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Tremella mushroom is distinctive with its loofah-like appearance and high concentration of water. This fungus is great for hydration and it promotes skin health. Tremella is rich in vitamin D for the ultimate support of bone health. Plus, Tremella promotes brain & gut health and it triggers natural detoxification.


Referred to as a “beauty mushroom”, Tremella has been a popular mushroom species for centuries. Other nicknames of Tremella are silver ear mushroom, snow fungus, and white jelly mushroom.


In this post, we will find out if the outer beauty of Tremella speaks of the inner properties of the mushroom. We’ll talk about Tremella’s health benefits, uses, effects, and interactions of Tremella.



What Is Tremella Mushroom? Getting To Know The Super White Jelly Mushroom

Tremella mushroom (aka snow mushroom, silver ear mushrooms, snow mushrooms, or white jelly mushrooms), from the fungi family Tremellaceae, is not your ordinary fungi. It looks like jellyfish with gelatinous qualities, and the Tremella species are known as beauty mushrooms.


Tremella contains hydrophilic molecules that nourish the human skin and improves elasticity. Like a loofah, Tremella has a clear, almost transparent white glow. Tremella mushrooms grow in tropical and subtropical regions. Thus, it’s one of the most effective medicinal mushrooms.


But unlike other fungi species, Tremella is a mycoparasite, which means that aside from wood, it grows on colonizing mushrooms as well. Since 200 A.D., Tremella has been used in traditional Chinese medicine and offered to royals or rich people only.


An interesting fact about Tremella is it is capable of floating on the water even with a water weight of 500 times the mushroom weight. As a jelly mushroom, Tremella is indeed perfect for hydration.


In Chinese history, one of the Four Great Beauties used Tremella to maintain her skin’s beauty, glow, and youthful look. Yang Guidei was an imperial concubine and a woman of so much beauty. It’s known throughout history that Tremella is her choice to hydrate her skin.



Traditional Uses Of Tremella Mushroom

For centuries, Tremella has been used in Chinese and Japanese medicine, especially for the royals and rich people. Ancient folks turned to Tremella to treat ailments, boost the immune system, and support overall health.


Tremella is regarded as an effective skin care regimen since it contains natural compounds that act as hyaluronic acid. In fact, a royal concubine used Tremella to maintain her smooth, glowing skin and skin hydration. Additionally, this mushroom species was also brewed as a tea.


People who drank Tremella tea in ancient times were said to live longer. And so, in the modern era, Tremella is recognized for its outstanding health benefits and role in superior skin care.



Nutritional Content Of Tremella Mushroom

Tremella contains a  rich amount of 1,3/1,6 beta-glucans, vitamin D, ergosterol, triterpenoids, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, protein, Glucuronic acid, Glucomannan,  N-acetylglucosamine, polysaccharides.


When used as a tea, one glass of Tremella offers 326 calories, 12+ grams of protein, and <1 gram of fat. Plus, this mushroom is rich in dietary fiber at 178% per day. For centuries, Tremella has played an important role in Chinese and Japanese medicine.



Tremella Mushroom Benefits – What Is Tremella Good For?

There are tons of Tremella mushroom benefits to enjoy in terms of immunity, beauty, brain function, gut & digestive health, and many more. In this section, we’ll discover the primary benefits of Tremella.


May Promote Skin Health

The beauty mushroom has a mucilaginous, jelly texture that gives the fungus its unique, squishy appearance. Aside from its beautiful, glowing look, Tremella is excellent for providing youthful skin, particularly the Tremella fuciformis species.


This mushroom is referred to as “the snow fungus”, which may give your skin a healthy glow. Tremella triggers the production and release of superoxide (SOD) enzyme, which plays a role in promoting youthful-looking, healthy skin.


Additionally, the beta-glucans in Tremella locks in moisture on the skin to maintain smooth, flexible skin. With regular consumption of the beauty mushroom, your skin is free of blemishes, rashes, and dark spots.


Additionally, Tremella has no collagen composition, but the mushroom extract influences the production of collagen.


Thanks to the polysaccharides that support collagen synthesis, Tremella may boost your skin’s elasticity, wipe away wrinkles, and remove fine lines. Plus, the amino acids in the beauty mushroom play a major role in collagen production.


May Offer Immune System Support (High Antioxidants)

Tremella mushrooms are rich in medicinal compounds that strengthen the immune system by arming your body with natural immune defenses to combat bacteria, viruses, fungi, and diseases.


Particularly, Tremella is jam-packed with the polysaccharide beta-glucan, which acts as an immunostimulator that triggers macrophage activity for stronger immunity.


Macrophages are a form of white blood cells that are responsible for fighting bacteria and eliminating damaged tissue. In a nutshell, white blood cells combat diseases, leading to a healthier body.


Furthermore, the polysaccharides content in Tremella acts as efficient antioxidants that prevent cell damage. Antioxidants fight the massive amount of free radicals in the body, neutralizing them to keep your body safe from oxidative stress.


Plus, Tremella provides anti-inflammatory effects that help prevent chronic medical diseases. With antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, your immune system becomes stronger.


Some researchers also found that tremella may help fight lung cancer cells. Although, it still needs more tests and studies to prove it.


May Support Brain Functions

This jelly fungus contains neuroprotective compounds that help prevent the existence of degenerative neurological diseases. There are research studies that show the role of Tremella mushroom extract in enhancing memory, cognition, focus, and learning.


By consuming Tremella supplements, cooked mushrooms, or tea – your brain health may significantly improve. Additionally, the intake of Tremella may remove brain fog and support sharper memory.


May Promote Gut Health & Digestive Function

Tremella is rich in N-acetylglycosamine, a naturally occurring compound that significantly promotes better gut health.


The beauty mushroom is also packed with prebiotics that supports healthy gut bacteria. Also, Tremella is rich in fiber that strengthens the wall lining of your stomach.


Adaptogenic Properties Of Tremella

The adaptogenic properties of Tremella may help your body cope and manage external stresses. Adaptogens lead the way to homeostasis.


It means that your body is driven back to a natural state of balance and health. Adaptogens help the body build resistance against stress. The adaptogenic properties of Tremella may help reduce the levels of stress and fatigue.


The fruiting body of Tremella mushrooms may also help control blood sugar levels. Aside from skin-boosting benefits, whole tremella mushrooms may offer overall health benefits that benefit the body.



How To Consume Tremella Mushroom?

There is more than one way to consume Tremella fungus. Three methods stand out so far, which are in supplement form, tea, and culinary ingredient.


But the most popular method of consumption in the modern world is through mushroom supplements.


Tremella Mushroom Supplements

With the innovation of science, Tremella mushrooms are now easier to consume through supplements. There are different forms of mushroom products, such as capsules, gummies, powders, tinctures, and more.


Tremella supplements are convenient and there’s no preparation required except for the Tremella mushroom powder, which you need to mix with drinks or dishes. But as for the capsules, gummies, and tinctures, you need to take them as is.


With Tremella supplements, there’s no need to measure the number of mushroom extracts and ingredients in every serving.


Every capsule, gummy, powder serving, and tincture drop has a clear and precise calculation of how much Tremella extract is involved.


So there’s no risk of taking too much or consuming too little. You need to follow the instructions on how to take the supplements and how much to take.


Culinary Uses Of Tremella Mushroom

Aside from the many health benefits of Tremella, this mushroom species is also good for culinary purposes. This kind of fungus is good for boiling, sauteing, and stir-frying.


However, before cooking, remove the hard sections and yellow areas under the mushroom cap. Then, cut the Tremella fungus into smaller pieces, then cook as you wish.


Tremella Mushroom Tea

The easiest way to consume Tremella as tea is by using a powder supplement. Simply add 1/2 teaspoon of Tremella powder to a hot glass of water, then enjoy your drink. You may also add honey or any organic sweetener to your mushroom tea to add flavor.


Another option to make tea is to use actual Tremella fungus chunks. Brew the mushroom pieces until the water color changes into a tea-like appearance. Then serve.


You can also dry the Tremella chunks first, then grind them into fine powder. Then, brew the Tremella powder for at least ten minutes.


Keep in mind that you can use more or less Tremella powder to achieve the tea consistency to your liking.


Can I Take Tremella On An Empty Stomach?

Yes, you can take the Tremella supplements on an empty stomach as long as you can handle it. But if in case of a stomach upset, eat a bit first before you take the supplement. Or, wait for an hour or two after eating a full meal prior to consuming Tremella.



Precautions And Side Effects

The Tremella supplements are well-tolerated and there are no reported serious side effects from taking the mushroom products. However, there could be mild side effects if you misuse or abuse the supplements.


Some of the consequences could be stomach upset, dizziness, diarrhea, and vomiting. However, these side effects are short-lived. Drinking plenty of water may help you feel better, as well as resting.


But more importantly, you should consult your doctor if you feel bad about taking the Tremella supplement. You should also talk to your physician and ask permission to consume mushroom products if you’re under prescription medication.



Where To Find Tremella Supplements?

Tremella supplements are sold in brick-and-mortar health stores. However, the retailers are not the manufacturers, so they usually carry more than one brand of Tremella supplements on their shelves.


Though it’s good to have plenty of options, the resellers have no in-depth knowledge regarding each product. So, it’s better to purchase online directly from the manufacturer.


For example, by visiting the official website of Golden Bloom Mushrooms, you can browse through dozens of mushroom supplements, including Tremella products.


From there, you can check all the details about the supplements, including the ingredients, potency, and overall makeup. There’s a COA to peruse from a third-party lab, so you know exactly what you’re getting.


Plus, by purchasing online, you can take advantage of fantastic deals from Golden Bloom Mushrooms.



Why Choose Golden Bloom For Tremella Mushroom Supplements?

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We are the most reputable manufacturer of premium mushroom supplements like Tremella products. All the ingredients for our formulations are 100% USDA-certified organic, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free.


We follow the best cultivation, harvest, and production of mushroom supplements according to industry standards.


Golden Bloom Mushrooms offer COAs for all mushroom products, so you can trust that the supplements are free from pesticides, solvent residue, harsh chemicals, toxins, and heavy metals.


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Do Mushroom Supplements Expire Or Go Bad?

Tremella mushroom supplements expire within two years. Check the expiration date to ensure that you take the supplements before the time frame ends. But, they can go bad if exposed to the sun, heat, light, or water.


How To Store Tremella Supplements?

Tremella supplements must be stored in a cool, dry place. It’s ideal for placing the products inside an airtight jar and opening it only when you need to take the supplements. But make sure to close the jar after opening it.


Also, keep the Tremella supplements out of reach of children and pets. The mushroom products may be harmful to young children and animals, so store them properly.



Final Thoughts – Tremella Mushrooms

The Tremella mushroom is part of history in terms of health and skincare. This mushroom species is jam-packed with medicinal compounds that promote a healthier immune system.


Plus, Tremella supplements are great for improving skin conditions. They support a healthy, glowing complexion, which is perfect for skin-deep rejuvenation.


With Tremella supplements from Golden Bloom Mushrooms, your next batch of immune-boosting products are up for grabs at an amazing deal. Visit Golden Bloom Mushrooms today and start incorporating Tremella into your daily routine.

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