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We all need a boost for our immune systems – and it’s where Shiitake supplements come in. Who would have thought this tiny yet famous mushroom might be the key to better overall wellness?


Are these mushroom supplements worth your time and money? We’ll let you be the judge. Continue reading as we give you everything you need about Shiitake mushroom supplements.


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What are Shiitake Mushrooms? 

Shiitake mushrooms are one of the most popular edible fungi in the world and are native to Japan and China. Its scientific name is Lentinus edodes since this mushroom contains a chemical called lentinan.


In Japanese, the name “shii” comes from the kind of oak tree (where it grew), and “take” is the Japanese name for the word mushroom. It has an earthy, smoky, and woodsy flavor. But you can also taste a rich, meaty-yet-buttery texture when cooked.


What Has Shiitake Mushroom Been Used For Traditionally? 

Since early times, Shiitake mushrooms have been used as an ingredient in soups, steamed, and simmered dishes. Medicinal mushrooms also have a long history of use in traditional therapies- one of them is Shiitake. 


Traditional herbalists have used it to treat and improve certain conditions of their people in the early times. For example, Shiitake has been used to boost health and longevity and improve blood circulation in Chinese traditional medicine.


Shiitake mushrooms have anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. Still, experts are conducting studies about this mushroom’s benefits to strengthen its consumers’ claims further.


Where Do Shiitake Mushrooms Grow? 

Did you know that the earliest Shiitake cultivation dates back to 1209, during the Song dynasty in China? It is the oldest cultivated mushroom, but its commercial production didn’t start until the 1930s. 


Shiitake dermatitis mainly grows in decaying wood of deciduous shii trees. But you can also see it grow in chinquapins, chestnut, oak, maple, beech, sweetgum, poplar, hornbeam, ironwood, and mulberry. This mushroom naturally thrives in warm and moist conditions in Southeast Asia.



What Is Shiitake Mushroom Good For?

Shiitake mushrooms are suitable for your soups and other dishes, but this mushroom is also high in B vitamins. These vitamins help relieve stress and boost cognitive function. In addition, Shiitake mushrooms are for balance, aiding weight loss, and supporting the immune system.



Medicinal Benefits Of Shiitake Mushrooms

Let’s look at some of the medicinal benefits of Shiitake mushrooms. 


May Help Fight Obesity

Shiitake mushrooms have natural components that may help produce ‘fat-reducing’ effects. It may help prevent unwanted body weight gain when added to your diet. Thus, it may be the key to fighting obesity and other related metabolic disorders.


Support Immune Function

If you have been feeling a little sicker more often, then Shiitake mushrooms might be the key to a better immune function. This mushroom has natural properties to boost the body’s immune system, which may company various diseases by providing essential natural vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.


Promo Better Cardiovascular Health

We all know how important it is to have better cardiovascular health. Fortunately, Shiitake supplements may help promote healthy blood pressure and improve blood circulation. Thus, it may help prevent blood pressure increases, which is helpful for people with high blood pressure.


Boost Energy and Brain Function

Shiitake mushrooms may help support adrenal function and turn nutrients into energy. In addition, it has properties that may help balance hormones naturally. As a result, it may help improve your focus, prevent brain fog, and improve overall cognitive performance.


Adding Shiitake mushrooms to your diet may give your body an extra boost of B vitamins. So, you may finally say goodbye to those foggy thinking, energy slumps, and unhealthy blood cells.


Get Enough Vitamin D

Sunlight is still the best source of vitamin D. Still, if you’ve been stuck in front of your office desk, then Shiitake mushrooms may give you your daily dose of vitamin D. This mushroom provides a decent amount of vitamin D, which is essential for bone health.


In addition, vitamin D may help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease prevention, and cancer. This vitamin is also crucial for the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus.


Support Digestive and Gut Health

The fibers from Shiitake mushrooms may help support digestive and gut health, which is critical to maintaining a healthy digestive system. It may also keep away gut bacteria to keep inflammation in the digestive tract at bay.



Why Are Shiitake Mushrooms Good For You?

Shiitake mushrooms are good for you because it has many natural properties that may boost your overall health and wellness. It is an excellent source of B vitamins that may promote better brain function. In addition, this mushroom has properties to boost the immune system and fight cancer cells.


With its health benefits, it’s not surprising that many vegetarians eat Shiitake mushrooms as a substitute for meat. It has a high nutritional content and not to mention the savory taste and its meaty texture.



How To Use Shiitake Mushrooms?

There are many ways to use Shiitake mushrooms. Still, two of the most popular ones are using it as an ingredient or taking it through supplements. 


You can cook both fresh and dried Shiitake mushrooms however you want. Although, some people prefer the dried version because it has a richer umami flavor. Regardless, you can use both for stir-fries, soups, stews, and other dishes.


On the other hand, Shiitake supplements are more convenient. You can take your daily dose of its natural vitamins at any time. Besides, mushroom supplements come in many different forms. You can choose from tinctures, gummies, pills, and powders.


Shiitake Mushroom Supplements

Here are some Shiitake supplements that you can try.


  • Tinctures (liquid drops) – Get your daily dose of Shiitake mushrooms through tinctures. It offers a unique immunity-boosting formula from 100% organic fruiting bodies and natural Shiitake extract. So, you can easily incorporate it into your daily routine and reap the benefits of Shiitake in the easiest way possible.


  • Gummies – What about gummies if your tinctures aren’t your first choice? Shiitake gummies look and taste like regular gummies that you can buy from convenience stores. It’s the most convenient method of taking your Shiitake intake. These are chewy and delicious gummies that feature fruity flavors.


  • Capsules & Pills – Shiitake capsules make your life a lot easier. You can add Shiitake to your daily routine just like other vitamins and supplements that you’re taking. It often contains mushroom powder for better absorption and significant effects.


  • Powders – Shiitake powders give you convenience and adaptability. You can mix it with your favorite drink or food—no need to take it separately. 


Shiitake Mushroom Supplements Dosage Serving Suggestions 

The service suggestion depends on the type of supplement you’re using. For example, you can take Shiitake mushrooms 1 ml twice a day. On the other hand, you can take two gummies for the best results. Also, you have to consider your body’s response to Shiitake.


Consuming one or two Shiitake capsules or one tablespoon powder is perfect for your daily dose. Again, it depends on how much your body can take and the effects that you want to achieve. It’s better to always stick to the manufacturer’s recommendations to get the best results.



Is It Good To Eat Shiitake Mushrooms Every Day?

It’s best to take Shiitake supplements every day for at least two weeks to experience its effects and benefits. It may take a long time to reap its effects, but it’s always worth it, especially after seeing and feeling its results. However, stick to the recommended dose and avoid taking too much to prevent side effects.


When To Take Shiitake Mushroom Supplements?

Most people take their Shiitake mushroom supplements in the morning before starting their day. For some, it helps them get the energy needed to boost their day. Then, some consumers take another in the middle of the day to power up their energy and be more productive.


Can I Take Shiitake Mushroom Supplements On An Empty Stomach?

While some people take this supplement on an empty stomach, it’s still best to take Shiitake after eating – like other vitamins. Take your daily dose of Shiitake mushrooms with food to prevent adverse effects, and maximize its effectiveness.



When Will Shiitake Mushrooms Take Effects? 

Shiitake mushrooms take time to effect, which is about 3 to 4 weeks. It depends on the body’s reaction to Shiitake supplements. Each body system is different, so you can’t compare the effects of one user to another. Still, ensure consistency in taking Shiitake supplements for weeks to reap its benefits.


You can take Shiitake mushrooms in the long term. However, experts suggest taking a break from consuming mushroom supplements after 3 or 4 weeks.



Where To Buy Shiitake Mushroom Supplements? 

Shiitake supplements are available from online and physical retailers of different health supplement brands. But look no further than Golden Bloom for functional mushroom products. We have premium and delicious mushroom tincture that will also satisfy your taste.



Why Choose Golden Bloom For Shiitake Mushroom Supplements?

Golden Bloom offers premium quality mushroom tinctures sourced from fruiting bodies. Furthermore, to fully experience the beneficial effects of functional mushrooms, we keep each tincture 100% natural and organic.


We use strict fermentation, extraction, processes, and growing Shiitake to create the most effective supplements. In addition, we send each of our products for third-party lab testing. You can view the lab results on our website. Knowing that our mushroom supplements are free of harsh chemicals and heavy metals will give you peace of mind.


We combine our organic and fresh mushrooms with high-end terpenes for natural flavors. Our blends will hit your targeted effect for a healthier, natural lifestyle. In addition, our brand offers excellent deals and incentives for our consumers. 


For example, you can get a 20% off on your first order and another 20% discount when you sign up for our newsletter. The shipping is also on us when you reach a minimum purchase of $65. To top it all, our brand offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed return policy for your peace of mind.



FAQ – Shiitake Mushrooms


Can You Eat Raw Shiitake Mushrooms or Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms?

Don’t eat Shiitake mushrooms raw. Eating and cooking Shiitake mushrooms for 5 to 7 minutes is better until it gets tender and lightly brown to achieve that meaty flavor.


Can You Make Your Own Dish Using Shiitake Mushrooms?

You can cook Shiitake mushrooms in different ways. Some of the most popular are sauteed and steamed vegetables with Shiitake mushrooms and soy sauce. Shiitake mushrooms sautéed with chicken, beef, pork, or seafood in sesame oil make an excellent side dish.


Some vegetarians also cook pasta dishes using this mushroom as a meat substitute and add more Shiitake powder for added taste. When in doubt, stir fry foods are your best options. You can definitely add Shiitake to your favorite recipes.


How to Store Shiitake Mushrooms?

Make sure to replace the cap after each use and store the bottle somewhere dark and cool to avoid damaging its natural components. If you plan on using the tincture later, keep it in the fridge. 


Do Shiitake Mushroom Supplements Expire Or Go Bad?

Shiitake supplements expire, and you can see them on the manufacturer’s packaging. It also goes better with proper storage.



Final Thoughts: Shiitake Supplements

Whether you want to improve your brain health, gut health, immune system, or energy, there’s a Shiitake supplement for you. It comes in various flavors and different supplements so that you can take your daily dose of Shiitake in many ways. 


Remember to balance your mushroom intake with enough sleep, regular exercise, and a nutritious diet. There is no doubt that you will improve your overall wellness.

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