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Are you constantly struggling to reach dreamland every night despite consuming lots of your energy during the day? Mushrooms for sleep may help restore your natural circadian rhythm and lure you to a restful slumber. Plus, aside from the strong possibility of having a better night’s sleep, mushrooms also carry a plethora of medicinal benefits.


With millions of Americans suffering from all sorts of sleep disorders, functional mushrooms are potentially the most efficacious and safest alternatives to sleeping pills.


In your usual hectic daily schedule, a peaceful, deep sleep is sometimes a distant memory, even with the presence of fatigue. But once you lie down on your bed, it’s hard to fall asleep, and you might even have sleep interruptions.


You toss and turn until morning, and you feel more tired than when lying down. Fortunately, there are certain medicinal mushroom species that may present a healthier solution. Let’s explore why restful sleep is hard to achieve and how mushrooms can help.



Why Do Some People Get Poor Sleep?

The circadian rhythm is the internal clock of humans, which is basically the natural wake and sleep cycle. But, it has become a habit of people to ignore the calls of sleep and wake times, resulting in disrupted biorhythms. And in the long run, it gets harder and harder to fall asleep, which results in groggy mornings.


In many cases, restful sleep is hard to come by due to mental and physical stress. Sometimes, sleep is still elusive no matter how tired the mind and body are. The deprivation of proper sleep leads to a worst case of grogginess in the morning.


How Does Grogginess Occur?

Grogginess in the morning, the sleep-to-wakefulness transition that is a normal phase in your sleep-wake cycle. Grogginess is called sleep inertia, and it typically takes up to 90 minutes to overcome. The main reason why you experience grogginess is the brain’s sleep-promoting chemical called adenosine.


During the day, the human body produces adenosine to make you feel sleepy at night. But when you wake up, traces of adenosine are left, so you experience sleep inertia. That’s why you feel disoriented, have the urge to sleep more, and experience impaired cognition.


These symptoms of grogginess are quite normal in your sleep-wake cycle. However, the severe case of grogginess called sleep drunkenness is not.


Sleep drunkenness usually happens when you have a restless night. Aside from the normal feelings of grogginess, you also experience confusion, slowness, and lack of coordination. The worst part is this severe case of grogginess may last for four hours.


The good news is the best mushrooms for sleep may help you normalize your circadian rhythm and prevent the severe case of grogginess from ruining your day.


Hormones And Sleep

Your body is composed of different chemical messengers called hormones that keep your internal systems working and communicating. But for your body to reach homeostasis or internal balance, you need to sleep.


As you enjoy a peaceful slumber, essential hormones such as prolactin for lactation, ghrelin, leptin for hunger regulation, and growth hormones for healing are produced. Sleep also helps regulate the hormones cortisol, estrogen and progesterone, melatonin, and thyroid hormones.


In a nutshell, sleep is vital for the production and development of hormones, especially since most hormones rely on the circadian rhythm to function. Without proper sleep, the production and release of hormones get disrupted, leading to many medical issues.



What Concerns Are Associated With Inadequate Or Poor Sleep?

Biological processes like sleep are essential for achieving optimal health. Seven to nine hours of good sleep is the recommendation to create homeostasis and allow the hormones to function well. However, there are times when sleep disruption is unavoidable, which leads to short-term concerns.


Sometimes, the lack of quality sleep is a normal habit or environmental streeses, posing a long-term concern. Thankfully, there are certain mushrooms for sleep that can potentially prevent inadequate or irregular sleep patterns.


We’ll discuss those fungi later. For the next sections, let’s explore the immediate and chronic consequences of sleep disruptions.


Immediate Concerns

If sleep disruption does not happen often, the immediate and short-term concerns may involve increased response to stress, low quality of life, somatic issues, bad mood, and emotional distress.


The lack of good quality sleep may also impact your mental health and affect your behavior. However, these symptoms are short-lived and may be resolved by following a good sleep pattern and the intake of medicinal mushrooms.


Concerns Of Chronic Poor Sleep

Not getting a good night’s sleep may cause elevated blood pressure levels, leading to hypertension. Other chronic consequences also involve increased body weight and higher cholesterol levels.


For some people, lack of good sleep may cause alteration in glucose homeostasis, lower sensitivity to insulin, increased cortisol levels, potential risk of cancer, and risks of gastrointestinal disorders.



Can Mushroom Be Useful For Sleep?

Many people have turned to mushrooms for sleep thanks to their potential to wipe away fatigue, anxiety, worries, and stress factors. Mushrooms have anxiolytic and adaptogenic effects that may promote utter calm and relaxation.


Plus, the fungi extracts are rich with anti-inflammatory compounds to soothe physical discomforts potentially. By taking mushroom supplements, a restful, deep sleep may be within your reach every night.


Studies & Research Involving Mushrooms And Sleep

There have been a handful of research and studies regarding the best mushrooms for sleep.


According to a study involving healthy adults published in the Nutrients journal, the fusion of Reishi extract, Cordyceps, and King Trumpet mushrooms may improve the quality of sleep.


The participants took the mushroom supplement blend for a month and stated that they felt refreshed after waking up. They also mentioned that taking the supplements reduced symptoms of daytime sleepiness.


The Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior journal published a study where mice slept longer after they were given Reishi mushroom extract. The researchers concluded that mushrooms might have sedating effects that promote sleep.


A study involving elderly people and Cordyceps is available in the Journal of Medicinal Food. The participants were asked to take Cordyceps supplements for four weeks. They reported improved sleep quality with fewer waking sessions and feeling well-rested in the morning.



Possible Benefits Of Mushrooms For Sleep

The consumption of mushrooms carries tons of health benefits for humans, especially in terms of sleep benefits.


Melatonin Production

Melatonin is an essential sleep hormone that manifests in the dark. Mushrooms contain melatonin, especially Reishi, and the regular intake of mushroom supplements may promote increased sleep hormone production.


With an abundance of melatonin, you can sleep peacefully, following the normal routine of your sleep-wake cycle.


May Calm Anxiety

Popular mushrooms like Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps are known to have anxiolytic effects, which means that the extracts may reduce anxiety and support sleep health.


Traveling to dreamland is hard when your mind and heart are not at peace. The good news is mushrooms have the potential to lower your anxiety levels, so you may fall asleep faster and enjoy a deep slumber.


May Offer Immune System Support

Often, when people get sick or suffer from an illness or disease, they have a hard time sleeping. Sleep deprivation has been associated with low immunity, so it’s ideal for strengthening your immune system to prevent sleep disruptions.


Thankfully, mushroom supplements are rich in beta-glucans, the polysaccharides that may boost the body’s natural immune defenses. In particular, beta-glucans are higher in supplements formulated by Edible Alchemy due to the 100-day triple extraction procedure of mushroom extracts.


So when your immune system is stronger, you may sleep better. When your quality of sleep improves, your immunity could be more powerful.


May Support Anti-Inflammatory Support

Mushrooms like Chaga are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds that may help reduce signs of swelling, redness, aches, sores, and discomfort in the body. By reducing inflammation, the mushroom supplements may help you sleep better since you no longer feel any discomfort.



Best Mushrooms For Sleep – Top 3 Options

Thousands of mushroom species exist in the world, but only dozens are known on the market. And few are popular for their potential to help boost sleep quality. The top three best mushrooms for sleep are Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Cordyceps.


Reishi Mushroom And Restful Sleep

Japanese and Chinese herbalists are known to suggest Reishi mushrooms to patients with sleep problems. Reishi is called a “Shen tonic,” meaning it promotes balance in the spirit. When people regularly take Reishi extracts, the supplements may help reduce stress levels, leading to a peaceful mental state.


The good thing is Reishi does not promote drowsiness or force you to sleep, unlike sleeping pills or sedating melatonin products. Rather, Reishi promotes natural calmness and relaxation, opening a quiet path to dreamland.


Lion’s Mane Mushrooms And Sleep

Lion’s Mane, or the bearded tooth mushroom, is popular for its potential to boost brain functions, particularly in terms of memory, cognition, and focus. But aside from possibly clearing the mental fog and promoting smarter wit, Lion’s Mane mushroom may also reduce stress hormones, anxiety levels and stimulate nerve growth factor.


Remember that when you’re devoid of worries and all sorts of stress, your sleep quality improves. That’s why the daily intake of supplements with Lion’s Mane may be good for harmonizing your circadian rhythm.


Cordyceps Mushrooms And Sleep

Cordyceps is a mushroom species that is celebrated in Asian countries for its powerful potential to elevate energy levels, increase libido, and enhance overall performance. But do you know that the caterpillar mushroom may also contribute to a better sleep pattern?


Cordyceps supplements are usually taken twice daily, where you consume one serving in the morning and another at night. During the day, the mushroom extract does its job of keeping you energized. But when night time comes, it works to help you possibly reach a normal, balanced sleep-wake cycle.



What Active Compounds Are In Mushroom Supplements

The best mushrooms for sleep contain powerful active beneficial compounds such as beta-d-glucans, which are polysaccharides that are known to support the immune system.


Beta-glucans are long-chain carbohydrates that are found in great abundance in mushroom supplements from Edible Alchemy thanks to the triple extraction process.


Other active compounds are called triterpenoids for promoting better liver functions, and antioxidants polyphenols for the reduction of damage caused by free radicals.


Mushrooms are also rich in ergosterol, another antioxidant with immunomodulating effects, ergothioneine antioxidant for stress reduction, and antioxidant glutathione for regulating oxidative stress.


With all the essential active compounds in mushrooms, regular consumption may lead to improved sleep quality. Thanks to the available supplements on the market, you can easily incorporate powerful medicinal mushrooms into your daily diet.



Incorporating Mushrooms Into Your Diet For Sleep

Traditionally, edible functional mushrooms are consumed through cooking or brewing into tonics. The process is long, but centuries ago, science and technology were not present in creating supplements.


And even today, herbalists and mushroom fans still follow the traditional method of extracting the active compounds of certain mushrooms. But for people on the go, supplements are the most convenient way of incorporating mushrooms into their lives.


Supplements And Extracts

In the modern era, mushroom supplements and extracts are widely available for purchase. Particularly, there are mushroom tinctures, gummies, and powders for daily consumption.


  •  Mushroom Tincture Supplements – Tinctures are isolated, potent liquid mushroom extracts that come with a dropper for easy intake. Usually, the dosage recommendation is 1-2 ml daily.
  •  Mushroom Gummy Supplements – Mushroom gummies are fun, flavorful, and colorful treats that may help you enter dreamland easily. Gummies are organic, vegan, and gluten-free; daily intake should be one to two chewy candies daily.
  •  Mushroom Powder Supplements – Mushroom powders are finely grounded for easy mixing with water, drinks, and dishes. The dosage suggestion for powders is 300-600 mg daily. Powders are also made into capsules for more convenient consumption.


Meals, Snacks, & Drinks

As mentioned, mushrooms are traditionally consumed as food or tonics. But the supplements like tinctures and powders can also be blended with smoothies, coffee, tea, and even water. You may also bake snack goods or meals using powder and tincture or eat a gummy as a snack.


Can Medicinal Mushrooms Be Consumed Every Day?

Yes, daily consumption of mushroom supplements is the best recommendation for optimum results.


Where To Find The Best Mushroom Supplements?

Mushroom supplements are widely available in both local health shops and online stores. But the best source of premium-quality products is online sites of manufacturers like Edible Alchemy.


When you buy directly from the source of mushroom supplements, you can freely browse through the website, peruse the product details, and check out the COAs.


Plus, when you visit the official website of Edible Alchemy, you get a chance to take advantage of deals, incentives, and great policies.



Final Thoughts – Mushrooms For Sleep

Now that you know you can rely on mushrooms for sleep, the next logical step is purchasing supplements like powders, tinctures, and gummies from Edible Alchemy.


With the highest quality ingredients and best industry practices, this nutrition brand will surely provide you with the best mushroom supplements, deals, and policies as a consumer. And when you regularly take mushroom products, your sleep quality may immensely improve.


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