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Health and wellness are essential for the human body to achieve optimal conditions. Anything we consume has a significant impact on our health, which is why aside from healthy eating, superfoods and supplements are a thing! Being in peak condition leads to better well-being and allows you to live life to its fullest. 


Superfoods keep you healthier and help ward off ailments. At the same time, supplements compensate for the nutrients you aren’t getting enough that the body needs. Read more to find Sun Potion coupons and Golden Bloom coupon codes.



Sun Potion Coupons

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About Sun Potion

Sun Potion offers the highest quality tonic potions using the best mushrooms, herbs, greens, and algae sourced from around the world, which the founder discovered during his quest to attain the formula for peak health and wellness.


Now, the founder wants to share this discovery in the form of transformational foods that would make you feel amazing when used!


Adhering to its strict quality standards and working closely with its suppliers, Sun Potion only uses the best quality organic and wildcrafted products that are free from chemicals and other impurities, resulting in the most potent health and wellness tonic potions that would grant you the ability to transform your consciousness and wellness at its peak!



Sun Potion Products 

Sun Potion offers products all under their own brand label. They source their ingredients from their natural environment, which is all across the world, where a particular component would naturally thrive and grow in the best conditions!


All Sun Potion products also use their signature cobalt blue glass jar, which isn’t just for stylish and attractive appearance but also functional, as it absorbs more light compared to typical bottles, resulting in better and longer shelf life for their products!


You could also contribute to helping the planet by reusing these jars. (But with their cool looks, who wouldn’t reuse them in some way?)


Sun Potion offers an assortment of products, from mushrooms, herbs, greens, and algae in the form of elixirs, powders, honey, beauty essentials, and more! They’re even offering some guidebooks to be guided you in attaining peak health and wellness! Here are some products that you can check on Sun Potion’s website.


Immunity & Longevity Supplements



Sun Potion’s Immunity & Longevity supplements collection currently offers 34 products to help you attain a longer and healthier life while staying protected from infectious ailments!


Here are some of their mushroom-based products for Immunity & Longevity, all in the form of powders: 


  1. Agaricus Blazei 
  2. Chaga 
  3. Cordyceps
  4. Lion’s Mane 
  5. Reishi (also available in a portable traveler-friendly variant) 


Sun Potion also offers superfoods or what they call “transformational foods” such as Ashwagandha powder, which you could blend with Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga, or Reishi to help boost your immune defense!


You could also spare yourself the time and trouble of thinking of synergistic combinations by going for their set deals, such as their Executive Essentials set and Green set!


Brain & Mood Supplements 



Sun Potion’s Brain & Mood supplements collection currently offers 26 products to help you improve your mood and cognitive function by providing nutrients and benefits essential to brain health!


Sun Potion’s powdered mushroom supplements lineup for enhancing brain and mood is just the same as their Immunity & Longevity lineup, so here are the other types of superfoods they offer:


  1. Anandamide powder 
  2. Bio-active honey 
  3. He Shou Wu powder
  4. Mason Pine pollen powder
  5. Mucuna pruriens powder (also available in a portable traveler-friendly variant) 
  6. Pearl powder 
  7. White Dragon Matcha (Ceremonial-grade Green tea)


Body & Strength Supplements



Sun Potion’s Body & Strength collection currently offers 22 products to help you boost your physical performance to new heights! Their mushroom lineup is still the same as the other 2.


The following are the superfoods that are exclusive to their body and strength supplements collection: 


  1. Astragalus powder 
  2. Chlorella powder 
  3. Eucommia powder 
  4. Moringa leaf powder 


Sun Potion is best known for its elixirs; the Mountain Transcendent elixir under their Body & Strength supplements category would give you the strength, energy, and fortitude to climb a mountain – literally, as it is specially formulated for the purpose of hiking and mountain climbing!


Consisting of Ashwagandha, Fenugreek, Alma, Mucuna Pruriens, and Shilajit, this specifically masculine blend for men may help increase libido, support hormone balance, help enhance stamina, and improve mood and memory!



Similar Sun Potion Coupon Code & Products

Another brand offering similar discounts and products worthy of mention is Golden Bloom Mushrooms! As the name implies, they specialize in mushroom-based supplements.


While Sun Potion offers superfood products, Golden Bloom Mushrooms added superfood ingredients instead to their mushroom supplements, enhancing its overall efficiency!


Golden Bloom Mushrooms uses premium quality ingredients, as they use the entire mushroom, fruiting body and all, for their mushroom extracts that undergo their signature 120-days triple extraction process, which ensures you are getting all the benefits from a mushroom intact!


Golden Bloom Mushrooms didn’t just combine mushrooms with other ingredients together because all of the said ingredients are great. Still, it is actually well thought out which mushrooms and superfoods have effects that synergize with each other!



Golden Bloom Mushrooms Coupon Code (20%)

To use the Golden Bloom Mushrooms coupon code below: during checkout, copy and paste or manually enter the code into the designated promo code entry field, then click apply to activate your coupon code!


Use the 20% coupon code for Golden Bloom Mushrooms: GBPROMO20 and save money on your favorite mushroom supplement. Unlike other organic food stores, we only use high-quality ingredients and organic mushrooms. We also offer free shipping for a minimum order of $65 and more.


Focus & Memory Mushroom Supplements 


Lion's Mane + Cordyceps Gummies


Golden Bloom Mushroom’s “Focus” gummies and tinctures have been specially formulated to boost your brain health, which in turn may increase your cognitive function, such as having a sharper mind and improved memory!


The ingredients responsible for its brain boost properties are none other than Lion’s Mane, combined with Cordyceps Militaris and Bacopa Monnieri, resulting in a fantastic synergy of effects!


Lion’s Mane has a natural effect that may help boost mental alertness, which Cordyceps and Bacopa Monnieri also possess, so combine them 3. You may experience a temporary mental rush as if you are having coffee but without caffeine! The citrus-like taste of their tinctures also goes well with such an effect! 


Immunity & Wellness Mushroom Supplements 


GB Mushroom Immunity and Wellness


Golden Bloom Mushroom’s “Immunity” is a fantastic blend of not 2, not 5, not even 10, but 14 functional mushrooms and Ashwagandha to help boost immune defense at its peak, as well as help improve your physical and mental wellness! It contains the following mushrooms: 


  1. Lion’s Mane
  2. Cordyceps militaris
  3. Chaga
  4. Reishi
  5. Shiitake
  6. Maitake
  7. Suehirotake
  8. Turkey Tail
  9. Oyster mushrooms
  10. Poria
  11. Mesima
  12.  Agarikon
  13.  Blazei
  14.  True Tinder Polypore


The addition of Ashwagandha may also help reduce stress and anxiety, regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and help improve the quality of sleep! 


Golden Bloom Mushroom is renowned for its great-tasting gummies, offering you the convenience of capsules without the need for water and allowing you to savor that delicious taste! “Immunity” tinctures are a sweet-tasting concoction that combines vanilla and maple!


Energy & Performance Mushroom Supplements


GB Mushroom Energy and Performance Supplement


Golden Bloom Mushroom’s “Performance” is a unique blend of Cordyceps Militaris and Turmeric Curcumin, whose effects synergize with each other that may help take your physical performance to its peak, making this ideal for those who are serious about winning their game!


By combining the energy-boosting effects of Cordyceps and Turmeric Curcumin, you may experience a temporary boost in energy, mental alertness, and improved concentration, as if you just had an energy drink, but minus the caffeine! The minty taste of their tinctures also goes well with this effect!


Golden Bloom Mushroom’s “Performance” also comes in the form of gummies, which is excellent if you are always on the go – eat one before you go jogging or in the gym!



Final Thoughts – Sun Potion Promo Codes

Health and wellness shouldn’t be neglected. Discount codes are advantageous regardless of reason, whether one is struggling with their budget or could help one buy even more. The Golden Bloom and Sun Potion promotional codes would help to get huge savings! 

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