Turkey Tail mushroom powder is the ideal type of mushroom supplement if you are planning on integrating Turkey Tail mushrooms into your daily diet. 


It was one of the herbal medicines used in traditional Chinese medicine for preventing different health conditions. This mushroom has a long history, and it’s slowly gaining popularity in the modern world.


Going by the philosophy of prevention is better than cure; one way to avoid acquiring infectious ailments is by boosting your immune support. Aside from doing wonders for a healthy immune system, Turkey Tail also offers other benefits for your overall health and wellness!



What Are Turkey Tail Mushrooms?

The scientific name of Turkey Tail is Trametes versicolor, and its other names include Coriolus versicolor and Polyporus versicolor. Turkey Tail mushrooms earned their name because they resemble a turkey’s tail. They are called Kawaratake in Japanese and Yunzhi in Chinese.


Turkey Tail grows all year round and can be found just about anywhere from America to Europe to Asia. However, their peak season is from fall until winter.


Turkey Tail History & Traditional Uses

Turkey Tail, or Yunzhi, has been part of traditional Chinese medicine since the 15th century. Yunzhi is believed to increase the “Qi” or life energy, so it is utilized to improve energy levels, clear dampness, and treat general weakness.


Yunzhi has a tough, leathery texture, so they are often grounded first or brewed into broth soup and tea and sometimes combined with herbal mixtures further to enhance its effects as a general health tonic.


Turkey Tail, or Kawaratake, was also utilized alongside conventional therapy when it gained approval as a natural medical treatment during the 1980s in Japan. 



What Is Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder?

Turkey Tail powder is what they sound like, which is Turkey Tail mushrooms converted into powdered form for ease of application and consumption. It contains Turkey Tail mushroom extract that contains beneficial compounds.


How Does Turkey Tail Powder Taste?

While classified as edible mushrooms, Turkey Tail mushrooms are no gourmet mushrooms. They are more of an acquired taste with their bitter and mildly earthly flavor.


Thankfully, Turkey Tail extract powder helps cover that by being added to food and drinks or containing additional ingredients to mask that default taste.



Potential Benefits Of Turkey Tail: What Is Turkey Tail Good For?

Turkey Tail offers more than just for your immune system health. Here are the other various health and wellness benefits Turkey Tail has to offer with studies and research backing: 


Rich In Antioxidants

While mushrooms are all rich in antioxidants, Turkey Tail offers an even better amount. Here is a study of the antioxidant activity in Turkey Tail, making them a promising potential source for pharmaceutical purposes. 


Contains Immune-Boosting Polysaccharopeptides

Turkey Tail possesses several properties and bioactive compounds which may help in immune health, such as antioxidants, Flavonoids, and Quercetin. Turkey Tail also contains the immune-boosting polysaccharopeptides PSP and PSK, which help regulate immune function and has antiviral and antimicrobial effects.


Here are some researches conducted on mice regarding the potential positive impacts of PSP and PSK. (1)(2)


May Enhance Gut Health

Turkey Tail may also help enhance the overall health of your gut. That is because Turkey Tail contains prebiotics, which help the good bacteria in your stomach, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, by nourishing them, which allows them to thrive better, resulting in a healthier gut microbiome. Here is research conducted on Turkey Tail and its effects on microbiota composition. 


May Promote Anti-Inflammation Support

Turkey Tail may also help in balancing inflammation levels. That is because they contain a significant amount of Flavonoids and Quercetin, which do well for immune health and inflammation. (1)(2


May Promote Athletic Performance

As a treatment for general weakness in traditional Chinese medicine, Turkey Tail may also provide better physical performance due to its energy-enhancing and anti-fatigue properties. Research conducted on mice regarding the potential effects of Turkey Tail on physical performance and fatigue generated promising results.



How Is Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder Made?

Turkey Tail powder is made by either grinding the Turkey Tail mushrooms until they turn into powder or are subjected to an extraction process which involves submerging the Turkey Tail mushrooms into a liquid solution mainly consisting of water and/or alcohol for at least a month.


As expected, the resulting organic Turkey Tail extract is in liquid form, but this is then spray-dried, which converts them into powder form. 


Aside From Turkey Tail Can Any Other Ingredients Be Included?

Turkey Tail in powder form may contain other ingredients, such as a small percentage of alcohol from the extraction method used.


Beneficial ingredients might also be added, such as those that help extend its shelf life, improve its flavor profile and aroma, or even other functional mushrooms, herbs, and superfoods to add or enhance its benefits and effects.


Unfortunately, to cut costs or gain more mass and volume for the product, some tend to add what could be considered useless fillers and additives.


Are There Any Ingredients To Avoid?

You may want to avoid ingredients that list mycelial biomass and mycelium grown on grain, as these use just a bit of the mycelium or root of the mushroom and include mainly the substrate content as filler.


While adding or including the mycelium is just fine, the issue is the ingredients consist of just it. Wheat, oats, and brown rice are other ingredients to watch out for.



What Other Types Of Turkey Tail Supplements Are There?

Powders aside, there are other types of herbal supplements to take your daily dose of Turkey Tail that might suit your personal preference more.


Turkey Tail Mushroom Tinctures

Turkey Tail tinctures allow you to experience its effects and reap its benefits faster since they are taken sublingually, allowing them to enter the bloodstream directly.


Turkey Tail Mushrooms Capsules

Turkey Tail capsules are a traditional, quick, and straightforward way to take Turkey Tail daily, just like you are taking your vitamins.


Complex Mushroom Blends Containing Turkey Tail

Complex mushroom supplements blend at least 2 or more functional mushrooms to provide myriad health benefits and enhanced effects. They could also come in various forms, such as tinctures and gummies, such as Golden Bloom Mushrooms complex blend supplements.


GBM’s “Immunity” blend combines Turkey Tail with 13 other functional mushrooms and Ashwagandha to help attain peak immune defense! Plus, they are gluten-free.



Can Turkey Tail Powder Be Taken Everyday?

Yes! It is recommended to take them daily to build up their health benefits in your body as soon as possible.


Should I Eat Before Taking Turkey Tail Supplements?

Taking Turkey Tail supplements should be okay on an empty stomach. Still, since you are taking them in powder form, they are already integrated into your food or drinks. 


How Long Does It Take For Turkey Tail To Work?

While it varies per person, if consumed daily, it would take an average of 3 weeks for its long-term health benefits to work. 


Who Should Avoid Taking Turkey Tail Supplements?

Turkey Tail supplements are generally safe and well-tolerated, and only the following should avoid taking them or contact their healthcare provider first: 


  1. Allergic or sensitive to mushrooms
  2. Pregnant and lactating. 
  3. Receiving chemotherapy. 
  4. Taking antidiabetic drugs. 
  5. Taking cyclophosphamide, tamoxifen, and those with cytochrome P450 content.



Turkey Tail Serving Recommendations & Suggested Use

Always follow the provided doses by the manufacturer, especially if you are new to Turkey Tail! The dosage of supplements is also different from fresh or dried medicinal mushrooms since they are more concentrated.


Around 2.4 grams daily is the average recommended dose of healthcare providers for up to 12 weeks. Powders are meant to be added to beverages, meals, and recipes.



Final Thoughts: Turkey Tail Powder

Turkey Tail mushrooms and their purported health benefits are backed by an extensive history of use combined with various studies and research conducted. 


If you are serious about boosting your immune defense and improving your overall health and wellness – Turkey Tail is a worthwhile addition to your daily diet. And using Turkey Tail Mushroom Powder is a convenient way to do so! 

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