since those are resellers, they are much more expensive, so it’s best to order online directly from a brand such as Golden Bloom.


By ordering directly from the manufacturer, you get to save more, and also, they are easier to contact should any issues arise.



Why Choose Golden Bloom For Maitake Mushroom Supplements?

Golden Bloom Maitake Mushrooms aren’t just your ordinary Maitake supplement, as they are a blend of 14 medicinal mushrooms! It includes other mushrooms such as Shiitake, which, as mentioned before, has a synergistic effect with Shiitake!


Golden Bloom also uses premium quality real mushrooms, using their signature triple extraction method, which provides higher-than-normal concentrations of beta-glucans and other beneficial elements.


By choosing Golden Bloom, you are also subject to myriad amazing incentives! You get 20% off your first order, 20% off by signing up for their email newsletter, and even free shipping for orders over $65!


Here are some frequently asked questions about Maitake. 



Is Maitake Mushroom Safe?

Of course! Maitake has been consumed for centuries already in other countries like Japan and China. Most people take these edible fungi, and their supplement form without problems.



What Are The Side Effects Of Maitake Mushrooms?

Maitake is generally safe; the only ones at risk are those allergic to mushrooms. Anyone pregnant, breastfeeding, having bleeding disorders, or having a scheduled surgery (including dental surgery) shouldn’t take supplements, though.


As for interactions with other medications, avoid using them together with blood-thinning medications like aspirin and warfarin.



Can You Eat Raw Or Fresh Maitake Mushrooms? 

Even if you could, you shouldn’t, as they wouldn’t be edible. Even if Maitake is one of the best-tasting mushrooms. Maitake tastes great, fresh or dried, as long as they are cooked properly.


You can stir fry Maitake with soy sauce and sesame oil. It’s a great meat substitute and a favorite, especially for vegetarians.


Do Mushroom Maitake Mushroom Supplements Expire Or Go Bad?

Of course, anything with a natural ingredient eventually does. Always check the expiry date provided by the manufacturer.



How To Store Maitake Mushroom Supplements?

The golden rule “store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight” applies. make sure to store mushrooms properly to avoid heat, light, and air exposure. These elements may compromise the effectiveness of Maitake extracts.



Final Thoughts: Maitake Mushroom Supplements

Who would have thought years later that a culinary mushroom also offers so many health benefits that it could be classified as a medicinal mushroom?
Maitake Mushroom is not just delicious but also nutritious!

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