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In a world where “health is wealth”, it’s good to know that turmeric curcumin supplements have the power to improve wellness. You’re following the path toward a healthier lifestyle by taking turmeric capsules, gummies, and powder daily.


But what are turmeric and curcumin? How do these supplements impact your life? Are there interactions with other medicines and potential side effects? These are all valid questions that we will tackle through this post.


Before we dig deeper into the universe of turmeric supplements, understand that many brands have tried to produce the best products on the market. But only Golden Bloom exceeds the true promise of quality, potency, and benefits. Find out more.


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What Is Turmeric Curcumin? 

Known as golden spice, turmeric is a powerful source of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties thanks to the curcumin substance in turmeric. It offers many benefits, so traditional herbalists use it as an alternative medicine for certain health conditions.


As a spice, it is a major ingredient in curry powder – when mixed with black pepper in culinary, this combination becomes more potent. Experts identified a compound in black pepper called piperine, which helps make turmeric more bioavailable by 2000%.


The main active compound of golden spice is curcumin, and it’s responsible for generating anti-inflammatory effects. There are multiple ways to consume turmeric. Let’s find out how.


How To Take Turmeric Curcumin?

Turmeric is taken daily through various supplements. You can deliver many benefits to your system through ingesting capsules, pills, or tablets, eating gummies, or adding the powder to dishes and drinks.


Turmeric Supplements

The most common turmeric supplements are the following:


  • Capsules, Pills, Tablets – Capsules with turmeric formulation are the most convenient way to deliver tons of therapeutic compounds to your brain, gut, and heart. With no preparation, gadgets, or mess, you can take turmeric pills daily conveniently. The pills are easy to swallow with just water.


  • Gummies – Turmeric gummies are guilt-free snacks with wellness benefits to boost your health. These firm yet soft candies are incredibly healthy, fruity, and tasty. And the flavors are all-natural from fruits and vegetables. Plus, the gummies are fun to consume with their sizes and colors.


  • Powder – The powder form of turmeric is a versatile supplement. Turmeric powder is best for mixing with saucy dishes and even making turmeric tea. You can also bake your favorite cookies, brownies, and cereal bars with the finely grounded version of turmeric. The good news is the powder will not change the taste of your foods and beverages.



8 Proven Turmeric Curcumin Health Benefits

Turmeric has many medicinal benefits, packed in capsules, powders, and gummies. Though there is no FDA approval for turmeric supplements, the wellness advantages of turmeric cannot be denied.


Many animal studies have produced promising results. But, more tests are needed to give light on the beneficial effects of the supplements. So far, here are the major health benefits of turmeric.


May Reduce Chronic Inflammation & Discomfort

Turmeric supplement is rich in curcumin which triggers the production and release of anti-inflammatory substances. Thanks to curcumin, bisdemethoxycurcumin, and demethixycyrcumin, all kinds of physical discomforts are alleviated.


In some studies, this ginseng showed a high potential in stabilizing colorectal cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis, neutralizing free radicals, aiding the digestive system, and fighting inflammation. However, it still needs more research and clinical trials to verify the efficacy and efficiency of its potent anti-inflammatory markers for different body types.


Curcumin supplement is good for soothing joint tension, easing swelling, and relieving aches and sores. Eating turmeric gummies, capsules, or powder may also be beneficial to neutralize free radicals and preventing cancerous cells from growing.


Increase The Antioxidant Capacity Of The Body

The human body contains free radicals that cause various cardiovascular diseases, gut diseases, and common brain disorders. Curcumin efficiently seeks peroxyl radicals and suppresses their movements.


But turmeric does not eliminate all unstable atoms since there needs to be a balance between antioxidants and free radicals to create homeostasis within the body.


Boosts Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor

BDNF, or Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, is an essential component that enhances memory and learning. For some, it can also relieve the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.


The good news is the regular intake of turmeric supplements triggers the elevation of BDNF levels in the brain. Curcumin helps with the growth and survival of brain neurons.


Promotes A Healthy Heart

Heart disease is associated with an elevated level of free radicals that harm the human system. But your heart health improves and may lower high cholesterol – thanks to turmeric powder, capsules, and gummies.


Promotes A Healthy Brain

Turmeric is known to enhance attention, focus, and memory. Curcumin elevates the amount of the BDNF brain hormone that leads to the development of new neurons.


As a result, your brain gains the advantage against different degenerative processes. So turmeric is indeed instrumental in improving your brain’s health. 


Soothes Sore Joints

One of the benefits is soothing sore joints. Curcumin is a powerful, active compound in the yellow spice that generates anti-inflammatory to fight inflammation. Thus, it helps in relieving sores, aches, and discomfort. People with chronic aches often use turmeric supplements to alleviate their physical discomfort. 


May Help Calm Depression

Turmeric supplements contain antidepressant properties that reduce depressing feelings, thoughts, and emotions. An animal study showed that when turmeric was administered to rats, their anxiety and depression levels went down.


So if you have clinical depression or feel anxious, sad, or unmotivated, then a dose of turmeric powder, pieces of gummies, and pills can take the edge off and calm you down. For some, it may also help in controlling the symptoms of major depressive disorder.


May Combat Aging & Age-Related Issues

Thanks to the antioxidant compounds of the golden spice, your body significantly reduces the signs of aging. This anti-aging supplement is efficient in fighting free radicals that usually hasten things. With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, your body acquires the defense to battle age-related issues.



Can I Take Turmeric Curcumin Every Day?

You can take any of the turmeric supplements daily. In fact, it’s better that way so your body can accumulate all the therapeutic compounds in the long term and provide the best results. 


Are There Any Potential Side Effects Associated With The Supplement?

Turmeric supplements are good for health. The turmeric powders, gummies, and capsules have no adverse side effects. However, there may be rare cases when the users experience mild side effects like nausea, dizziness, and upset stomach. But don’t worry because the slightly adverse effects are short-lived, and there are no severe consequences.


Can This Supplement Have Interactions With Any Other Prescriptions Or Medications?


Despite all the benefits, there is a slim chance that the supplements may interact with prescription medications. To avoid this issue, consult your doctor if you’re currently relying on meds to ease the symptoms of any disease like heart, brain, inflammatory bowel disease, or other illnesses.



How Much Should I Take? [Dosage Suggestion]

The dosage recommendation for turmeric supplements is 500mg to 2,000mg daily. This information is derived from various studies conducted on animals and humans.


Your daily consumption must not go over eight grams, or else you’ll run the risk of encountering side effects. However, your body weight may also determine your dosage. If you have underlying medical conditions, make sure to talk with your physician first.


Don’t consume this ginseng in high doses to prevent overdosing. Also, it has no scientific proof that it can cure, prevent, or diagnose diseases.


What Time Is Best To Take This Supplement?

The best time to consume turmeric supplements is in the morning, after breakfast. This is especially true for capsules, tablets, and pills. As for the gummies, you can eat the flavorful candies during snack time.


For powder supplements, you can easily blend them with your breakfast smoothies, homemade bread, and other suitable breakfast dishes and drinks. In a nutshell, you can consume turmeric gummies, powder, and capsules any time of the day. 


Can I Take It On An Empty Stomach?

You may take turmeric capsules, powders, and gummies on an empty stomach. However, you may experience acid reflux or stomach upset if you do so.


That’s why it’s best to eat first before ingesting gummies or pills. As for turmeric powders or turmeric extracts, you can mix them with your morning drinks or smoothies, baked goods, or morning dishes.


How Does Turmeric Curcumin Work?

Turmeric has many health benefits; the primary one is anti-inflammation due to curcumin. The human body has four inflammatory pathways: sensors, inducers, effectors, and mediators.


The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric trigger the body’s natural receptors, follow the pathways and provide relief to affected tissues, nerves, and muscles. Studies suggest that curcumin is instrumental in lowering inflammatory mediators.


Turmeric binds with the body’s receptors, and its compounds work their magic on your cells and muscles. 



Where To Buy Turmeric Curcumin Supplements?

Turmeric supplements are widely available in local wellness stores, health shops, and dispensaries. But remember that the items on their shelves combine numerous products since the stores are retailers, not manufacturers.


It’s always a good idea to purchase turmeric supplements directly from the creators. By getting the items from manufacturers like Golden Bloom, you’re assured of the quality of the turmeric powder, gummies, and capsules. 



Can You Take It With Other Supplements?

There’s no harm in taking turmeric capsules, powder, and gummies with other supplements. But it’s always best to consult a doctor before moving. The important thing is the combination of multiple supplements enhances your health. 



Golden Bloom Turmeric Curcumin + Cordyceps Gummies [Performance Booster]

Turmeric with rich amounts of curcumin is already enough to boost your overall health. But Golden Bloom wants to provide superior therapeutic wellness to consumers, so the brand combined turmeric with cordyceps mushroom. This fantastic fusion is a powerful supplement that dramatically boosts performance. 


One bottle of turmeric + cordyceps gummies contain 30 tasty treats. Aside from the major compounds of the yellow spice and mushroom, the flavorful candies also have an elevated level of beta-glucans. 


By taking a gummy or two days of the turmeric + cordyceps blend, you gain a strong surge of energy that increases your endurance and improves your stamina.


The turmeric + cordyceps gummies from Golden Bloom are sourced from US-grown, organic ingredients. Each gummy is 100% vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Plus, the flavors are all-natural. With each bite of the guilt-free snack, the multiple health benefits from curcumin and cordyceps are yours to enjoy. 



Why Choose Golden Bloom For Supplements?

Golden Bloom is a popular mushroom brand that ventures into innovative products like a fusion between fungi and herbs or spices. This brand follows the industry’s best farming, harvesting, and manufacturing standards.


All the supplements from Golden Bloom are free from pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, heavy metals, hazardous chemicals, and toxins. You can check the products’ potency, cleanliness, and ingredients through the available COA.


Furthermore, Golden Bloom is generous when it comes to deals and incentives. You can enjoy 20% off on your first order from our brand. We also have an email newsletter entitles you to another 20% discount upon registration.


Once you place your order, we will ship your package for free anywhere in the United States. More importantly, all orders are under the brand’s 100% satisfaction guarantee.



Final Thoughts – Turmeric Curcumin – Traditional Medicine In the Modern Era

In the health and wellness world, turmeric curcumin is a star that shines so bright millions of consumers are enjoying all the therapeutic benefits of the golden spice.


So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the wide variety of these herbal supplements at Golden Bloom, such as gummies, powder, and capsules.

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