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For two millennia, the poria mushroom has been instrumental in the success of traditional Chinese medicine or TCM. This mushroom carries a multitude of medicinal properties, and so Chinese physicians and folk herbal practitioners often recommend poria cocos as medicine for patients.


Back then, poria were taken as a tonic, tea, raw, and cooked. In the modern era, the poria fungus continues to attract the attention of Asian people, and now this powerful mushroom is conquering the Western world.


With the surge of popularity comes the demand for tons of mushroom supplements. The health and wellness industry produces poria tinctures, gummies, capsules & pills, and powders to make mushroom consumption more convenient.


But are poria cocos supplements suitable for you? In this post, we will tackle the origin of poria, what it was used for in the past, and its benefits now if there are side effects and interactions. 


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What Are Poria Mushrooms?

Poria fungus, or poria cocos wolf, is well-known for having spores that keep the mushroom’s food and are utilized for medicinal purposes. The mushroom world also refers to this fungus as Fu Ling. When we look at medicine history, poria has been a part of combined traditional Chinese medicine (which they referred to as Poria cocos sclerotium) and western medicine.



What Have Poria Mushrooms Been Used For Traditionally?

Poria mushrooms have been used in traditional medicine for centuries to treat memory loss, anxiety, insomnia, tumors, stomach problems, enlarged spleen, diarrhea, dizziness, cough, urination disorder, restlessness, fatigue, and tension. Today, the poria mushroom is brilliantly formulated into tinctures, gummies, powders, and capsules.


Where & How Does Poria Cocos Grow?

Poria cocos is a fungus that thrives in Southeast and East Asia, Vietnam, China, and Thailand. This mushroom grows in a subtropical climate and prefers the underground as home. It looks like a tiny coconut or potato. For commercial purposes, mushroom growers cultivate poria in their backyard, greenhouse, farm, and indoors.


What Does Poria Mushroom Taste Like?

Poria mushrooms have a neutral flavor. In some cases, this fungus has a super mild sweet taste, but most of the time, there’s nothing. The tastelessness of this mushroom is perfect for creating mushroom supplements, so there is no earthy or specific taste of poria on the tinctures, powders, gummies, and capsules. 



Poria Mushroom Benefits – What Is Poria Cocos Good For?

This medicinal mushroom is jam-packed with countless medicinal properties. The mushroom supplements enhance the functionality of the kidneys, reduce serum cholesterol, and generally improve the immune system.


Poria has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-vomiting, and antitumor properties. Let’s explore the primary advantages of taking poria cocos mushroom supplements daily.


Provides Adaptogenic Support

The popular poria mushroom is an adaptogenic fungus. So the supplements can strengthen your body to become more resilient to stress and fight everyday stressors.


Indeed, by regularly ingesting the poria cocos powders, tinctures, capsules, and gummies, you build a stronger resistance to focus and don’t feel tired quickly. In a nutshell, this mushroom may help normalize your internal systems to create homeostasis.


Supports Healthy Blood Sugar & Cholesterol Levels

Wolfiporia cocos contain polysaccharides and vitamin B that are instrumental in helping control your blood sugar levels and cholesterol. Taking poria supplements is suitable for people with diabetes and high cholesterol levels.


But it’s still best to ask an opinion from your healthcare provider before consuming mushroom tinctures, powders, capsules, and gummies along with your daily medications.


May Reduce Inflammation

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect, poria can alleviate aches, sores, and swellings effectively. There are tons of anti-inflammation properties in poria mushrooms.


So, by ingesting the supplements daily, you are building an army that repairs injured tissues, muscles, and nerves faster than usual.


Offers Gut Soothing Properties

Poria cocos contain prebiotics that triggers good gut bacteria production. It leads to a healthier gut. The poria supplements may prevent stomach problems, which may also help in treating infantile rotavirus diarrhea.


There are some current experimental and clinical studies about the efficacy of this mushroom for relieving children diarrhea. Plus, your digestive system functions smoothly with this mushroom.


Supports Weight Management

Mushrooms are fiber-rich, so it may help with weight management. Regular intake can trigger weight loss, but regular exercise and a healthy diet must not be ignored. 


May Suppress Immune Function

The human body contains pro-inflammatory cytokines that promote harm. Luckily, poria mushrooms can suppress using their anti-inflammatory properties as a countermeasure. You stay healthy and active thanks to mushroom supplements’ ability to suppress the bad functionality of some parts of your immune system.


This mushroom has been a great part of traditional Chinese medicine, even today. One study showed that a natural compound from poria mushroom helped eliminate breast cancer cells.



How To Use Poria Mushrooms?

The poria fungus can be a significant or minor ingredient in recipes. Raw poria mushrooms can be eaten as is or cooked, grilled, or fried. Bits of mushroom pieces can be added to sauces, casseroles, pasta, salads, and other dishes.


You achieve the medicinal benefits of poria cocos by incorporating mushrooms into meals. But, if you want to get all the therapeutic properties of this mushroom without any hassle, opt for herbal supplements instead. 


Poria Supplements

There are four types of poria cocos mushroom supplements on the market today. All these poria products are highly beneficial for your health, particularly your immune response.


These mushroom supplements enhance the health of your heart and gut and improve brain functionality. The good news is these small poria supplements are super convenient, discreet, and effective.


  • Tinctures (liquid drops) – Poria tinctures are potent liquid drops that carry all the therapeutic properties of the functional mushroom. Tinctures are typically consumed sublingually, and you can also blend the oils with dishes and drinks.


  • Gummies – These are tasty, flavorful candies infused with poria extracts. The formulation of the gummies is similar to traditional ones, except for the primary ingredient, the poria fungus.


  • Capsules & Pills – These are convenient supplements that can be taken daily. The tasteless capsules are small pills filled with all the medicinal properties of poria cocos.


  • Powders – A poria powder supplement from dried mushrooms ground into fine powder. This supplement is designed to mix with dishes, smoothies, and even water.


Poria Cocos Dosage Suggestions

There is no exact science regarding the dosage for the poria cocos mushroom supplements. No same dosage is suitable for any consumer, but we can suggest a dose that is well-tolerated for everyone.


The dosage recommendation is 2ml of poria tincture, two gummies, one capsule, and 200 mg of powder daily. For better results, seek the expert guidance of your doctor.


How Long Does It Take For Poria Mushroom To Show Results?

It would take at least two weeks for the benefits of the poria cocos supplements to manifest in your body. So patience is really a virtue that you need when consuming mushroom tinctures, powders, gummies, and capsules. For a long-term goal, take a week off from taking poria supplements every four to six months. 



When Is The Best Time To Take Poria Cocos?

The poria cocos mushroom supplements maintain homeostasis or balance in your body. The time of consumption does not matter for the poria tinctures, gummies, powders, or capsules.


The therapeutic effects will manifest in your system and keep you healthy. However, it’s ideal for sticking to a routine and choosing the perfect time to get loaded with all the medicinal properties of poria cocos. 



Where To Buy Poria Mushroom Supplements?

Local health stores usually carry mushroom supplements. But they have more than one brand of fungus supplements on their shelves, so the focus may not be on the best product.


If you opt for online mushroom shops, you can check every detail of the company that manufactures the poria supplements. You can also read reviews, peruse COAs, and get acquainted with the poria tinctures, powders, gummies, and capsules.


Most of all, other mushrooms are available on-site, especially if you turn to Golden Bloom for your next order. 



Why Choose Golden Bloom For Poria Mushroom Supplements?

Why buy mushroom supplements from Golden Bloom? We are the best in the industry in producing the most premium poria mushroom powders, tinctures, capsules & pills, and gummies.


Our top-shelf products are praised by customers countrywide. Why not? Golden Bloom uses only the highest quality organic, vegan ingredients. All our poria supplements have COAs (certificates of analysis) from a third-party laboratory.


Our poria cocos powders, tinctures, capsules, and gummies are clean, potent, and medicinal. So you can trust our mushroom brand to provide the best poria supplements on the market.


When you browse through the user-friendly website of Golden Bloom, you’ll find that placing an order is seamless. Plus, the payment process is highly secure, so there is nothing to worry about using your credit card to pay for your purchase.


The good news is, as a first-time buyer, you get a 20% off. Then, if you sign up for our email newsletter, another 20% discount is up for grabs.


Moreover, Golden Bloom ships all orders for free, regardless of the total cost or where you are in the United States. Your purchase is absolutely hassle-free thanks to our company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. 





Is Poria Mushroom Safe?

The poria cocos mushroom supplements are well-tolerated by most consumers. This fungus has low toxicity levels, so even if you go beyond the recommended dosage, you won’t experience an overdose. 


Are There Potential Side Effects With Poria Mushrooms?

Taking poria cocos mushrooms may have potential side effects. The possible adverse effects of poria are upset stomach, dizziness, vomiting, and nausea.


If you experience these adverse effects, take a rest. If symptoms don’t improve, consult your doctor right away. Pregnant and lactating mothers should not take the poria supplements, nor should people with mushroom allergies.


Can You Eat Raw Or Fresh Poria Mushrooms?

You can eat raw or fresh poria cocos mushrooms. But it’s still better to cook the mushrooms before eating them. However, the best way to consume poria is through supplements.


Do Mushroom Poria Mushroom Supplements Expire Or Go Bad?

Just like other mushroom supplements, poria cocos tinctures, powders, gummies, and capsules have a one to two years shelf-life. But if the supplements are exposed to the sun, heat, light, moisture, and other environmental elements. Proper storage is required to keep your favorite poria supplements fresh. 


How To Store Poria Cocos Mushroom Supplements?

The best way to store poria cocos supplements is in a cool, dry, and moisture-free area. Keep the tinctures, powders, capsules, and gummies covered in black since light can promote degradation.


It’s ideal for placing the poria supplements inside your fridge to help keep the freshness intact. If you need to use mushroom products, keep the exposure time to a minimum.


Additionally, store the poria supplements in a place where young kids, teenagers, and pets cannot reach them. 



Final Thoughts: Poria Mushroom Supplements

Golden Bloom is unmatched in the health industry regarding the most premium supplements from poria mushrooms. We never cut corners in manufacturing our products to deliver only the best for valued consumers.


The poria cocos powders, gummies, capsules & pills, and tinctures from our reputable brand are of organic origins. We turn to basidiomycete poria cocos for our dietary supplements because the medicinal benefits have been proven to work for 2,000 years.


Billions of lives have become better – thanks to poria cocos mushroom. Yours maybe no different. Get your poria supplements today from Golden Bloom.

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